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Modern wallpapers are presented in a variety of styles Modern wallpapers are presented in a variety of styles Choosing wallpaper, people want to give their interior originality, a kind of zest. Aristocratic and mysterious, which is achieved through design, will attract many people with good taste. Since some wallpapers are quite a new direction in design, some do not quite understand how to properly use them to make a correct impression.

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    • Ideas for the design of modern wallpapers 2017: the maximum realism in a home interior
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Modern and original prints

Wallpapers under brick recently appeared on the market. They are popular among the male half of humanity, because they emphasize the character and masculinity of a man. Women of this type of wallpaper fell in love because of the atmosphere of coziness, which create wallpaper under the brickwork with the correct placement.

The mysterious look that gives these wallpapers allows you to use them absolutely in any part of the house, whether it's a kitchen, living room, bedroom or study. Wall-paper under a brick underline originality of owners and their aspiration to be unlike others.

There are various types of wallpaper with a design under a brick wall. You can buy vinyl wallpaper, non-woven or paper. In addition, the wallpaper under the brick is divided by color and texture. As a brick wall can be different in color, and the wallpaper brick can be brown, red, beige, and other colors.

More and more popular in the market are wallpaper for a brick, which give the house comfort and coziness The wallcoverings are becoming increasingly popular on the market, which gives the house comfort and coziness

The undeniable blues of vinyl wallcoverings for brick is that they look the most realistic. At first glance it is impossible to distinguish wallpaper from a real brick wall. The wallpaper looks bulky and passes all the cracks of the usual wall.
There are various colors of wallpaper that are offered on the market. So, different manufacturers can buy red wallpapers, yellow, gray, white, black. The size of the "bricks" can vary from small to large tiles.

Ideas for the design of modern wallpapers 2017: the maximum realism in a home interior

Vinyl wallpapers are good because they will most accurately convey the effect of freshness and some mystery. Due to their high density, they will transmit the image in the smallest detail. Even the relief in them will be similar to that offered by the manufacturer. To touch vinyl wallpaper will also be like a natural coating, it will be very difficult to distinguish.
Vinyl wallpaper has a dense soundproof texture, which will provide long service and sound insulation. Vinyl wallpaper is resistant to dirt and long lasting bright pattern.

Vinyl wallpapers are of excellent quality and give the room a mystery and originality Vinyl wallpapers are of excellent quality and give the room a mystery and originality

Advantages of

  • Good sound insulation;
  • Resistant to mold and fungus;
  • Resistance to fading;
  • Long service;
  • Maximum similarity to natural finish.


  • High cost;
  • Long drying time;
  • Cruiserweight;
  • No air.

Naturally, these disadvantages may seem insignificant, since the high quality and naturalness of the drawing completely cover up the shortcomings.

Wallpapers in the style of Art Nouveau in the interior( video)

Choose which wallpaper to paste in a modern style in the interior

The white color in the interior always looks modern, it adds a little aristocracy and elegance. White wallpaper with a picture will add home space, visually increase the small area and add airiness to a large room.

Wallpaper, simulating the laying of white brick, perfectly suited to those who are too lazy to level the walls, and want to hide faults. Smooth surface is achieved due to dense material, adapting to the surface and a relief texture, which hides irregularities.

Non-woven wallpaper designed for painting, which allows you to periodically change color and experiment with other shades.

Wallpapers are ideal for decorating bedrooms and those rooms that require a visual increase in space. A light tone will add light and spaciousness to the hallway, bathroom. If the apartment has a fireplace, you can glue the background around it, a similar combination is perfect for decorating a living room.

Flizeline wallpaper can be painted, which gives you the opportunity to change their color at any time The non-woven wallpaper can be painted, which gives you the opportunity to change their color at any time.

It should be remembered that the white color looks nice in a small amount. It is not necessary to make all the walls in an apartment under a white relief, the best way is to divide space into zones( it is actual for one-room apartments).

Best wallpapers: modern design of the room

The decor of the apartment can be very different. They say that there for the first time there was an idea to keep the brickwork on the wall and not to hang it with wallpaper. The brick wall looks organically in the interior of the castle, the Gothic ancient. Lovers of mysticism and stories about Count Dracula can be advised to make the decor under the brickwork in the living room, even if there is no fireplace.

Combine white wallpapers with antique furniture and soft lighting. Gothic in the interior is quite popular. To immerse yourself in the necessary atmosphere, it is enough to decorate the bedroom with relief wallpaper in combination with a large bed and furniture in the appropriate style.

The wallpaper, imitating a tree or a brick, will perfectly fit in the villa interior, they will give the cottage a cozy atmosphere.

The wall-to-wall brick wall works perfectly for the interior in a country house Wall-paper for bricklaying perfectly suited to the interior in the country house

Within the country house wallpaper will help to divide it into zones, separate the living room from the kitchen, the working area from the recreation area. Also, the decoration of arches with the help of wallpaper for a brick enjoys great popularity. You can select the doorway with the help of light ones. With the help of another wallpaper texture you can designate your zone in the bedroom or divide the children's room into zones. The decorative drawing will make the atmosphere desired for you at low cost, and it will always look elegant and expensive.

Modern wallpaper for walls: types

Non-woven wallpaper for painting allows you to change the color of the walls unlimited number of times. Due to their density, they hide all the irregularities, leaving only the picture. Wallpaper for painting allows you to combine colors, experiment with combinations of shades. If desired, several wallpapers can be used on some of the wallpaper.

Wallpapers for painting do not require special care, the only difference from the other is the ability to change color, pattern, etc.

Wallpapers in a modern style: a combination with other wallpaper in the interior

Wallpapers require careful attention to themselves in thePlan selection of "neighbors".Wallpaper with a picture will be well combined with a monophonic classic wallpaper. Using wallpaper with large drawings, you can combine them with white wallpaper, with an unpretentious pattern in the form of lines. It is important that harmony is achieved between the relief of the background and the pattern.

Combining wallpaper in a room is not an easy task Combining wallpaper in a room is not an easy task

The white wall fits well with purple or lilac wallpaper without a pattern. If you want to add an interior of brutality and mystery, you can combine a dark brown wall with olive wallpaper or khaki wallpaper.

Red, pink or soft blue wallpaper will look great with a white pattern. Red brick will agree with pink, coral or orange wallpaper without a pattern. To decorate the living room, you can use a light pattern with light beige wallpaper, which will give airiness to the space. For the children's room you can use non-woven wallpaper and paint them yourself in different bright colors. Wallpaper for painting in the children's room will be especially practical, because any pollution from them can be washed off or painted over.

Combining the wallpaper in the interior( video)

Regardless of which style for the apartment will be chosen, the wallpaper you like can fit into any. It is enough to choose the type of wallpaper( non-woven, vinyl) and find a successful combination of color and pattern. And it remains only to combine and beat everything.

Modern wallpaper( photos)