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With the help of partitions made of drywall it is easy to zoning any room With the help of partitions made of gypsum board, it is easy to zoning any room The purpose of any repair is the transformation and renovation of the room. A good helper in this case is drywall. With its help, you can align already existing walls, make multi-level ceilings and erect partitions. Smooth bending lines, different shapes, unusual cabinets can be created when using GCR.The redevelopment of the premises has always been considered a voluminous and problematic work. In modern times, there is a mass of materials for creating partitions from plasterboard. In the interior they look great and in addition the surface is perfectly even. Partitions from plasterboard decorate almost works of art.

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Decorative partitions of plasterboard

Drywall is a universal material, it is widely usedimenyayut in the decoration of residential and non-residential premises. Partitions from GKL can be not just space-dividing constructions, very often they are made decorative for zoning of space.

Decorative partitions made of plasterboard can be of absolutely any shape and can be installed together with additional materials.

Decorative partitions have excellent operational and aesthetic qualities Decorative partitions have excellent operational and aesthetic qualities

The construction itself can also have additional functions:

  • In the partition you can make a niche;
  • Place shelves for books;
  • Partition with built-in cabinets;
  • Placing additional lighting in the body of the partition.

Beautiful decorative partitions do not have a doorway, often it is replaced by an arch of the most diverse shapes. Gyro arches are quite flexible and allow creating many unique forms of partitions, however they are very thin and it is better to fasten a double layer of plasterboard. Among other things, inside the partition you can hide various communications. It is necessary to do this when one side of the frame is completely covered with sheets of GKL.Gypsum cardboard is a fireproof material, it is safe for human health, there is a moisture-resistant appearance of GCR, which is especially good for wet rooms.

Design of the drywall partitions

The design of the plasterboard partitions is quite diverse. Everything depends on the purpose of the design and their own desires. Partitions can be discontinuous and continuous. The design of the solid partition is quite simple, but the intermittent can be openwork or closed with rather complex elements.

The design of the plasterboard partitions has the following variations:

  • Wavy partitions mean the bending of materials before installation;
  • Smooth do not require deformation of used materials.

An excellent solution is the installation of spotlights in the plasterboard partitions An excellent solution is the installation of spotlights in the plasterboard partitions

The various partitions with the openwork look perfectly fit into the overall interior design. Decorative wavy partitions are very unusual, this design will not be left without attention.

In addition to aesthetic qualities, the false walls of the GKL have a lot of advantages:

  • Speed ​​of the partition construction;
  • Light;
  • Ability to hide communications;
  • Ideally smooth surface;
  • Possibility of self-assembly.

However, do not forget that gypsum board is a rather fragile material and to withstand heavy loads, it is necessary to strengthen the structure with additional profiles or a double layer of GCR sheets.

We make decorative partitions of plasterboard with our own hands: photo

You can modify the room with decorative partitions. Original and unusual solutions in the interior will help to make different designs from the GKL.The purpose of such partitions is very diverse, and beautiful options are an ornament of the interior. Decorative partitions made of plasterboard can be made by hand with the necessary tools: screwdriver, tape measure, level and knife.

Installation of gypsum board is carried out on a framework of metal profiles Installation of plasterboard is carried out on a framework of metal profiles

Before starting work, it is necessary to determine what type of partition is installed and to study the implementation of the elements:

  • The formation of niches and shelves requires reinforcement in the frame with the help of metalProfiles;
  • Formation of openings begins with the installation of a rigid structure and preparation for the bending of profiles and plasterboard;
  • Bends and arches are formed from an arched profile or by cutting the main and prepared for bending gypsum board.

The drywall, despite its strength, is quite easy to bend, thanks to the gypsum base. To make the necessary bending of gypsum cardboard, it is necessary to walk on its surface with a needle roller, then cover it with wet cloths for the night. The wet sheet is given the desired bend or shape. This method takes quite some time.

There is also a dry method of bending, the sheet is notched on one side until the required bending steepness is obtained.

For the production of small sections you can use arched gypsum cardboard, it easily bends without preliminary preparation. Self-assembly of decorative partitions is creative work, but without special skills it will still be quite problematic to install a partition. Before the beginning of work it is necessary to transfer the designer's ideas on a paper, drawing a detailed drawing.

Drywall cabinet

Cabinet made of plasterboard is an excellent option for dividing the room. In addition, the cabinet can accommodate the necessary items, things or additional lighting. It is not difficult to construct such a cabinet, it is necessary to correctly calculate the number of materials, the necessary tool, and draw a drawing in advance.

The cabinet-partition of plasterboard is well suited to the interior, made in the style of minimalism or high-tech The cabinet-partition of plasterboard fits well into the interior made in the style of minimalism or hi-tech

Types of these partitions:

  • With niches;
  • With windows and shelves;
  • Closed type with doors;
  • Cabinet-partition.

Any partition is assembled from metal profiles. The frame is fixed to the floor and ceiling using guide profiles. The partition with niches is usually carried out for further installation of home appliances or aquariums in them. A cabinet with windows is used for zoning space and placing various accessories on the windows.

Closed-type partition with swing doors is used as a full-fledged storage cabinet. The same purpose and the partition in the form of a closet.

If necessary, it is possible to do a combined construction, for example, to combine in the partition a cabinet-niche and a closet. Further finishing of the partition is carried out according to the designed design. Perhaps a simple painting or wallpapering. Naturally, before finishing it is necessary to plaster all the seams and completely the whole surface of the partition.

Variants of plasterboard partitions in interior design( video)

Beautiful partitions in the interior will give any apartment refinement and uniqueness. Functional cabinets made of plasterboard allow using the occupied part of the partition with advantage.

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