What curtains will suit the green wallpaper of the photo: how to choose tulle in the bedroom of mint color, light for the walls

To get acquainted with various examples of curtains that fit under green wallpaper, you can easily on the Internet You can familiarize yourself with various examples of curtains that fit under green wallpapers, easily on the Internet. Walls are a mood of the room, the original background. The same room in different colors will appear different: the visual perception of the shape and size of the room depends on the color. Especially do not want to be wrong with the color design of the living room. Remember that there is a famous color wheel, which is used not only by designers. This is your first assistant in any matters concerning color combinations. So, what kind of curtains are ideal for green wallpaper?

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Curtains selection for the green wallpaper

Of course, green is a general concept. Did you know that the human visual analyzer distinguishes at least 376 shades of green. Therefore, in the beginning, it is worth to find out which shade of green one has to deal with. It is customary to highlight the main color and the so-called additional tones.

The main one is light or dark color, and additional ones are pistachio shades, mint, shades of malachite, it is green with a light green tint, olive, turquoise, grassy, ​​etc. Therefore, you first need to find out the shade of the primary color.

Excellent to be combined with green wallpaper will be the curtains of pistachio shade Perfectly combined with green wallpaper will be the pistachio shades

According to the color wheel, one of the design solutions is selected:

  • Monochrome design. This means that the color of the curtains to the green wallpaper will be in the same scale, only darker or lighter in a few tones.
  • Neutral combination. In this case, the tones will be used that are on the left or right of the main color. And this means, beige, sand or blue, gray, etc.
  • Contrast combination. In this case, the tones are used, which lie opposite - red, brown, purple.
  • Double solution. These are two-color curtains, the selected tone should be combined with beige, white, gray or black( basic colors).

If you want to make a quiet interior, then the curtains should have a color, on the color circle close to green. When using the opposite colors, the interior will be bright and bold. Which solution suits your intentions, as well as the functional load of the room, this choice should be inclined.

If the green wallpaper in the bedroom: what curtains are suitable

It is almost impossible to make mistakes in the case of choosing white curtains. Such curtains are combined with any wallpaper. But the white itself has different variations. It can be a whip-white or frosty-snowy. These colors will create a sharp contrast, they will make the room more spacious, "cold" room. This is an excellent option for southern rooms.

White in the variations of ivory, light beige and milk is the softening of the atmosphere, the room becomes warmer. Such shades do not tire the eyes. For windows facing north, a good solution. So the white has enough shades, and here is where to choose from.

If the green wallpaper in the bedroom, then the curtains are best to choose white or light shades If the green wallpaper in the bedroom, then the curtains are best to choose white or light shades

It will look good in the bedroom with green walls and yellow wallpaper. Option, we can say, is a win-win. Still green, if you remember, and get a mixture of blue and yellow. Just choose gentle, muted yellow tones. True, if it's a child, then the bright curtains will also be appropriate.

Fashionable curtains of mint color

Not in every interior mint curtains will look harmonious. To do this, the furniture must match, and other important elements of the interior. It is believed that the interior with mint( the color of Tiffany, as it is otherwise called) should include special accent decor elements. This, for example, vintage chandeliers, glass stained glass, dark or light antique furniture.

Blinds of mint color stylishly and unusually decorate the interior of the room with green wallpaper Curtains of mint color stylishly and unusually decorate the room with green wallpaper

That is, this color is demanding, and the mint curtains are:

  • Most often models are floor-length;
  • Curtains from gentle flowing fabrics;
  • Curtains on the concealed or metal cornice;
  • Skilled finish - beads, bugles, flounces, embroidery;
  • Bright colors at the junction with the mint.

Well such curtains will look both in the living room and in the bedroom. Kitchen - a rarer application. In the hall curtains will be appropriate a bit in an eclectic interior, rich in color. And, and dark-mint and lighter, gray-mint, and close to the soft-turquoise.

Green walls: how to choose tulle for wallpaper

Classic tulle is white. Perhaps it will be tulle with gold, but today such inclusions should be minimal, gold in not in favor. At least, if it is not about interiors a la palace. Hints of gold can be replaced by yellow-lemon.

Blue tulle is also quite an option. Consider that the green-blue combination is the most natural, it is leaves and water. The interior with this combination will turn out to be positive, lively, dynamic.

Selecting tulle, designers recommend paying attention to the shade of wallpaper and the interior of the room.

Pink tulips should be chosen with caution, in very rare cases it will be a good combination. But sometimes there is a repetition of the motive. For example, on green wallpaper there is a pale pink floret, and if it repeats itself in the curtains, it will be interesting. Sometimes the coincidence of decorative motifs affects everything: curtains are chosen not only under the walls, but under the floor and ceiling.

However, the same calm pink will look great with calm grassy walls and quite active white in the interior. In this case, the three colors will be organic, friendly, and the interior will turn out if not bohemian, then very elegant, delicate.

The designer's answer: what curtains will suit the green wallpaper( video)

Choosing curtains for wallpaper - first of all, an interesting lesson. Today, with such a stream of photo information from the Internet, even a person with not the best taste can find the best combination. And with due diligence, it will be just perfect.

Good choice!

Examples: some curtains approach the green wallpaper( photos in the interior)