Cross stitch patterns for small flowers: small flowers for free, small simple pictures

Embroidering for yourself is not just a pleasure, but also an opportunity to decorate your house with a ready-made job Embroidering for yourself is not just a pleasure, but also an opportunity to decorate your house with a ready-made job. Diagrams of cross-stitch embroidery of small flowers are the best way to decorate your own apartment. Embroidery has been very popular for many years. This technology brings home cosiness and charges with positive energy. Embroidery is not only a way to decorate an apartment, but also to get peace of mind. Each work takes a piece of the soul, which makes it beautiful and pleasant to perceive.

        • Embroidered flowers: simple decoration
        • Small cross stitch embroidery: basic materials
        • Cross stitch patterns for small flowers: instruction for beginners
        • Simple diagrams of cross-stitching of garden flowers( video)
        • Cross-stitchSmall colors( photo)

Embroidered flowers: simple decoration

Every housewife tries to decorate her own apartment according to personal preferences. Some women acquire designer jewelry, others create them themselves. Especially popular are embroidery. This is a good way to decorate the apartment and find peace of mind. Women who deal with embroidery, know all the nuances, newcomers in this matter is more difficult.

Even if you just started embroidering and while a beginner in this case, on the Internet there are many tips that you will later find useful Even if you have just started embroidering and while new to this business, there are many tips on the Internet that

will be useful in. In the beginning of work, the main thing is to know what is necessary for its implementation and follow the basic rules. Cross stitching is a simple process, requiring thoroughness and attention. To date, there are a lot of tips for people who are just beginning to embroider.

Independent creative work is the best way to bring positive emotions into your own life.

Working with fabric allows:

  • Find a new hobby;
  • Create a unique decoration;
  • Get the peace of mind.

The main advantage of embroidery is their uniqueness. You can work with both ready-made schemes and create your own images. The result is not only a bright decoration, but also a good gift.

Cross-stitch embroidery of small colors: basic materials

Before starting work, experts recommend that you study all data concerning embroidery. Self-reproduction can be small flowers, animals, other plants and even paintings by famous artists.

But before this, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Diagram;
  • Canu;
  • Threads;
  • Needle;
  • Embroidery frame;
  • Scissors.

Before embroidering, be sure to prepare all necessary materials Before embarking, be sure to prepare all necessary materials

Beginners are encouraged to pay attention to the ready-made sets. They contain all the necessary materials. As you become accustomed to the new occupation, you can collect the devices yourself, and the schemes are free to select on the Internet.

The canvas is a special fabric consisting of transverse and longitudinal threads. It's like broken into squares, in the corners of which are holes. It is thanks to them and it turns out embroidery cross. To start with a small canvas with moderate cells. Over time, it can be replaced.

After the canvas, the threads of acrylic or mulina are selected. Many needlewomen use wool, but it quickly rubs off. Preferred to give to acrylic or mulina. After the threads, a special needle is selected. Ordinary does not fit!The main advantage of the needle is its special eye, which allows unquestionably to thread several threads into it.

The embroidery hoop acts as a supplement. They allow you to fix the canvas and create the effect of tight tension. This is very convenient, especially when working with small parts. After selecting all the devices, you can start sewing. In most cases, in the initial stages of the work takes little time, with time its duration increases.

Diagrams of cross-stitch embroidery of small flowers: instruction for beginners

For a beginner, sewing with a cross may seem hard work. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, the main thing is to take the first steps.

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Diagrams;
  • Fabric;
  • Threads;
  • Accessories and accessories.

If you yourself chose a picture for embroidery, then, first of all, select all the necessary colors of the threads If you have chosen the picture for your own embroidery, first of all, select all the necessary thread colors

Please pay attention to simple schemes. An important role is played by devices and materials. One fabric, thread and needle is not enough. There are a lot of additional devices that simplify the work.

Before embroidering small colors, it is necessary to select a scheme according to which the work will be performed. The Internet is full of variety of different drawings. You can get ideas from both the network and purchase a ready-made embroidery kit.

The independent choice of a picture implies the purchase of additional devices. Including threads, in most cases, acrylic and mulina are used. They are characterized by pleasant properties and a variety of shades. The thickness of the needle depends on personal preferences and fabric. After selecting the tools, you can start working. The process of embroidering flowers is not difficult. You need to start from the right side, gradually moving to the left. Then the transition from the upper to the lower row( following it) is performed, and the work is performed in the opposite direction.

Simple diagrams of cross-stitching of garden flowers( video)

Thus, a flower is gradually emerging. You can start with small elements, then make the transition to larger parts. Important point: the flower should be embroidered sequentially, using smooth transitions from right to left and back. Otherwise, the technique will be incorrect.

Cross Stitch small flowers( photo)