Works of embroidery by a cross: gallery of sewing, finished schemes and a photo for free, manufacturing technology, the beginning

Compositions, embroidered with a cross, look very original and stylish in the interior compositions embroidered with a cross, the interior looks very original and stylish Any gallery embroidered cross-stitch work is impressive - you want to look further and further, to consider other people's "hvastushki", and think how much strength and effort takes one or the other technology. Embroidery does have a lot of secrets and subtleties, but you can not get ready beautiful work anywhere, you have to comprehend everything yourself, if you really want to learn how to embroider.

    • embroidered work cross: beginning and tricks
    • Cross Stitch: the best work and the types of joints
    • rebuffed work cross: what to do with the finished work
    • process of cross stitch for beginners( video)
    • cross stitch( photo)

embroidered cross-stitch work: the beginning and tricks

If we talk on the technical performance, cross-stitch can be attributed to a countable types of embroidery. The basic element of this type of needlework is the handmade cross stitch, it consists of two oblique intersecting stitches. Usually embroideries use uniform weave fabrics.

This can be a cotton or linen cloth, but more often a special canvas is used for cross stitching. Canvas is characterized by a plain weave, which facilitates the work. The fabric structure in this kind of handicraft is a move that is very important.

For cross-stitch embroidery cotton or linen fabric to cross stitch is perfect for cotton or linen fabric

Cells on the canvas can be different sizes - the size depends on the value of the embroidered cross, and even the size of the work. It is desirable to start with canvases with large cells. This will help you develop the necessary embroidery skills. Yes, and the threads will be twisted.

Embroidering accurately and beautifully helps the circuit that you need to be able to read. If you observe all stages of embroidery, you get real pictures, the best of which can decorate any interior for a long time. Of course, the design of such works will be due.

Cross Stitch: the best work and the types of joints

Today embroidery cross decorated not only cushions, napkins, worn under the shirt, but also handbags, koshelechki, brooches. Moreover, images can be arbitrarily original - for example, "Kiss", which Klimt wrote, you can embroider a cross!

Many newcomers are confused by the words "stich", "semicircle", "English cross".It is necessary to understand this, and list at least the main seams. And there are also a lot of them.

With this embroidered composition, you can decorate any tablecloth or pillow With such embroidered compositions can decorate any cloth or cushion

main types of seams:

  • Danish cross - number of stitches is performed from the lower left corner to the upper right, and is sewn in the reverse directionThe second, already the upper row - it comes from the lower right corner to the upper left corner;
  • English cross - each cross is sewn separately, the needle sticks into the upper right corner, is held strictly vertical, is displayed in the lower right corner of the cross.

In addition to these crosses, when embroidering paintings, a semi-cross is frequently used, and a "forward needle" seam. Stitches are often formed around the contour of fragments embroidered with a cross, this emphasizes their expressiveness, the picture is thus given a finished look.

Well, if you want to do combined embroidered work. For example, combine embroidery with a cross and beads, or a cross and a smooth surface, or a cross and ribbons. It always looks impressive and interesting.

Embroidered works with a cross: what to do with the finished work

When the end of the embroidery is approaching, there are questions for beginners - what to do next. So, the embroidery is removed from the hoop, it is neatly stripped off with a warm iron. Naturally, you need to do this through the protective layer of tissue. Many needlewomen recommend that you wash your work after finishing, it is necessary that the strings and fabric are evenly joined, and the picture becomes more intact.

A large embroidered picture is an excellent gift for the newlyweds at the wedding

Someone else does - the base is treated with warm water before the embroidery process begins, then the fabric will shrink. But these subtleties are still being worked out in the process of work. Each needlewoman has "my secrets", and many share them in popular blogs - to wash or not to wash, how to process cloth, what to take the embroidery frame, wooden or plastic, and other "recipes" for making embroideries. These are golden tips that can be useful to other skilled workers. They will then bear your name: for example, Fedorov's schemes or Petrov's seals. Not one specialized portal places similar diaries.

Cross-stitch embroidery for beginners( video)

There are many remarkable moments in the cross-stitch embroidery, among which, among other things, work on oneself. You really will notice that you become more diligent, calmer, more patient, learn to better manage your time.

Have fun!

Cross stitch( photo)