Fireplace in the apartment with your own hands

Over the centuries, the fireplace has turned from a mandatory attribute of the house( used for heating, cooking) into a beautiful decorative element. In private houses with the installation of a fireplace, there are no problems, but if you are a resident of a high-rise building, you will face certain difficulties and disappointments.

Fireplace in the apartment with your own hands

Fireplace in the apartment with your own hands

Is it possible to install a fireplace in the apartment

Contents of the article

  • 1 Is it possible to install a fireplace in the apartment
  • 2 Advantages of the
  • 3 electric fireplace. Step 1. Selecting a location for the
  • 4 installation. Step 2. Buying an electric fireplace
    • 4.1 Video - Electric fireplaces for the apartment
  • 5 Stage 3. Construction of the pedestal
  • 6 Stage 4. Construction of the frame for framing the fireplace
  • 7 Stage 5. Making the frame for the chimney
  • 8 Stage 6. Posting the communications
  • 9 Stage 7. Gypsum boarding
  • 10 Stage 8. Decorating the fireplace
    • 10.1 Video - Installing the electric fireplace with your own hands

You can install a real wood fireplace, but only in the apartments that are on the top floor of the house. This will require a permit issued by the Moszhilinschinspektsiyu, because:

  • the construction of a fireplace is considered the reconstruction of a living quarters;
  • chimney construction, which will pass through the ceiling, attic and roof, refers to reconstructive works.
    Is it possible to install a fireplace in the apartment

    Is it possible to install a fireplace in the apartment

Therefore, you will need at once two permits - one for each type of work.

Please note! Paper wire problems do not end there. The fact is that the SNIP load on the floor in urban apartments should not exceed 150 kg / m².For information: the weight of the fireplace with a fireplace and a chimney can reach 500 kg.

Therefore, it is better to equip an electric fireplace in the apartment( and the inhabitants of not the last floors have no other option).Do not be frightened by the word "electric", because in the process of work it is necessary to make only a frame and a pedestal.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace

Advantages of electric fireplaces

Not everyone can afford a stone or brick fireplace, we have already found out. And it's not just the complexity of installation or design, but also in price - a full fireplace will cost about 180 thousand rubles. Moreover, an additional ventilation system is required.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace

Electric models do not have such drawbacks. The main thing is observance of operating rules( regular check of electroconducting, installation of the stabilizer and so forth).Other advantages include:

  • low cost( if compared with traditional options);
  • simplicity of operation;
  • aesthetics, attractive appearance;
  • possibility of installation in any room, without additional communications and redevelopment;
  • security.

With regard to the furnace itself, it must be purchased at the store. But first things first.

Stage 1. Selecting a location for installation

Electric fireplace - the best option for a city apartment

Electric fireplace is the best option for a city apartment

Here everything is quite simple: any wall you like, preferably in the living room, is suitable.

Please note! It is not necessary to plan the construction of a large structure in a small apartment. The fireplace must match the area.

Stage 2. Purchase of electric fireplace


Electric fireplace ELECTROLUX EFP / P-3020

Dimplex Opti-myst Burbank

Electric fireplace Dimplex Opti-myst Burbank

After determining the place, you can go to the store for a firebox. Such devices cost an average of 25-30 thousand rubles, but should focus not only on the price, but also on the size of a particular model.

In an apartment where literally every centimeter of free space is, it is better to install oversized and shallow fireplaces. The most compact models have a depth of 7 cm. Among the manufacturers is the German company Hark , the British Burley and the Irish Berry .

Video - Electric fireplaces for the apartment

Stage 3. Construction of the pedestal

Construction of the fireplace begins with the manufacture of the pedestal under the portal. It is advisable to use for this purpose a piece of countertop, cut off in accordance with the dimensions of the device.

Please note! The portal is the frontal part of the fireplace with decorative lining. In other words, this is what first of all pay attention to.

It is recommended to use MDF table top with laminated protective coating. This material is impervious to moisture and high temperatures. The modern color assortment is wide enough that allows to choose a table-top for any taste. In a word, there should not be any difficulties at this stage.

Pedestal for the fireplace

Pedestal for the fireplace

Pedestal for the fireplace

Pedestal for the fireplace

If you plan to install a wall fireplace, then the square tabletop is cut out( it uses a jigsaw), and if corner, then pentagonal.

Please note! The area of ​​the pedestal must necessarily exceed the area of ​​the fireplace itself.

The stand must be raised by placing it on a small elevation. Such an elevation can be a frame made of a metal profile 5x5 cm or 5x4 cm. At the end, the pedestal is covered with a plinth of plastic, the color is similar to the color of the countertop.

Stage 4. Making a frame for framing the fireplace

Making a frame for framing the fireplace

Making a frame for framing the fireplace

Making a frame for framing the fireplace

Making a frame for framing the fireplace

The electric fireplace is the easiest to make from sheets of plasterboard. This material is easy to install, resistant to temperature changes. In addition, it is most suitable from the ecological point of view.

The portal skeleton is first constructed. The following materials will be required for work:

  • metal profile 5x5 cm for racks;
  • metal profile 5x4 cm for the guides;
  • self-cutters are "bugs" of small length( of the order of 1-1.3 cm).
    Self-tapping screws

    Self-tapping screws "bugs"

Please note! The term "bugs" means short self-tapping screws of white color, having a large bonnet and used for fastening metal profiles.



You will also need equipment such as:

  • metal scissors;
  • installation level;
  • marker;
  • stationery knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver.

Now you can proceed with the installation. Most often there is a wall fireplace, so the technology of its manufacture is considered.

Step 1. First, the entire area of ​​the wall, which will be in contact with the structure, is sheltered by refractory material. As such a material, an asbestos sheet can be used.

Step 2. Next on the wall marking is done for the frame. The installation level and the marker are used.

Please note! Checking the level is mandatory, since it is unlikely that the electric fireplace curve can be considered a good result.

Step 3. Guide rails from profile 5х4 cm are fastened according to the marking made in the previous stage. As a result, you should get a symmetrical parallelepiped. Self-tapping screws and dowels are used for fixing.

Fastening of profiles

Fastening profiles

Step 4. All elements of the future frame are connected with the help of "bedbugs", after which the design is strengthened, since it has to withstand a considerable load. In particular, this applies to the lower part where an electric furnace will be installed. To strengthen the profile is 5x5 cm - it is inserted across the structure in 30 cm increments.

Step 5. An internal part is created for the furnace. To determine the dimensions of this part, the dimensions of the device itself are measured, the width of the refractory tile( or any other heat-resistant material) is added to the figure obtained.

Stage 5. Making a chimney frame

Chimney frame

Chimney frame

Making a chimney frame

Making a chimney frame

For the installation of this element, a metal profile of 10x4 cm and 10x5 cm is used. There is no complicated design, as for a portal, it is enough to fix one side to the wall.

Step 1. In the profile of 10x5 cm holes are made for self-tapping screws. Profiles are applied to the markings on the wall, marks are made for the dowels.

Step 2. The holes for the plugs are made. For hammering plugs into the wall a hammer is used. After that, using self-tapping screws, the profile is attached.

Please note! The formed structure will be brittle, so it also needs to be strengthened with a profile of 10x5 cm, set in 50 cm steps.

Step 3. The frame is brought to the ceiling - it will be more aesthetic, and the fake chimney will be very similar to the real one.

Step 6. Posting communications

The next step in creating an electric fireplace is to route the cables to the location of the structure. It is recommended to use for this purpose cables with "self-extinguishing" insulation with cross-section 2.5х2.In the portal itself, the cable is laid in a metal "sleeve".

Please note! If there is a ground in the apartment, use a three-wire cable. Then for the fireplace you will need a ceramic socket with grounding.

When installing the outlet, it is advisable to connect a switch as well - in this case you will not have to remove it every time you need to turn off the device. In other words, you can turn on / off with the switch.

Stage 7. Gypsum boarding

After wiring the cable, the frame must be plastered with plasterboard.

Step 1. With a stationery knife, sheets of material of the appropriate dimensions are cut out.

Step 2. The sheets are attached to the profile using a screwdriver. For this, self-cut "seeds"( black, intended for metal) of 2.5x0.3 cm size are used.

Fastening of plasterboard sheets

Fastening of drywall sheets

Step 3. Joints between drywall sheets are hermetically sealed.

Step 4. This material is rather fragile in itself, so all corners of the electric fireplace are reinforced with corners of galvanized steel( necessarily perforated).

Step 5. All surfaces are primed and shpaklyuyutsya.

Step 6. A preliminary electric firing in the finished frame is carried out. In front of the ventilation lugs located in the body of the device, holes are made in the plasterboard. If this is not done, the furnace will overheat during operation.

Plastering of plasterboard sheets

Puttying of drywall sheets

Stage 8. Decorating the fireplace

Decoration of an electric fireplace

Decorating the electric fireplace

There are several options, so everyone can choose what they like best. Possible finishing materials are listed below.

  1. WA-paint .For its application, you can use both a roller and a brush.
  2. To apply textured plaster you need a spatula.
  3. Artificial stone is placed on "liquid nails" or special glue.

As you can see, you can install fireplace in your apartment by yourself , let it be just an imitation. This will require a minimum set of tools and materials, a desire and a half-day free time.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace

Video - Installation of electric fireplace with own hands