Entrance from solid wood: furniture photo, pine and oak, birch pedestals from the manufacturer, cabinet

Furniture made of solid wood makes the entrance hall cozy and gives it high prices of solid wood furniture makes a cozy foyer and gives it a high cost believed that afford furniture from solid wood can only wealthy people and this is true, because the cost of such products is quite high. Naturally, the price will depend on the size of the structure and the choice of the array, as well as on how high the finish will be. But in general, the price of furniture from natural wood is very high. However, due to the fact that the wood is durable and interior items will last for more than one year, the cost will pay off more than once.

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Hallway of an array

furniture, for the manufacture of a natural wood pulp is used - it is an opportunity to emphasize is consistentspine families and home owners.

not everyone can independently design the interior of the premises according to the rules and to achieve aesthetic appearance, as it is necessary: ​​

  • Consider finishing facilities;
  • Style;
  • Functionality of furniture.

Furniture from solid wood has a lot of advantages, among which one should note the ecological compatibility and attractive appearance solid wood furniture has many advantages, among which we should mention ecological compatibility and attractive appearance

Usually, products made of natural wood is set in such styles as Empire, Baroque and Rococo. As natural wooden furniture in the front use shell models.

In the hallway there must be a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a mezzanine. It is acceptable to install a couch or pouf made of the same material, as well as a stand-alone hanger.

Advantages of such products is that they do not take up much space, they have an attractive look and, most importantly, help to maintain the unity of the style of the room.

Furniture for the hallway from the

array Among the main breeds, which are used most often, there are three types of the array.


  • Pines;
  • Oak;
  • Birch.

As a material for the manufacture of furniture from the array can act pine, oak, ash, birch and other species of trees As a material for the manufacture of solid wood furniture can be a pine, oak, ash, birch and other tree species

Exotic and too expensive rocks are made exclusively to order and much rarer. However, as regards popularity, expensive, durable and most elegant products are from Italian trees. The crocheted makers from Italy not only preserved the foundations of such fishing, but also improved the making of the tree almost to the level of perfection. Such furniture will last for centuries and will delight not only its new owners, but also their descendants with strength and originality.

Advantages of solid wood furniture

The entrance from wood has a lot of advantages, if you do not take into account the fact that you will not need a small investment. Since the hallway is the place where a person spends the most important time in life, namely, comes from work / school and leaves on it, then the room should be as comfortable and pleasant as possible to get into it, there was a great mood.

Natural wood halls are chosen due to their positive sides:

  1. They are very durable and wear-resistant.
  2. If, over time, the desire to transform the headset into the hallway wakes up, it is possible to update the coating by applying a varnish with a new shade.
  3. Natural wood is an environmentally friendly piece of furniture that does not harm health.
  4. The furniture from a natural tree possesses stability to mechanical influences. In the process of operation, it is unlikely to encounter the formation of such defects as chips, scratches and dents.
  5. Furniture made from wood is an exclusive product.

Thanks to a special impregnation, solid wood furniture has a long service life Thanks to a special impregnation, solid wood furniture has a long life

Natural wooden interior items perfectly fit perfectly into any interior.

Selection of solid wood

Naturally, the choice of natural wood furniture depends on the buyer.

In particular it:

  • Design;
  • Size;
  • Functionality.

For the production of wood products, modern technologies are used, thanks to which it is possible to make not only high-quality furniture, but also to decorate.

It is recommended to choose furniture from an array of such color that will stand out against the background of the walls It is recommended to choose furniture from an array of such color that will stand out against the background of the walls

For example:

  • Bleaching;
  • Thread;
  • Brashing;
  • Artificial aging.

If you need more expensive interior items, but original and beautiful in appearance, then you can choose such breeds as rush, wenge, yew.

Characteristics of the hallway from the pine massif

When designing the corridor, you have to face various difficulties.

Namely, with:

  • Wrong form of the room;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Uneven walls, ceilings or poor lighting.

Under such problems, sometimes it's impossible to pick up an interior, but it's furniture made of natural wood that can solve them. How exactly?Designers believe that in a room with defects, there must be an accent element that will attract attention. Since the opinion of the entire living area is created by the appearance of the hall, then furnishing it with taste and at the highest level, you can get not only a beautiful and aesthetic view of the rooms, but also the praise from the guests.

The furniture from the array, painted in white, perfectly fits in the hallway, made in the style of Provence Solid wood furniture, painted in white, fits perfectly into the hallway, made in the style of a Provence

An array of pine trees is an absolutely safe way to create an interior. Reliable, durable and durable furniture will regularly perform its assigned task and will not fail for a single moment.

Furniture from a natural tree can be budgetary and not too expensive, if you choose a breed - pine. Scandinavian models of pine furniture have a fairly compact size, maximum functionality and most importantly original appearance.

What are the hallways from the solid oak

More durable and attractive in appearance is considered to be an entrance from solid oak. The product has a beautiful structure of the fabric, which eliminates the need for additional decoration. The cost of the product depends on how difficult and deep the treatment will be.

Oak belong to a higher class of wood and have not only a creative look, but also a specific smell that reduces the connoisseurs of such products to the mind.

If you do not want to live in an apartment where it smells like a furniture factory, you should choose a more in-depth treatment. Excess of flavor can cause aggression and irritability.

Entrance from solid birch

The entrance from the birch massif is a piece of furniture that will not only decorate any corridor, but it will also be suitable for a completely different style of decoration. It is worth noting that in order to preserve the aesthetics of objects in the house, it is worth familiarizing with the rules for servicing the products.

The furniture made of solid birch, made in brown tones, looks good in the classic interior Birch solid furniture made in brown tones looks good in the classic interior

The feature of natural birch furniture is that it:

  • No special care required;
  • Excellent for wet cleaning;
  • Covered with a special hardening compound, which makes it easy to get dirt, dust and other contaminants on the surface of the blade.

Natural wood is more durable, with respect to MDF panels, which are its cheaper option.

Designers believe that no matter what array of wood was not chosen, whether it be oak or birch, it is worth purchasing furniture on request. This way you can think over every little thing. For example, decor, interior filling, the choice of accessories, directly the size and type of the fabric.

Stylish hall from solid wood( video)

Such constructions will please for years and will bring only positive emotions. For greater stability of large-sized items, such as cabinets, chests of drawers and hangers, combined with a pedestal and a shoe, manufacturers recommend choosing not the legs, but the solid foundation on which they will be installed. Thus, it is possible to exclude such an oversight for the future as damage to property, due to heavy weight.

Design hallways of solid wood( interior photos)