How to glue wallpapers on painted walls: whether it is possible to paint, paint wallpaper

Patience and work - the key to successful work Patience and work - the key to successful work Some think that if the walls are painted, you should get rid of the paint. Undoubtedly, it is not difficult to prepare the walls, but it will take some time. Before you start working, you need to be patient and find all the necessary building materials in advance.

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Not everyone immediately comes up with the idea of ​​repairing. But, even if we take this decision, we try to postpone its execution at the end, when the paint starts to fade, and the finish of all surfaces falls off and fades. For this reason, to update the apartment or house it will be enough to make repairs "in a hurry."And then we are faced with the question of how to finish the rooms. Today, more and more people prefer wallpaper, because this material is quite inexpensive and does not require the use of extra efforts. But if there is still paint left on the walls, how can I put wallpaper on them?It is possible to do this by observing certain rules.

Can I glue the wallpaper on the paint: possible problems

Before you start gluing wallpaper, pay attention to the wall covering Before starting to glue the wallpaper, pay attention to the wall covering

Before you start to glue the new coating on the painted walls, you need to thoroughly understand everything and find out exactly, Whether it will be possible to glue wallpaper on the paint. After all, in the opposite case, there may be some problems, such as ungluing the canvas from the base, the occurrence of irregularities and bubbles on the wallpaper or sheets and completely detached from the wall. These consequences can lead to a repetitive repair and additional investment of funds. Of course, the complete cleaning of the walls from the finishing materials is not an easy task, because in this case it will be necessary to invest a lot of time and effort here.

For high-quality pasting of walls, first of all, you need to find out what type of coating is used on your walls.

Types of paints covering walls

  • Acrylic( water-based);
  • Oily.

Clean the walls with a spatula before painting the wallpaper Clean the walls with a spatula before painting the wallpaper

To understand if it's worth to glue the wallpaper on the paint, try to remove a small part of the coating with a spatula. Acrylic paint is very firmly held and removed only in small parts, but the oil disappears pieces. If it is difficult to determine the type of coating, there are proven methods for this, which are suitable for any coating. One of them: you need to take high-quality, fresh glue and any wallpaper, but not vinyl. The wall before gluing is easy to clean.

How to glue wallpapers on painted walls with different types of coating

Before you start to glue wallpaper on painted walls, you must prepare all the tools that are usually used for this.

For gluing of wallpaper on painted walls it is necessary: ​​

  • Special adhesive for wallpaper;
  • Dry clean cloth;
  • Any wallpaper, just not vinyl;
  • Primer;
  • Spatula;
  • Brush;
  • A sharp construction knife or scissors;
  • Two platen;
  • Sandpaper.

Determining the type of wall covering is a very important step leading to a good result. It depends on this, how it is necessary to prepare the surface for pasting.

If the wall is covered with water-based paint, the following requirements must be observed. First check the stability of the paint. To do this, you need to wet a small area with water.

It must dry itself, then repeat this same action one more time. If everything is good with the paint, and it does not swell and does not exfoliate, you can begin to glue the walls with wallpaper in the usual way. Before gluing, apply a layer of pre-diluted adhesive for wallpaper or primer and dry this surface. To be completely sure of the positive result, it is better to repeat the actions twice.

Usually with the help of oil paint could paint kitchen walls, because in the kitchen they are most polluted with grease and soot. Therefore, the preparation of the walls will consist in their degreasing. To do this, wash the walls with ordinary household soap or some kind of detergent from fat, then rinse with water and allow to dry. After all the done, the usual wallpapering is done.

Is it possible to glue new wallpaper on an old painted wallpaper

Often many people have a question whether it is possible to glue wallpaper on a dyed wallpaper. Here there is only one solution - the old wallpaper must be uniquely removed.

By pasting new wallpapers on the old wallpaper, you risk losing not only a lot of effort, but also lose your money You paste not only a lot of effort on your old wallpaper, but also lose your money

This is necessary for several reasons:

  • If the old painted wallpaper has been pasted over, on the new wallpaperJoints can become visible;
  • If on the old wallpaper was applied ornament, then on the surface of the pasted wallpaper stains and stains from the paint will appear.

It is impossible to be completely sure about the strength of old wallpaper. When they absorb moisture after applying glue, then soak. Thus, there is a high probability that they will peel off in the most unexpected place. Later, this new coating will also deteriorate. Therefore, it is not desirable to glue the wallpaper on the old painted wallpaper. Choosing this way, you are very risky.

Masters in the construction industry, assure: to achieve a good result in wallpapering, you need to completely clean the wall of the old coating, align it with a primer and degrease.

For removing old painted wallpapers, water or a specially designed means for dissolving wallpaper glue is excellent. Using a roller, apply this product or water on the wallpaper and remove with a spatula.

But if there is no time and desire for cleaning the surface, then it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the old painted wallpapers. If the coating is strong and rather thin, you can try to paste the wallpaper on the painted wallpaper. The big plus is the significant time savings that are wasted in order to prepare the surface.

Is it possible to paste wallpaper on the paint: what are the rules to observe

Before decorating the wallpaper, clean and dry the wall. So the wallpaper will hold tight Before wall wallpapering, clean and dry the wall. So the wallpaper will hold tight

No way to paste wallpaper on dyed raw and fungal infected walls. Even if you dry these areas on the walls or treat them with specially designed means for removing mold, this will not be enough.

If there are any damages on the walls, only the fixing of the heat insulator will help. It is glued to the mesh, after which a sufficiently large plaster layer is applied or the walls are peeled off using gypsum boards.

Tips and Tricks

In order to achieve the best possible result when painting wallpaper on painted walls you need:

  • Get the right amount of wallpaper, it is recommended to take an extra 1 roll;
  • Cloths to join the ornament or pattern;
  • Wallpaper is best glued from windows;
  • To glue walls with wallpaper, you need to work together - one person glues the canvas on top, the second - from below;
  • The strip of wallpaper measured and cut off for gluing is laid with the wrong side up;
  • Apply the glue with a specially designed brush, and spread it so that it is applied evenly over the entire surface of the fabric;
  • After applying glue to the wall and wallpaper, start to glue from above;
  • The pasted fabric is better to smooth from the middle tight to the edges with a rag or roller;
  • Remove excess adhesive immediately with a dry and clean rag;
  • The following strips of wallpaper are not overlapped, but butt-off;
  • Use a special construction knife to gently cut the sections on the wallpaper for sockets and switches;
  • Walls are to be glued only indoors, so that there are no drafts.

How to glue wallpapers on painted walls( video)

We found out that it is possible to glue wallpapers on the painted surface. But if you decide to use a rather expensive wallpaper, then here it is necessary to think about whether to take risks. After all, a momentary benefit can lead to serious unplanned expenditure. In this case, it is recommended to clean the wall of the paint. And after that you can not worry that the wallpaper can soon deteriorate.

As pokleit wallpaper on painted walls( photo)