Polycarbonate greenhouse with own hands

How to make a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

First of all, we do the preparatory work:

  • choose the best location;
  • make the necessary calculations;
  • draw up drawings of the future structure;
  • is defined with the type of foundation;
  • draw a plan of the frame and think over ways of fixing it to the base.

How to make a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate frame for a greenhouse

The following materials are used to create a polycarbonate hothouse frame:

  1. The tree has several advantages: it is ecological and easy to handle. Along with this, there are also significant drawbacks: being in an aggressive environment, the wood begins to decay and break down. It must be treated with special means several times a season.

    Another wooden frame does not tolerate heavy loads in heavy snowfall. If you do not have the opportunity to travel outside the city in winter and clean the roof of the greenhouse, it is better to refuse such material.
  2. Metal. There are two options: bent pipe or galvanized p
    rofile. It is better to choose the second material - it is more durable and does not require treatment with anticorrosive agents.

Frame for a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

The first stage of construction is a reliable support of

. First, we need to make a foundation, to which we will fasten the frame.

The most durable and quality support for your greenhouse will be a concrete foundation. A positive factor of this design is the feature of storing heat. In the afternoon it heats up from the rays of the sun, and at night - gives all to the plants. Tape foundation also accumulates excess moisture, and if necessary returns back to the environment.

The main conditions that must be observed when making the base are the creation of a flat horizontal surface, proper drainage of excess water, mandatory waterproofing( roofing material or bitumen layer) between the frame and the support.

Assembling a greenhouse of polycarbonate

  1. Before installation, determine which side of the sheet is covered with a layer that prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays. Fasten the polycarbonate protective film to the outside, which you will not forget to remove later.
  2. Lay sheets in such a way that the cells are positioned vertically, this will prevent accumulation of condensate.
  3. Attach polycarbonate sheets with self-tapping screws and rubber washers. The distance between the connecting elements is approximately 50 cm.
  4. When assembling the structure, keep in mind that the sheets bend only in the direction perpendicular to the stiffeners.
  5. Polycarbonate can be cut using conventional tools: circular saws, metal hacksaws or jigsaws. Use a drill to attach the self-tapping screws.

Assembling a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Installation of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate: Step-by-step instruction

  1. With the help of rope and pegs, outline the contours of the future structure.
  2. When you fill the foundation, insert along the perimeter asbestos cement pipes for the installation of the frame structure. The depth of the holes should be about 1 m.
  3. After the concrete has hardened, it is possible to mount a frame to which polycarbonate sheets are attached.
  4. Do the doors of the wooden beam. After you polish it with polycarbonate, be sure to attach the handles on both sides.

If you are planning an early February landing, then equip the building with autonomous heating and additional lighting.