Flooded suspended ceilings: pumping photos, neighbors flooded, repairs after water, how many can withstand, cleaned in the apartment

If you are flooded by neighbors from above, the stretch ceiling will hold water, so that furniture and equipment will not suffer. If you are flooded by neighbors from above, the stretch ceiling will hold water, so that the furniture and equipment will not be damaged. Many people like stretch ceilings for their undeniable advantages: beauty, ease of installation and operation, and ability to make nakedConcrete slab ideally flat surface. However, in our life there are such incidents as flooding with water. What if there is water under the suspended ceiling?In fact, the situation is not as terrible as it might seem at first glance.

      • Stretched ceiling holds water: true or myth
      • How much water can withstand the tension ceiling
      • Self-pumping water from the suspended ceiling
      • How to dry the suspended ceiling after flooding
      • Fabric stretch ceilings:
      • Strongly flooded stretch ceiling( video)
      • Stretch ceiling flooded( photo examples)

Stretch ceiling holds water: truth or myth

What stretch ceiling, Made of high-quality PVC canvas, is able to hold a considerable amount of water - it's true!However, do not think that water can stay there indefinitely. Of course, the probability that water will enter the room exists. What to do in a situation, if you noticed that the stretch ceiling is filled with water.

Stretch ceiling is able to hold water for 2-3 days The stretch ceiling is able to hold water for 2-3 days.

Procedure for a suspended ceiling bay or if a roof has leaked:

  • Disconnect electricity in a room where the ceiling has leaked.
  • If drops of water penetrate into the apartment through the holes for the fixtures, then substitute a large container for collecting water.
  • Now disconnect the entire apartment, since under the ceiling water could penetrate into other sources of electricity, except for ceiling lighting.
  • Now go up to the apartment where the neighbors live from the top. Tell them about what's going on if they're not already up to date. If, however, there is a flood in the apartment of neighbors due to communal systems, then urgently call the appropriate emergency service and help to cope with the flow of water. Do not forget to turn off the electricity in the neighbors apartment if necessary.
  • In order to save the ceiling, you should call an emergency group from the company that manufactured the ceiling. The list of their services includes departure in case of flooding.

Do not puncture the bubble resulting from flooding. This will lead to a huge non-recoverable hole in the canvas.

How much water can withstand the tension ceiling

There are various versions about the ability of a stretch ceiling to hold water: the basic information is based on a hypothetical volume equal to one hundred liters. However, the figure may vary depending on some factors.

Stretch ceiling can withstand about 100 liters per 1 sq. M.meter Stretch ceiling withstand about 100 liters per 1 sq. M.Meter

What affects the potential amount of water retained:

  1. Ceiling surface area. The larger the area, the correspondingly lower the amount of water that is able to hold the ceiling.
  2. Quality of the canvas. PVC can have a different ability to retain water depending on its quality. Order the ceiling only from trusted companies.
  3. The tension force. The stronger the stretched fabric, the thinner it becomes. Accordingly, the thin ceiling will be less reliable.

The fabric ceiling does not have any ability to hold water. After a major flood, the fabric ceiling is likely to have to be changed. Vinyl canvases in this respect greatly benefit in front of the fabric.

Self-pumping water from a stretch ceiling

If you theoretically imagine the situation that you have nowhere to turn for help and the flooded ceiling has to be saved on your own, then of course you need to develop an action plan for such a scenario. In general, the situation when you have to fight with a water bubble on your own, it is desirable to exclude, because without special equipment, it is not so easy to fix the situation. However, this situation should also be considered.

To draw water from the stretch ceiling, it will take 2-3 people To draw water from the suspended ceiling, 2-3 people will be required

What to do if you are left alone with a flooded vinyl ceiling:

  • After you have disconnected the power supplies andHave understood with a source of flooding, it is possible to start the basic part of work.
  • Prepare enough empty containers for water.
  • Find a partner to combat flooding.
  • Prepare a stepladder or a tall table.
  • If the amount of water is not very large, then you can drain the water from the natural openings in the ceiling. To do this, remove the bulb or chandelier and adjust the water to the slot.
  • If there is a lot of water and the ceiling is heavily slack, then the car pump for fuel transfer will help to remove the liquid. Pump water from the capsule with water into an empty container.
  • If your ceiling is solid, you will have to release the edge of the cloth from under the baguette.
  • After you have drained the water, it is necessary to dry the inner surface of the blade and heat it until the mold has returned to normal. These procedures are best entrusted by a specialist, who can wait, when the main problem has already been eliminated.

It's better not to hurry up with the restoration of the ceiling. As a result of improper attachment, you can damage it. Call specialists to restore the vinyl surface.

How to dry the suspended ceiling after flooding

After the main problem is eliminated, the next question is how to restore the ceiling. Restoration is mainly to dry the canvas.

In order not to wait for the stretch ceiling to dry naturally, it is necessary to use a conventional hair dryer In order not to wait for the stretch ceiling to dry naturally, you need to use a conventional hair dryer

There are different types of ways to dry the ceiling after flooding:

  1. Technical. Call the company for the installation of ceilings, and it quickly and qualitatively return the ceiling to its original state.
  2. Do not refill the ceiling in a baguette for several days until the dampness goes away in a natural way. To accelerate the process of reconstructing the sagging areas, an ordinary household hair dryer is suitable for lack of construction.

If as a result of heating under the ceiling, hot water has accumulated, then the risk for vinyl will be critical. Deformations caused by hot water can be irreversible.

Fabric stretch ceilings: repair after the bay

Fabric very poorly tolerates flooding. If the volume of water was large, then most likely the ceiling will have to be changed. However, there are cases when leaks are small. Then you can do "little blood", and do a little manipulation to transform the fabric ceiling.

If the fabric stretch ceiling was flooded, it is recommended to call professionals who will assess its condition and take measures to eliminate defects. If a fabric stretch ceiling has been flooded, it is recommended to call professionals who will evaluate its condition and take measures to eliminate defects

What are the options for transforming the fabric ceiling after flooding:

  • Small dirt andRust can be cleaned with a soft cloth using detergent.
  • The folk remedy against rust on the fabric is ammonia.
  • Cleaning the surface with a vacuum cleaner. The presence of such a device will greatly simplify the operation of the fabric ceiling, and the management of the household in general.
  • Painting the ceiling. Fabric ceiling can be painted!This property will become indispensable if a large rust stain appears on the ceiling. Wait for the cloth to dry completely and start applying the paint.

If you know that floods in the house can be a frequent occurrence, then it is better to install a vinyl ceiling.

Strongly flooded stretch ceiling( video)

The bay of the vinyl ceiling looks horrendous. However, pumping out the ceiling is real. In addition, the stretched stretch ceiling will be a salvation for the whole apartment. This is not all the reasons for installing a stretch ceiling, however, the fact that PVC sheets are saved from flooding in the house is a weighty argument in favor of such a ceiling coating.

Stretch ceiling flooded( photo examples)