How to hang curtains: beautifully on the ceiling cornice and without it, fringe how to hang properly on the interior arch

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You can hang curtains yourself without outside help Hanging curtains can be most without third-party assistance The question of how to hang curtains using different types of fastening, worries novices and professionals. While some are trying to fix the fabric with Velcro, others can not imagine their life without a massive eaves and metal guides. In such situations, designers are urged not to rush to make a final decision. Sanity will have a positive effect on the final result.

                      • Decorative curtains-muslin: how beautiful to hang
                      • Tips for beginners: how beautiful it is to hang curtains
                      • Ideas: how to hang curtains( video)
                      • Examples: how to hang curtains beautifully( photo ideas)

Budget and exquisite ways how to hang curtains on a ceiling cornice

The interior is always anda fight between available resources and the necessary result. If one intends to decorate a round arched opening with a thin curtain, others - are in search of an exquisite cornice and curtains. In fact, sticking to the golden mean is useful and profitable. First, the carefully designed design of the blind fastening system eliminates the need to remove the protruding threads.

Before you hang the curtains, you must securely fix the cornice Before you can hang curtains, you must securely fix the cornice

Secondly, often the curtain allows you to replace the door, which positively affects the space.

In general, there are a number of useful recommendations in this case:

  • You can not place the cornice near the doorway, otherwise the room will lose several visual centimeters;
  • Ceiling cornice is selected taking into account the prevailing color in the room;
  • The protruding door between the rooms will become a "plus" if you select the cornice and fabric in the tone of the material;
  • Replace the Velcro with magnets help the eyelets - they are fastened directly to the interior arch, which saves a lot of time.

The choice between fixing the premium and budget in the curtain space depends largely on a person's aesthetic preferences.

Recommendations of designers: how to hang curtains without a cornice

Creative approach allows you to make suspenders for curtains from almost everything that is at hand. Most often on the windows you can find Roman curtains giving ease to the room. The density and tone of the material is chosen taking into account the stylistic features of the room.

The easiest way to tie curtains - hooks. They are located on a strong thread in one row. Then hooks are sewn to the fabric.

There are special fasteners that allow you to hang curtains without using the ledge There are special fasteners that allow you to hang curtains without using the cornice

You can fix the curtains correctly without a ledge yourself.

For this, you will need to find the following tools:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Nails;
  • Hammer;
  • Velcro tape;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Timber;
  • Strong thread;
  • Drill.

The main thing here is to choose the appearance of hooks correctly. It is necessary not to be too lazy and go to the store where the accessories are sold. Correctly selected form of the detail will be an invaluable service to the appearance of the interior. The second most popular way to hang a tulle or a curtain is Velcro. The 2-slyon buckle is almost invisible, so it allows you to collect excess fabric without compromising the appearance of the interior.

Before making a final decision, you should ask yourself two questions. Firstly, how long will it hang in such a form of curtains?Secondly, how modern or conservative should the appearance of curtains. Depending on the answers received, a method is chosen to tie blinds without using a ceiling cornice.

Decorative curtains-muslin: how beautiful to hang

Beautifully designed curtains will transform even a little budget interior. The main thing is to choose the best method of attachment. The upper part of the muslin is always folded and sewn. Due to this, it can be compared with Drawstring whose width is 15-25 cm. Another advantage of having the folded part of a large selection of method of fixing material on the window.

Decorative curtains-muslin should be hung in such a way that they emphasize the style in which the interior is made Decorative curtains Keys should be hung so that they emphasized the style in which the interior is made

Opens a list of secure method to kuliske recommended for cornices tubular type. In this case, you do not need to use hardware.

In addition to the mentioned method, designers recommend paying attention to a number of others:

  1. Hanging curtains can be using pegs "crocodiles".If the room has an old cornice, then almost always it is provided with the mentioned fasteners. To achieve visually attractive curtains will help the even distribution of latches along the entire length of the curtains. The finished curtain moves apart on the pipe. The maximum distance between the clamps should not exceed 12 cm.
  2. transparent curtain hook tape is justified in the case when one wants to hide from the eye fixation elements. Fixation on the rings is justified when it comes to the tubular cornice. In the event that the room uses a professional type of cornice, hang the curtains on the runners.
  3. You can hang curtains on fan hooks. Like the previous version, this is based on the use of a transparent tape. The only difference is the use of a thicker ribbon. Thanks to this, the muslin is easily decorated with figured folds of the desired shape.
  4. Velcro tape - Velcro with a 2-ply base is used in the case when there is no desire to bother with various fixatives. On one side of this tape are microscopic loops, and on the other - hardly noticeable hooks. The belt fastening mechanism, equipped with an adhesive layer, is optimal in the case when a profile-type cornice is used in the room.

Kisei - unusual in appearance and structure of curtains. Even in a seemingly not presentable intern, they allow you to place visual accents. In this case, the room becomes visually larger.

Tips for beginners: how to hang curtains beautiful

Eyelets - frequent method of fixing the curtains in the living room and kitchen. Depending on the model of the cornice, plastic or metal rings are used. The latter, by the way, are more durable.

If the fabric is properly fastened, visually attractive creases appear. In the second place in frequency there are strings installed at the top with an interval of 14 to 19 cm.

To curtains looked beautiful, you should hang the cornice exactly, applying the level To make the curtains look beautiful, the cornice should be hung exactly using the

level. Securely attach the fabric with a mandatory final firmware. As an alternative method of fixing, a twisted cord is used, the length of which slightly exceeds the length of the curtain. In this case, you can tie a bow at both ends.

In addition to these methods, there are other mounting options:

  1. Tie curtains help doorway. In this case, it plays the role of a door between rooms. In addition to the aesthetic effect, the owner gets the opportunity to save on buying a door.
  2. Arches may be used as a basis for subsequent fixing of curtains. Hang the fabric in such a way that the arc-shaped form is not hidden. If we are talking about the kitchen, then it is better to use plastic or aluminum cornice.
  3. For worshipers of creative experiments, there is another way of suspension - thread fasteners are used in cases when it is required to completely exclude even minor folds. Curtains in the center and on the sides are fixed with Velcro tape or sliders.

Ideas: how to hang curtains( video)

There are many ways to hang curtains in any interior. Do not get confused in them will help correctly made measurements of the length and width of the cornice. Do not lose sight of the type of cornice and the characteristics of the selected material. For strong fabrics, plastic or metal hooks are suitable, and if it is a question of lighter fabrics, it is advisable to pay attention to Velcro.

Examples: how to hang curtains beautiful( photo ideas)

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