Wallpapers for painting: the pros and cons, photos in the interior, which is better, how to paint yourself, reviews

Wallpaper for painting will help you beautifully and economically decorate your interior Painting wallpapers will help you beautifully and economically decorate your interior. Painting wallpapers, as a rule, have a three-dimensional texture, but without visible patterns, so you need to paint them with a concentrated composition to paint over all the convexity and reliefs. Wallpaper for painting is a very economical and profitable option in creating the interior of the room. Choose wallpaper for painting is very easy, in fact, selects a normal canvas, the final look and color of which, attached to him with their own hands, during painting, this is the main advantage of these wallpapers over the usual.

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SD Interior painting: exterior

Wallpaper for painting can be easily repainted in a different color, changing the look of your room You can colorize the paint wallpaper easily in a different color by changing the look of your room.

Changing indoor furniture, curtains, interior design, wallpaper can be left on the walls, repaintedThem in the right color.

Painting wallpapers come in:

  • Embossed:
  • Convex:
  • structural.

What's important to take into account

To keep well on the walls, when selecting wallpaper for painting in a room, consider:

  • The length, width and height of the room;
  • Room functions;
  • Type of lighting in the room.

For a large room - a large relief. Small room - shallow relief For a large room - a large relief. Small room - shallow relief

For larger rooms, you can choose wallpaper with a larger relief, which can be painted with several colors, and for small rooms, it is not recommended to use large relief wallpapers, it is better to use a smooth wallpaper.

Wallpaper for painting universal, they are suitable for pasting any rooms, due to which, they are used to create different styles in the interior, and to create a background in the room.

Wallpapers for painting: the pros and cons of

Wallpaper for painting have numerous advantages and positive technical characteristics.

Compared to other types of wallpapers, their main advantages are the quality:

  • Wallpapers have a high quality material;
  • Easily painted, washed off, removed from the walls;
  • The wallpaper is resistant to mechanical stress and damage;
  • The wallpaper can be easily selected with the accuracy of shades;
  • The wallpaper perfectly masks cracks and unevenness of walls and ceiling surfaces.

Painting the wallpaper requires special attention to the instructions for applying the paint Painting the wallpaper requires special attention to the paint application instruction

The larger the relief of the wallpaper, the better they hide the flaws and unevenness on the wall surfaces. The disadvantages of the wallpaper for painting consist in the complexity of painting large-scale relief wallpapers, the difficulty of painting certain types of wallpaper and the additional costs of decorative paints for creating additional finishes.

To ensure that the wallpaper has been painted for a long time, it is necessary to glue and paint them strictly according to the instructions given on the roll of wallpaper and on the container with paint.

What are the types of wallpaper for painting

The wallpaper for painting is different material and structure, depending on the type of coloring used for this tools and paints. The wallpaper is also different in density, embossed, thin, convex wallpaper is also painted differently and glued, too, not in all rooms.

Wallpaper for painting are of several types:

  • Paper wallpaper;
  • Wall-paper;
  • Anti-vandal wallpaper;
  • Flizeline wallpaper.

Paper wallpaper for painting is made of several layers of pure cellulose, glued together. One layer of wallpaper is designed to join the wall with a special glue, and the second layer, made by a special method, so that it can be painted. Steklooboi made of a special composition of glass and sand, they are more durable, hardy and best of all wallpapers hide the defects of the walls.

Glass fiber can be used for pasting unprepared walls, without finishing plaster. Steklooboi under painting are used several kinds, it is a matting, a web of fiberglass, a rhombus, a herringbone.

These are the main types of wallpaper embossing, which are ideal for painting. A variety of glass wallpaper, this glass cloth wallpaper, which has even higher strength and durability. Antivandal and textured wallpaper, this is a novelty in the construction and finishing market. Such wallpaper are suitable for gluing in any room, their main feature is resistance to external mechanical influences and dirt. Wallpaper from non-woven under the painting is also very dense, they hide small wall defects, have different terrain and are resistant to mechanical damage.

All modern materials for wallpaper are not toxic, they are safe for human health and body, when choosing wallpaper, only their price plays a decisive role.

Which wallpaper for painting is better to choose

Before choosing wallpaper for painting, you need to pay attention to their technical characteristics and the purpose of the rooms in which the wallpaper will be glued. Which wallpaper is better, help determine the condition of the walls.

For fully finished rooms that need only wallpaper gluing, paper wallpaper will suit. They are natural, non-toxic, fit well on even walls.

Choose wallpaper material, starting from the condition of the walls and by all means your budget Choose wallpaper material from the condition of walls and your budget

For walls with defects, or in rooms where mechanical damage to wallpaper is highly likely, for example, like in the hallway or in the kitchen, it is better to glue anti-vandalOr non-woven wallpaper. But for rooms that are designed for recreation and leisure, for places of mass congestion, fiberglass wallpaper fits well.

The choice of wallpaper material depends on:

  • On the state of the walls;
  • From the budget;
  • From the idea of ​​decorating the room.

You need to choose the types of wallpaper, starting only from the condition of the walls. Which wallpaper for painting is better to choose, to decide on the budget of the repair and the purpose of the room.

Economical option is paper wallpaper, they have the lowest price, but their service life is lower than that of non-woven wallpaper or fiberglass wallpaper. The solution is only for the price of repair.

Wall-paper for painting: how to paint correctly

The wallpaper for painting must be properly glued. For long-term, they are glued to dry, prepared, and preferably from putty walls, and plaster should be seamless. Particular attention should be paid to the joints, so that the seams, with which the wallpaper was connected, were well glued and did not disperse.

A wide choice will allow you to choose the right paint for this type of room A wide selection will allow you to choose the right paint for this type of room

To paint the wallpaper, you can use several types of paint:

  • Paints on acrylic;
  • Alkyd paint;
  • Latex inks;
  • Water-based paints.

To paint ordinary paper wallpaper with your own hands, you can use water-based paint of different colors. In order to avoid the formation of divorces on the wallpaper, they can be dyed several times, applying a thin layer of paint. Flizeline wallpaper water-based paint covers badly, there are stains, it is better to choose latex paints. Although the use of latex paints is more expensive, but in the future, they will be well painted over.

Fiberglass wallpaper is better to paint with alkyd based paints. They fix the color well and practically do not form divorces, they are convenient to use, because they quickly dry.

The wallpaper must be completely dry before painting, otherwise the paint of any composition will fall ill on the wallpaper and may lag behind when exposed to any unfavorable conditions.

Wallpaper for painting: painting ideas

To paint the wallpaper, you will need some tools other than paint to apply the colorant. To paint the wallpaper, you can use a brush, roller, spray or spray.

Using drawings for painting on wallpaper, you will exclusively paint your room Using drawings for painting on wallpaper, you exclusively paint your room

Wallpaper for painting can be painted as you like, the ideas can be very diverse:

  • Drawings;
  • Ornaments;
  • Background;
  • Graphics;
  • Geometric shapes;
  • Designer drawings.

Variants of painting can be different, from the most fashionable ideas, to design decisions. You can use color drawings, bright ornaments. For a bedroom, a children's room and a living room, it is better to use white and restrained tones and ornaments, brown color and beige color is also suitable.

For places of mass congestion of people, for office, school, registry office, the most daring coloring colors of colors, different textured wallpaper, palette can be different.

You can combine colors by combining compatible shades. The choice of the color of the painting is for the owner of the room and can embody the boldest of his ideas, because everything is easy to fix at one time.

As a decoration of some interior elements, such as window openings, niches and slopes, you can concentrate the colors.

Screen stencils for painting and their advantages

The ideal variant for painting wallpapers is the use of ready-made stencils, which have various shapes, a variety of patterns and ornaments, the photo shows the genius of ideas. Using stencils in the process of painting the wallpaper, you need to know exactly the size of the room to know how many cuts of stencils on one wall are needed.

Using stencils, you can create a certain pattern exactly over the entire surface of the wall Using stencils, you can create a specific pattern exactly over the entire surface of the wall

The advantages of using stencils in the process of painting wallpaper:

  • Availability and reasonable price;
  • Drawings look beautiful and expensive;
  • Drawing through the stencils is very simple.

The technology of using stencils for painting is simple, ready-made stencils are applied to the wall, which can be bought in a building shop, and their middle is painted over with paint.

The use of ready-made stencils simplifies the process of creating a style and interior design.

Wallpaper for painting: customer reviews

Quality and beautiful wallpaper for painting, produces Russia, which have a certificate of quality and are completely safe for gluing residential and office space. Positive feedback on the long-term service and beautiful appearance, have non-woven wallpaper for painting, wallpaper from fiberglass.

Wallpaper production of Russia surprises buyers with their high quality Wallpaper produced in Russia surprises buyers with its high quality

Their texture is dense, this wall decoration is not only long-term, but also stylish:

  • Wallpaper can be repainted at any time;
  • Wallpapers are well washed from dirt;
  • Using a large texture gives the room an official style.

The choice of wallpaper for painting depends on the price and the intended purpose of the room, but do not forget about the quality of wallpaper, because the wallpaper is not glued for a year, but at least for several years.

Wallpaper for painting( video)

Painting wallpapers are a true, economical, environmentally friendly option for finishing houses and premises, once you have spent money on decorating the room, you can get a beautiful room design for a long period of time and the possibility of changing the design with minimal costs.

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