Wedding metrics cross-stitch embroidery schemes: download for free without registration, bouquets for cards, sets and subjects

Wedding metrics can be embroidered not only for themselves, but also as a gift to the newlyweds Wedding metrics can be embroidered not only for themselves, but also as a gift to the newlyweds Gift sets for the wedding often include a bouquet, a postcard and, perhaps, a cute souvenir. So this souvenir can be made by yourself, if you know how to embroider a cross. Such a gift will definitely appeal to the newlyweds, and if you make it to yourself - this topic is always fulfilled in one breath.

    • Wedding metrics: cross-stitching, which consists of
    • Wedding cross-stitching: schemes how to read
    • Cross-embroidered embroideries, postcard bouquets: ideas
    • Wedding metrics with flowers and rings
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Wedding metrics: cross-stitching, which consists of

There are classical subjects that are used not only in embroidery, but alsoIn other creative wedding crafts. It's a dove on the background of two hearts, pretty standard, but simple. For beginners, this option is quite acceptable, and often make it in monochrome. Such a metric can be embroidered on a beige or white canvas. Pink and blue colors are used less often.

Often, in such embroideries for a wedding, in addition to the seam of a cross, the seam of Back Stitch is also used. He is present in the inscriptions themselves, and on the heart.

The wedding metrics often embroider the names of the young couple, the date or the symbolic phrase The wedding metrics often embroider the names of young couples, date or the symbolic phrase

What can include the standard wedding metrics:

  • Inscription - the names of the newlyweds, the date of the wedding;
  • Romantic image;
  • Symbolic phrase.

If you are doing a metric with a phrase, the work gets complicated, because besides names and dates, hearts with doves, you need to embroider a few more words. But it looks, of course, more effectively. In such embroideries, there can also be a seam "French knot", the size of the embroidery, if we talk about the standard metric, 18.5x25 cm

Wedding cross-stitch: schemes how to read

If you are a beginner, you should first learn how to read the diagrams, Without which it is not necessary to speak about perfection of execution of embroidery.

What can I say about the schemes:

  • It can be color or black and white, color, of course, more convenient - in them you see shades of colors;
  • In any scheme there is a grid of small cells, they will be equal to the number of crosses;
  • If there are a lot of colors in the future embroidery, the cells can be marked with special symbols, they are entered in a separate key for decoding;
  • In the color scheme, too, there is a decoding of colors, with each flower also written and the number of strings of the floss;
  • In the key, the values ​​of all the notations and lines are decoded, they are worth remembering, look at the white empty cells of the circuit separately - sometimes they mean not an empty space, but one of the colors;
  • Often the schemes also indicate several different shades and manufacturers of thread floss that will match the same symbol.

To begin with, you should definitely study the embroidery scheme before you start working To begin with, it is absolutely necessary to study the embroidery pattern before proceeding to work

The last moment is explained by the fact that embroiderers use threads from different companies.

Cross-stitch bridal bouquets, postcard bouquets: ideas

Subjects of wedding metrics are different, they can be divided into groups. The first group will be metrics, where the wedding day and the names of newlyweds are indicated against the background of the image of the bride and groom. More often it's a pair in wedding clothes, either without a background, or on a walk, on the seashore, etc.

Stories are frequently used where the bride and groom are in embraces, in a kiss. This is either a full-length figure, or a partial image of the newlyweds. Often a plot of postcards is used, where young people dance a waltz. The theme of the wedding bouquet deserves special attention. Other attributes of the wedding can also be embroidered.

A variety of different schemes will allow everyone to choose what is closer to him A variety of different schemes will let everyone choose what is closer to him

And this:

  • Bottle of champagne;
  • Doves;
  • Rings;
  • Image of a hare in the groom's coat;
  • Hat of the bride and groom;
  • Wedding gift;Wedding car, etc.

Often, the wedding bouquet is embroidered with a cross, and then this part of the canvas is neatly cut and pasted onto the wedding card, and the names of the newlyweds are also embroidered here along with the day of the beautiful event.

Wedding metrics with flowers and rings

Flowers and rings too often become a reminder of the wedding, and their image corresponds to a festive day. Wedding rings are often combined on embroidery with chic roses, it is found as often as blazing hearts.

The most popular option today - wedding rings, wrapped in flowers. If you make a metric with such an image, embroidered faded threads will be fashionable embroidery in the style of a shebbie-chic.

Embroider on the wedding metric you can flowers, hearts or rings, the main thing is to make it was with love You can embroider flowers, hearts, or rings on a wedding metric, the main thing is to make it with love

Also found on wedding metrics are:

  • With images of birds;
  • Plots with hearts;
  • Plots with puppet characters, mouse and cat's wedding;
  • With greeting inscriptions in a floral frame.

Cross-stitch wedding metrics( video)

Such embroidery can be decorated with snow-white wedding towels. These towels have only decorative function, but they can be a great memory of the wedding.

Traditional cross stitching, Korean, combined can be used - no strict rules. Do what you liked more.

Successful work!Examples of work

wedding metric( photo)