Hangers for clothes wall in the hall: with a photo shelf by hand, Ikea and Leroy Merlin, with a forged forged

A stylish wall hanger is a fairly functional and practical item of a furniture set Stylish wall hanger - this is a fairly functional and practical item of the furniture set Hanger - a necessary attribute of each hallway. Today there is a huge number of products. It is especially important that the elements in the hallway wall are in harmony with the design of the room. Ideas for creating wall hangers in the hallway with your own hands

  • Various hangers in the hallway wall: metal, wooden, chipboard
  • Variants of hangers in the hallway with the pedestal
  • 5 tips that will be useful when choosingWall hangers in the hallway
  • Options for a small corridor: corner hanger in the hallway
  • Cupboard in the hallway with hangers: types of materials
  • We save space with hangers in the hallway wall
  • How to make clothes hangers on the wall in the hallway( video)
  • Design hanger in the hallway wall( photo in the interior)
  • Ideas for creating wall hangers in the hallway with their own hands

    Most designers believe thatThe hall, like the theater, starts with a hanger. Therefore, if repair is only planned, then first of all choose this particular design. However, if the room is ready, and the hanger has not been chosen yet - it does not matter either. Due to the variety, it is possible to select an element for the finished interior.

    There are several types of hangers:

    • Wall mounted;
    • Portable;
    • Built-in;

    You can make an original hanger for the hallway with your own hands, the main thing is to think in advance of its design and prepare materials for work The original hanger for the hallway can be mastered by hand, the main thing is to think in advance of its design and prepare the materials for operation.

    The wall hangings are the most common. Due to its compactness, low cost and is available to all and can be placed in any room. They are represented a lot in the well-known store Leroy Merlin, and in it you can buy everything you need to create elements yourself.

    The dimensions of the hallway influence the choice of the size and type of the future product. Usually in apartments this room has small dimensions, and looks like a square room or a narrow corridor and you need to furnish a room at a minimum.

    Fantasy is unlimited, and today you can create a unique atmosphere even in the tiniest hallway on your own.

    Despite the widespread opinion, there are many variants of floor constructions. For example, the Ikea store can offer more than one type of garment for democratic prices. Also in any specialized store is sold fittings for hallways.

    A variety of hangers in the hallway: metal, wooden, chipboard

    Wall hanger - the most compact and convenient option for a small room. There are products from metal, wood and laminated chipboard. Also, the hangers are divided into multi-tiered and models with hooks in one row, with a top shelf for hats, with a compartment for keys and street accessories.

    Metal products will fit into any interior. In the market there are colored, chrome models and made for gold. Metal hangers are a good choice for those who like hi-tech, provence and loft styles.

    The most popular and popular are the stylish wooden hangers The most popular and sought after are the stylish wooden hangers

    Wooden constructions are distinguished by a noble look. This is an excellent option if there is parquet or laminate in the room. This model is well suited for a hall with a finish of natural materials, combined with furniture from wood.

    Products from laminated chipboard are laconic constructions with metal fittings. However, the material is not so important, the main thing is reliability in operation.

    On the shelves of the store you can find a wide variety of models of wall hangers. A large assortment allows you to decorate a small hallway and give it a unique design.

    It is not necessary to purchase a new hanger. If somewhere in the pantry there is an old product, you can independently transform it by translating your creative ideas into reality. The technique of decorating the surface of various interior items is called decoupage.

    Variants of hangers in an entrance wall with a curbstone

    Another option, when the hallway is not possible to fit a three-dimensional wardrobe - a hanger with a curbstone. Keep the shoes( of course, not all, but relevant) and accessories will be much easier. There are many types of hangers with a curbstone, differing in cost and type of fastening.

    To arrange the hallway you can pick up a beautiful coat rack with a stylish pedestal in one style direction For arranging the hallway, you can choose a beautiful coat rack with a stylish pedestal in one style direction.


    • Suspended structures with cabinet. That is, the locker is a separate element, and the hanger consists of a rack shield.
    • The wall model is an integral construction where the upper part and the cabinet are connected together.
    • There are a lot of outdoor models. In this form of construction, the curbstone serves as a support.
    • Hanger as an open cabinet. In the upper and lower part of the closed lockers. In the middle there is a panel with hooks. Some designs are sold with a mirror. This option is very compact. In the upper locker you can store headgear, and in the bottom - shoes.

    For fans of comfort and coziness there are corner tables and models with a seat. Furniture can be round, square, rectangular. Such options do not provide for the presence of a hanger in the kit.

    5 tips that will help when choosing a wall hanger in the hallway

    In pursuit of fashion trends do not forget that the main criterion in choosing furniture is strength and reliability.

    When choosing a wall hanger, one must take into account its practicality and functionality When choosing a wall hanger, you should take into account its practicality and functionality.

    These tips will help you choose the right hanger option:

    • Before buying, you need to determine not only the design, but also the expected loads. The more clothes will be stored in the hallway, the stronger the design should be.
    • With the weight of winter clothing, not every construction can be handled. This can only be done with high-quality wood or metal models.
    • When choosing a standard hanger from metal tubes, you should pay attention to the base. It must be broad and sustainable.
    • Very often hooks have massive endings. On such a design it is inconvenient to hang clothes for loops.
    • Proper assembly of parts and quality installation will prolong the life of the hanger.

    The design can be created with your own hands. To do this, you will need tools( drill, screws, several drills, a hacksaw, tape measure and choke) and a drawing.

    If the choice has fallen on the wall product, do not forget to calculate the distance and height for the hooks. It is better to make several tiers, so that children can use the hanger.

    For convenience, you can make hanging items - hangers with shelves. Looking into the pantry, the masters make creative and unusual designs.

    Variants for a small corridor: corner hanger in the hall

    The corner model is one of the best solutions for a small room. They are of two types: wall and floor. There are a number of closed hangers, most often they are found as details of modular vestibules. They look aesthetically pleasing, but it must be remembered that in inclement weather it is impossible to hang up the outer clothing at once in the cupboard. Therefore, an open design is also needed.

    Make the interior in the hallway more cozy and refined with the help of a corner wall hanger It is possible to make the interior in the hall more comfortable and refined with the help of the angled wall hanger

    Since various materials are used for making corner hangers, there are expensive( for example, natural wood) and economical options. A small hallway does not allow the installation of a large wardrobe. Angular models can consist of several elements.

    For convenience, usually in the kit are:

    • Open hangers. It is necessary to place wet clothes, accessories.
    • Small closet with hangers. Allows you to remove all unnecessary from prying eyes. Thus, saving the hallway from clutter and unsightly appearance.
    • Shelves for shoes, hats;
    • Mirror;
    • Seat.

    Often for small square rooms they become a real salvation. But a narrow long hallway will not allow you to place such furniture.

    Closet in the hallway with hangers: types of materials

    The closet becomes simply indispensable when you need to place numerous shoes, outer clothing. And do not forget to allocate space for all kinds of accessories: umbrellas, gloves, bags. Today, the stores present original models that can fit into almost any interior. For example, there is a compact and modern version of the modular hallway "Mashenka".It will be an ideal option for a narrow corridor.

    Naturally, most people want to find a quality closet at an attractive price. From what material to choose a compartment for the hallway?

    For a large hallway you can pick up a beautiful wardrobe with hangers For a large hallway, you can choose a beautiful wardrobe with hangers

    Wood-particle board. Of the advantages should be highlighted water resistance, strength and reasonable price. Of the disadvantages - the presence of a formaldehyde resin, dangerous to human health, as a binder. Therefore, before buying a cabinet from the chipboard, it is better to ask the seller for a product safety certificate.

    Medium Density Fiberboard( MDF).This material is more durable than DPS and does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Of the minuses can be noted flammability and reduced moisture resistance.

    Wood is much more whimsical in care than artificial materials. However, thanks to modern means, it can last much longer than unnatural brethren. Wood, of course, is more expensive than the previous two options, but this is compensated for through undeniable advantages: aesthetics and environmental friendliness.

    For visual expansion of space it is possible to purchase mirror furniture. Sometimes built-in models - the only chance to organize the storage of things in the hallway. Minus the built-in wardrobes in the impossibility of moving furniture when moving or re-planning the room.

    A large beautiful wardrobe with mirrored doors will perfectly cope with the task of visual expansion of space in a small hallway Large beautiful sliding door wardrobe with mirror doors will perfectly cope with the task of visual expansion of space in a small hallway.

    White furniture made of light wood, as well as wall decoration with this material or artificial analogue will create a cozy rural atmosphere. It can also be used in a country hallway.

    Incredibly stylish looks forged wall hangers in the hallway with a curbstone.

    The halls, whose home Italy are very much appreciated. This country is famous for its high-quality furniture, and is also loved for its unusual design solutions. Italian interior items still cause admiration for their elegance and beauty.

    We save space with hangers in the hallway wall with a shelf

    Wall hangers in the hallway with a pedestal is a multifunctional module with harmoniously selected elements: barbell, mirror, open and closed shelves, hooks for clothes. Typically, hangers with a swivel mechanism used in the cloakroom public places. For a house with a small room get a modular swivel entrance hall. Despite the fact that such models appeared not so long ago, they have already occupied their niche in the market.

    Designers recommend choosing a wall hanger for the hallway, since it takes up little space and is a practical and functional piece of furniture Designers recommend choosing a wall hanger for the hallway as it takes up little space and is a practical and functional piece of furniture

    What are their advantages:

    • Easy to operate;
    • Practical;
    • Low cost;
    • Ability to correctly use the free space.

    For very small corridors, you get a mini-kit( a hanger, a pedestal, a mirror), because each module can be purchased separately. This design can be placed in the corner. A wide assortment allows you to find beautiful and inexpensive hangers with a curbstone for the interior.

    How do clothes hangers for the wall in the hallway( video)

    The hangers for the hallway allow not only the organized placement of clothes and accessories, but also decorate the room. The main thing in pursuit of beauty and creativity is not to forget about the direct design purpose. After all, convenience is the main criterion when choosing a hanger.

    Design of the hanger in the hallway wall( photo in the interior)