Accessories for the hallway: the decor of the corridor, items for the apartment, photos and how to decorate yourself

Accessories for the hallway can be found in specialized stores or look for original items on the market Accessories hallway can be found in specialty stores or search for items in the original market Accessories hallway are quite varied, so choose among them a decent option in the cellar. The only question is what I would like to see in the end. It is the goal of change that should be set as the basis of its work. Otherwise, you can not find a suitable decor, and the room will undergo very minor changes. The task should be set as accurately as possible!Then the positive result will not keep you waiting!

    • hallway decor: what to expect
    • exclusive items in the hallway
    • ideas of how to decorate the hall: photo
    • How to decorate the hall with his own hands with a minimum of cost
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hallway decor: what to expect

not determine at this stage, you can not try to move to the next, because it is unlikely to be crowned with success.

From the decor searching for a hallway, you must clearly understand that I would like to see in the end:

  • updated interior;
  • Bright accents;
  • New-fangled things.

The number of accessories is large enough, so in their abundance you can easily get lost, in a hurry, not getting what you need. The algorithm should be very clear!Therefore, it is even better to pre-write the desired purchases on the sheet. And, in no case, do not depart from the task at hand, listening to the admonitions of cunning sellers!

An excellent solution is the use of hats as accessories for the hallway great solution is to use the hats as accessories hallway

At the moment, the following noteworthy decoration:

  • Functional shelves / racks, etc.;
  • Lovely figurines, household items, etc.; Elements of artistic style.
  • .

To say what is better and what is worse, it is not possible without seeing the situation in the house. All you need to look in a particular case, seeing the general picture of the room, and also taking into account the wishes of the customer.

It often happens that even the best items simply do not harmonize with the current situation. To change it cardinally, of course, is not worth it. But to choose another item for sure you will have to.

Exclusive items in the hallway

Exclusive accessories today are more expensive than ever, so the vast majority of people want to decorate their own house. What is the secret of such success will not be able to tell even the most outstanding designers!Demand for modern man is quite unpredictable, so manufacturers only have to adjust to it. But are the efforts of the end result worthwhile?In the case of a corridor in the apartment - no.

Often used to decorate the hallway paintings or vases often hallway decorations apply paintings or vases

In particular, because:

  • Corridor - a place frequented by strangers, which is not desirable at once to see the wealth of the family;
  • Exclusive things require special care and rest, which can not always be ensured in turmoil;
  • In the hallway, guests and hosts usually do not linger, so it is not worthwhile to put objects of pride there.

If there is a desire to surprise the public, you can put a kind of model, looking very presentable. To survive for its safety is not necessary. But it will definitely be to please the eye.

In most hallways it is not possible to "sweep", so it is desirable to be limited to a minimum of decor. Let it be small, but very eloquent accents, which will set a positive atmosphere in the house and allow their own hands to revive the interior.

Ideas how to decorate the hallway: photo

One of the key trends of the modern world is the use as a decor of photographs. And, as members of the family, and quite neutral images. This decoration is a real storehouse of positive features!

An excellent decorative element for the classical hallway are books placed on the shelves The books on the shelves

are considered to be an excellent decorative element for the classic hall. These include:

  • Ease of implementation;
  • Relatively low price;
  • An opportunity to make a nice person close.

In order to make such a decoration, you will need only a high-quality photo. Further, it increases to the required dimensions, if necessary, is retouched and printed.

What is noteworthy, you can decorate a house with one large photo or a whole collage of them.

However, experts strongly recommend the use of images of small sizes, which look great in the overall concept. A large photo can decorate the room, but soon it will probably get bored. Of course, it can be replaced, which will entail additional costs. And are such movements necessary?The house and its owners will not like constant changes.

How to decorate the hallway with your own hands with a minimum of costs

The simplest and best quality decorative installation is obtained from those who live in the entrusted house. This is simpler, and much cheaper.

Multicolored hangers perfectly fit in the interior of the hallway, which is made in the style of high-tech Multicolored hangers perfectly fit in the interior of the hallway, which is designed in high-tech style

And the expense can go:

  • Decorative plaster;
  • Favorite interior items;
  • Pleasant trifles.

Before starting work, it is necessary to compile an approximate work plan in your head and, preferably, even apply changes to the paper.

Stylish accessories for the hallway( video)

You can independently make a drawing with different textures of plaster, draw or embroider a picture and even execute it from related items!Do not be afraid of experiments, if they do not bring dramatic changes.
Accessories for the hallway are quite diverse in their purpose, shape and style. Choose from them the appropriate option will not be difficult, if you delve into the question and really want to implement it at the highest level. Do not assume that it will be too easy!However, even the highest specialists are not insured against mistakes. It is necessary to try, in the end, to get the desired result.

Examples corridor decor in the apartment( photo interiors)