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Combining the wallpaper is a great idea to diversify the interior of the room Combining wallpaper - it's a great idea to diversify the interior room right combination of wallpaper of two or more colors in the interior, it is a good idea to diversify the space to change the design of the room, the main advantages of the combined wallpaper in two colors: it's cheap, original, fashionable.

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Interesting design ideas and tips will help to make any room, even the smallest and darkest, ideal, by combining wallpapers of two colors.

The main thing in combining wallpapers of several colors is the correct combination of wallpaper by color, this will help the usual range of colors and shades.

Combining wallpapers in the interior: rules for combining

Combining wallpaper in the interior, this is a fairly new direction in the world of repair and design, but very successful. Combining the wallpaper with each other, you get an interesting view of the room, there is an opportunity to highlight the advantages and hide the shortcomings of walls and rooms. The dark room can be visually clarified, but too light, on the contrary, darkened. Combining the wallpaper is not such an easy task, you need to seriously approach it and do everything right.

Variants combination wallpaper can be multiple:

  • combination of wallpapers in color and shade combination
  • wallpaper on the material;
  • Combine wallpaper by texture.

Combining the wallpaper is quite difficult and it should be done with a certain seriousness Combine the wallpaper is difficult, and it should be done with a certain seriousness

in all kinds of combinations of wallpaper, you need to maintain the correct colors to wallpaper something in common, such as print, pattern, background or color.

In the first version, this is a combination of wallpaper by their color, hue. It is recommended to use the spectrum of colors and shades and to choose more suitable color transitions. The combination of wallpaper on the material is no less difficult, you can combine wallpaper of several materials, vinyl, paper, wallpaper for painting, non-woven, but be sure to take into account the color of these wallpapers. The combination of wallpaper of two colors in texture, this is when combined wallpaper of several textures and ornaments on one wall.

We make combined wallpaper in rooms

You can combine wallpapers in any room, with any area and lighting. Much more advantageous is the combination of wallpaper in large and spacious rooms, because the walls are large, allow you to "disperse" fantasies and embody the wildest fantasies in life.

But in small rooms, the combined wallpaper of several colors also looks good, if you can withstand the overall color scheme and texture of the wallpaper. Combined wallpapers are great for pasting children's rooms, living rooms, halls.

Create a beautiful interior with a combination of wallpapers you can and in the kitchen Create beautiful interior with a combination of wallpaper and can be in the kitchen

in the bedroom, hallway and in the kitchen, too, can be glued wallpaper combined.

Combined wallpaper can be sold already ready, with the idea of ​​combination, but you can make a combination on your own, choose the wallpaper:

  • According to the type of materials;
  • By color and shade;
  • On the invoice.

Combined wallpaper in the rooms are very good looking, they can allocate zones in the room, making them accent, visually distribute the room, separating the tone and texture of the wallpaper recreation area and work area. The main thing is not to forget one detail, the basic tone of the wallpaper in the room should be traced in all the details of the room: pictures, vases, toys, dishes and other small things.

By combining wallpaper yourself, you can save a budget for repairs by buying the leftovers of the wallpaper at a discounted price in the store.

Successful variants of combining wallpapers

Before creating a combination of wallpaper of several colors in your interior, you need to know the most successful, and most importantly, the right ideas and types of combination of wallpaper.

So, the options for combining wallpapers:

  • Combining wallpaper with inserts;
  • Combining wallpaper with pads;
  • Vertical combination;
  • Horizontal combination;
  • Patchwork combination of wallpapers.

When combining wallpapers with inserts, we use the base color of the wallpaper and break it with all sorts of inserts and other colors, shades or textures in any variation: straight, at an angle, horizontally, Vertically, as we want. Combination of wallpaper with overlays performs the function of decorative decoration of the wall and is used exclusively as a decoration.

This decoration of the wall with scraps and all kinds of wallpaper cuts, harmoniously emphasizing the base color of the wallpaper in the room.

Vertical combination of wallpaper is a combination of different or identical in size, color and shade of wallpaper stripes on the wall. Horizontal combination of wallpaper represents the finish of the upper and lower part of the room. Typically, the finish with a horizontal line divides the room into two equal parts using wallpaper, creating a background of the top of the walls, and giving a certain coloring to the bottom of the walls.

The horizontal combination skladyvaet the area of ​​the room, visually reducing the height of walls and ceiling, and a vertical combination of wallpaper, on the contrary, increases the area of ​​the room, the height of the walls and ceiling.

The combination of wallpaper on the

color scheme As mentioned earlier, when you combine wallpaper with each other, you need to select one base color that will be traced in the room and in small interior details and pick out the right colors from the spectrum that harmoniously blend in with each other. The spectrum of colors offers 9 primary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, white and black.

The combination of wallpaper for the color scheme can have several variations:

  • A simple combination, two adjacent colors in the spectrum;
  • A complex combination, several colors;
  • Bold combination, a combination of opposite colors on the spectrum.

For a room with a small area, it is better to choose light wallpaper and shades, in a large room you can experiment with color.

Examples of combinations are very different, with a combination of wallpaper, the predominance in the interior of the main color, involves its combination with the main shades.

For small rooms it is better to combine light colors of wallpaper For small rooms it is better to combine light colors of wallpaper

If you create a room in light and calm colors and in one color range, you can choose the neighboring colors in the spectrum of yellow and green, for example, and their hues. Well, if the room is decorated with basic dark wallpaper, they need to be combined in opposite colors in the spectrum.

How to combine wallpaper with each other: advices and recommendations

When choosing for yourself the idea of ​​combining wallpapers in the interior, you need to follow some rules that will help beautifully, correctly and tastefully, decorate the room with wallpaper.

For this you need to know several rules:

  • Choose wallpaper color depending on the area and lighting in the room;
  • Do not mix two bright colors of wallpaper in one room;
  • Withstands one color gamut;
  • Dilute the room with small details of certain colors.

The color of the wallpaper should emphasize the advantages of the room, and its emphasis on its shortcomings. Therefore, for a small room we choose light wallpaper, and for a large room, dark wallpaper. Two richly bright colors, even in a large room, will not find harmony, so it will not work out to combine only two bright colors. If you combine wallpaper two saturated colors, you must make transitions using light or even toned wallpaper. In addition, in a room with combined wallpaper, you need to withstand one color range, diluting the interior with small details of the interior.

In one room you can combine up to five colors and shades, otherwise there will be no harmony in the room.

How to glue the combined wallpaper

After defining the color scheme, you can start to glue the combined wallpaper, taking into account all the tips and recommendations. The gluing of the combined wallpaper begins with the preparation of the walls of the room, it is important that the walls are even and without defects. Calculation of wallpaper on the room must be accurate, so you do not have to look for all the shops of a similar color. The next important step is the preparation of a roll of wallpaper for gluing. If wallpaper with an ornament or with a pattern that requires selection, you need to properly adjust the cut to the height and width of the room, the corners and the joint. Pair stripes to plan in advance, so as not to confuse them with the rest of the wallpaper. This is difficult to do for wallpaper, which are combined independently, in separate bands, here you need to use the construction tape measure and the level.

The gluing of the combined wallpaper is also not easy:

  • It is necessary to maintain the level of lines when gluing horizontal, vertical and patchwork wallpaper;
  • It is good to paste the joints of wallpaper;
  • Gently trim the edges of the wallpaper.

Glue the combined wallpaper to the butt Adhesive combined wallpaper is necessary butt

Carefully preparing materials for work and work surfaces, wallpapering will take a little time and work will be.

Combined wallpaper is better not to overlap, you need to avoid the overlap of one cloth on the other and the cage wallpaper in the joint.

What role do the combined wallpapers in the interior of

? Combined wallpaper fit into a wide variety of interiors, like self-sufficient room decoration.

An abundance of wallpaper selection provides a unique opportunity:

  • Using wallpaper as an independent decor element;
  • Combining several styles in one room;
  • Distribution of rooms into zones.

Distributing the room into zones using wallpaper, you need to choose the right wallpaper colors, for a comfortable stay in these areas.

Variants of a combination of wall-paper( video)

With the help of wall-papers it is possible to decorate perfectly one-room apartment or the huge country house beyond recognition. Combined wallpaper, will help highlight the positive features of the room, hide the shortcomings of the room and surfaces, create a cozy room and realize their wildest fantasies.

Combining wallpaper( photos)