Wallpaper in the hall of 2017 photos: trendy and modern for the apartment, ideas for design and sticking, what to paste on the walls

Wallpaper - very popular, common and excellent material for decorating walls Wallpaper - very popular, common and excellent material for decorating the walls For wall decoration, most often used wallpaper as the most affordable, inexpensive and effective material. But even here there are some nuances - from the size of the hall, the general style of the apartment, and even to what side the room rooms come out, the choice of wallpaper depends.

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    • Ideas for wallpapering in the hall, photo: how to create a harmonious background
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    • Design of wallpaper in the hall 2017( photo)

Fashionable wallpaper for the hall of 2017

It can not be said that a couple of years ago in the fashion were such wallpaper that are no longer relevant todayIf we talk specifically about the types ofc).Traditionally, the most popular paper wallpapers are the cheapest and affordable, but their design has clearly become more interesting.

But, you can say, in a larger trend, you will if you decide to paste a textile wallpaper, metalized and liquid wallpaper.

Textile wallpaper

This two-layer wallpaper, in addition to the basis of paper or non-woven fabric is applied. And this is either flax, or silk, or cotton. For today in a fashion two kinds of the given type of wall-paper - wallpapers from a solid cloth and thread. Highlight jute wallpaper, velor, linen, and squeak fashion, felt.

Metallized wallpaper

Originally they were thought of as protection from electromagnetic radiation. Also this two-layer wallpaper - the bottom layer is paper, and the top one is made of aluminum foil.

Metalized wallpaper is an elite material, which is in demand on the market today and serves for many years Metalized wallpaper is an elite material that is in demand in the market today and serves for many years.

Liquid wallpaper

At first they look just like a powder that needs to be diluted. If bought in ready-made form, then it is a liquid mass for deposition on the wall. They are diluted with water-based paint, and on the walls they are applied with a spray gun or roller. Such wallpaper is made on the basis of cellulose, textiles and cotton.

As an alternative to these types, all the same paper, acrylic, vinyl, non-woven and natural.

Ideas for wallpapering in the hall, photo: how to create a harmonious background

Some rules, of course, you need to keep in mind to make the wallpaper harmoniously the background of the room. Even the most elite wallpaper, selected without regard to the situation, will look ridiculous.

Ideas for wallpaper wallpapering relative to furniture:

  • If the furniture is dark , then the wallpaper should definitely be lighter. Screaming wallpaper and dark furniture do not combine, as well as wallpaper with a large pattern. It is desirable to add an accent element, which in color will correspond with the color of furniture.
  • If the furniture is very bright, saturated color , the task of the wallpaper is to muffle it a little. But if you like bright contrasts, you need to use wallpapers complementary color relative to the color of furniture. In this case, they will strengthen each other.
  • If you have two-color furniture , then the wallpaper should be neutral color, lighter, or adjacent to the color of the facades. The contrasting color of the furniture body will create an interesting effect, only contours will appear when the colors of walls and facades merge.

Wallpapers in the hall should be chosen so that they harmoniously combined with furniture and created an interesting interior The wallpaper in the hall needs to be chosen in such a way that they blend in harmoniously with the furniture and create an interesting interior.

Well, if the furniture is two-tone, then the wallpaper should be neutral, perhaps gray. The picture on the wallpaper should be shallow, discreet, or completely absent.

Modern wallpapers for hall 2017: interior styles

If the interior is classic, then the wallpaper just might be an accent in the decor of the room. The fact is that the classic implies a considerable space, which not all apartments can boast of. Wallpaper can brighten up this defect thanks to color and print - damask, monograms, royal lilies and other elegant floral ornament.

Modern assumes pastel warm colors of wallpaper, which differ in the plasticity of the lines, their elegance. Choose wallpaper with floral designs, dance waves and wind.

Wallpapers in the Provencal style are often light, having a warm tint, floral pattern. The wallpaper can resemble an ancient cute cotton print. Uncomplicated compositions of different colors, bouquets look natural, which is what this interior style needs.

The country style can be chosen in any style, but the calm, light colors remain popular and always in fashion.

The country style is similar to the Provençal, but it can be said that it is a little easier and less attentive to the decoration. The wallpaper can be light in a cage, a strip, with a modest flower or a discreet geometric pattern.

Japanese style is also relevant. For an apartment in this style, you can buy wallpaper from rice paper or silk. Figures on such wallpaper are always traditional, they should be characteristic only of Japanese culture. Well, the color scheme of such wallpapers is peaceful, having a relaxed, calm.

What color are the wallpaper in fashion today

Of course, special attention is paid to the color of the wallpaper. Each color in its own way affects the perception, it also visually changes the space, and affects the feeling of coziness in the room.

Today, the wallpaper is a wide color palette and decorate the room with wallpaper of your favorite color will not give you much work Today the wallpaper is represented by a wide color palette and it's not difficult for you to decorate the hall with wallpaper of your favorite color

The color values ​​in the interior:

  • Yellow is one of the most cheerful colors, the color of optimism thatStimulates the eyesight, the nervous system. If a person suffers from low self-esteem or is located to phobias, such color therapy will be very effective.
  • Green - relaxes and soothes, neutral, eye-pleasing color. If you add yellow, the color will become more joyful, active.
  • Blue - the color is quite cool, phlegmatic. It is believed that it is able to relieve tension and even lower blood pressure. The color of appeasement, rest.

If your room is oriented to the north, it is advisable to take a warm color scheme. Coffee, orange, yellow and golden wallpaper will make the room seemingly warmer.

But for the southern rooms you need a cooler range. It is usually blue and shades of blue.

The black and white version is considered classic, and today you can find very stylish white wallpaper with an original, rather large black pattern. They seem to make the room stricter, more elegant, but it does not lose coziness.

Design of combined wallpaper for the hall of 2017

Fashionable wallpaper - this accent wallpaper, which can brighten up a modest atmosphere, create a certain atmosphere in the hall. Do not spare money for quality wallpapers, because they, in the first place, affect the perception of the room.

Good choice!

Design wallpaper in room 2017( photo)