Sliding ladder: aluminum sliding, metal installation on the second floor, 12 meters and 9 construction

An excellent assistant in the repair work is a practical sliding ladder An excellent assistant for repair work is a practical sliding ladder Step ladder, or ladder, is in great demand among people with a very long time. Thanks to a carefully thought-out staircase, it is possible to reach the right places, which are located above the growth of a person. Previously, these were wooden constructions, but the evolution of industry had a huge impact on the appearance, stability and strength of the ladders. Modern staircases have several varieties, differ in size and materials.

    • Convenient retractable ladder
    • Metal telescopic ladder
    • Eternal aluminum extension ladder
    • retractable ladder to the second floor
    • Installing retractable ladder
    • Constructions extension ladders( video)

Convenient retractable ladder

First of all, it is worth noting that all modern ladders are very stable. They are divided into ladders, ladders and retractable. The sliding ladder for use requires a support, it can be a wall, a tree or a pole. The support must be firm and stable to support the weight of the structure and the person climbing it. Also, the ladder should be moved a few meters apart. Most often, such a ladder is metal.

The ladder is divided into the following types:

  • Telescopic;
  • Retractable;
  • Traditional.

For today, a convenient ladder is often used in daily work To date, a convenient ladder is often used in daily work.

The ladder is a stable construction that does not need support. It can also be aluminum or steel.

It is divided into the following types:

  • Classical;
  • Universal;
  • Transformers.

To ensure that the construction work is convenient, you should choose the most optimal version of the ladder. Staircase design involves moving or carrying, so you should pay attention to the weight and dimensions.

Mobile ladder is compact and mobile. The sliding ladder should be in the unfolded form of the most optimal height. Also worth noting is the convenience of adjusting the required height. Sliding staircases can be used even for lifting to the second floor of a cottage or the attic of a barn.

Having studied all the characteristics of the stairs, you can choose a ladder suitable for all given parameters. To do this, it is not superfluous to clearly indicate the direct purpose of the staircase.

Metal sliding ladder

Metal is a durable and multifunctional material that perfectly suits the manufacture of a sliding ladder design.

The main advantages of metal:

  • Availability;
  • Easy to use;
  • Gives a huge opportunity in the design development;
  • Durability;
  • Reliability.

Many people prefer to choose a metal ladder, because it is durable and reliable Many prefer to choose a metal ladder because it is durable and reliable

The frame of modern stairs can be made of different metal. For the base, a profile pipe, a profile of strong metal, a steel sheet, reinforcing steel is used. The profile pipe is distinguished by good strength, and also this frame can be quickly assembled or disassembled. The sliding ladder from the profile pipe can easily be painted in any color. Also for stairs made of metal, strips and bowstrings are made. These are the details on which the steps are attached.

The staircase can withstand enormous loads every day, therefore the main parts must be made of a durable material.

There are several main advantages of metal parts:

  • There is no creaking of steps;
  • No vibration of the steps;
  • Over time, there are no distortions and deflections;
  • Can be used as a scaffold.

Modern metal materials are coated with special tools that increase the resistance of metal to corrosion. This allows you to use the ladder in a situation with sharp changes in temperature and humidity.

Eternal aluminum sliding ladder

Most often, aluminum is chosen for stairs.

Also popular is the aluminum staircase, which has a small weight The aluminum staircase is also popular, which has a small weight

Stairs made of this material have many advantages:

  • Light weight;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Durability;
  • Low cost of the product.

Sliding ladders are used in various areas. Aluminum, a fairly lightweight material that allows the product to be easy to carry. The design of the ladders from aluminum is easy to fold, which makes it convenient to store and carry. Despite the small size in the folded form, such stairs have a rather long footprint, which allows you to reach the highest sections, even though you can get boxes from the mezzanine.

Some aluminum stairs have additional functions. They can be folded into a stepladder, and can be rebuilt into an attached structure. Stairs-transformers become an indispensable tool in repair work.

Retractable staircase to the second floor

Modern staircase manufacturers offer their customers a wide choice of staircases of different configurations and designs. The ladder is suitable for both residential and non-residential premises.

In a small room, a frequent problem is the placement of internal staircases that provide a lift to the second floor or attic. Specialists offer the simplest solution to this problem - the retractable ladder is by far the most convenient and affordable way to solve the spatial problem.

Extendable design, which has a special mechanism, allows you to hide the steps in the hatch in the ceiling. The hatch has a device that provides a mechanical or remote opening.

A sliding staircase to the second floor allows you to save a lot of space in the room Extendable staircase to the second floor allows to save a lot of space in the room

Also extendible stairs can be telescopic. There is such a ladder on a simple principle. Telescopic ladder can change the length and inclination of the steps. Experts say that stairs of this type are more reliable than portable structures.

When choosing a retractable ladder, you should consider the strength. The maximum load that a ladder design must withstand is 150-200 kg.

When buying or installing, you should check how the structure moves and all the parts move. The work of all components must be soft. All sections of the stairs are fixed by means of special closures. Such a mechanism excludes the displacement of sections and unauthorized addition.

Retractable ladders can be:

  • Folding, can have 2 to 3 sections that can be folded directly onto the hatch cover;
  • The telescopic construction is shifted so that it acquires the size of the cover;
  • Scissors have the look of a design, similar to the crosshair of scissors.

The material for such structures is chosen to be a durable metal. The hatch cover can be made of wood. The security system of the sliding ladder should be reliable. For this reason, during installation, the operation of the mechanisms should be checked.

Installation of a retractable ladder

Manufacturers produce models of retractable staircases together with a cover for a ceiling aperture. Experts propose to replace the opening before buying, and choose the right model, suitable for all parameters. To install the sliding ladder with your own hands, you will need a minimal set of tools and a little knowledge.

Quickly and easily install a sliding ladder to the second floor can be handy, if you first become familiar with the instructions for installing it You can quickly and easily install a retractable ladder to the second floor yourself if you first become familiar with the installation instructions

You will need:

  • Foam;
  • Angular ruler;
  • Keys of different sizes;
  • Screw set;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Screwdriver.

In general, the detailed steps are attached to the ladder purchased, and it is not difficult to install the ladder. If there is no pull-out ladder of the desired model, you can make a ladder with your own hands. For the simplest version, you will need several sections of a conventional ladder and fasteners. On the necessary measurements, a drawing is drawn up in the decomposed and folded form. Stair sections are connected with each other using card loops. The made design should be fixed in an aperture by means of anchor bolts, and to combine a design.

Sliding stair constructions( video)

Ladder, one of the most useful inventions of mankind. Modern manufacturers produce different models that are suitable for the most unusual situations. The stairs of our century are mobile, reliable and practical. The most famous company is called Alumet, it offers the customer steel structures with a platform for greater stability. Due to their compactness, a car of any brand can transport staircase structures without barriers. Material for the manufacture of stairs is tested for strength by the best specialists. For the right choice, you need to carefully study the issue.