We make a fence of corrugated board in the home

Making a fence from the corrugated board with our own hands - we are buying

Having evaluated all the advantages of steel sheets as a barrier to your site from the street, you set a goal to build a fence of corrugated board yourself, because the simplicity of this operation is one of the main advantages of this material,in this we shall be convinced. First measure the perimeter of your future fence and go to the warehouse or market for everything you need.

The minimum set of building materials to make fences for the dacha from the corrugated board with your own hands depends on your project. It is possible to fasten sheets on logs from a profile pipe, using metal pillars buried deep into the ground as a basis. This will be the easiest and less expensive option. If you want poles made of bricks, a foundation or some other complex constructions, then you will have to spend much more time and money.

So, we purchase steel posts , profile pipe 40x25 mm and metal sheets with a height of about

2 m. To determine the amount of all this, take the length of the fence that we recently counted and divide it by 3( for the number of poles) andmultiply by 2( for the number of profile pipes).The mathematics are simple: the posts are placed at a distance of about two and a half or three meters from each other, and profile pipes for fixing metal sheets need at least two. Correct these figures can already be according to their preferences, this is the most standard option.

The number of sheets of corrugated board depends on their width. Remember! It is best to mount them vertically.

How to make a set of corrugated board with your own hands - we prepare a work platform for

Now we can discuss the process itself, how to build a fence of profiled flooring with our own hands, video and detailed instructions will not let you make mistakes. Any work with preparation begins. To do this, the entire perimeter of the site is cleared, the ground is leveled by , if there are any mounds, wormholes and other inconveniences.

The next step is the pits under the pillars. You can, of course, drive them into the ground just 1-1.2 m deep, but this is not so easy. Therefore, if the construction of fences from the corrugated board with their own hands is advisable, it is advisable to dig out small pits and concrete the poles there. They need to be done in the form of a cone, one end of the pit should be larger than the diameter of the other, this will ensure stability. Pillars put in the formed space, covered with rubble and poured with concrete. It is desirable that they were located exactly and just froze, so that your fence does not look saggy.

Further, as concrete is dried up, we continue to manufacture the fence from the corrugated board with our own hands, and lag is on the queue, we take small profile pipes for them and weld to the posts in two rows( number of rows at your discretion).The first line of the log should be 25 cm from the ground, the second - at the same distance from the top edge of the fence. You can calculate this by the length of the sheet and its protrusion over the post, because you attach the tube to it, but it is by no means the highest point of the fence( although again, this point is rather subjective, consider, based on your project).

Fitting the fence from the corrugated board with your own hands: how to proceed correctly?

Now we almost comprehended the skill how to make a fence of corrugated board with our own hands. After all, the base is ready, remains to fix the steel sheets .It is done by roofing screws, they are easily driven into the material, they are held tightly. Perhaps, somewhere it is necessary to cut the sheets, if they do not enter the width in the perimeter of the fence with an integer. Their location should be on the corners of the corrugated sheet, at a distance of at least 50 cm, although this parameter depends on the width of the sheet and its thickness.

Between them you need to leave so much space so that there is no free movement of the corrugated board between the two attachment points, and then such a sail will play a bad joke during strong winds.

Here the installation of the fence from the corrugated board is almost complete. It remains to make the gate and the gate, for this, again, the profile pipe, from which you can weld the desired shape, and the sheet of corrugated board, completely come off. Hang it all in a loop. Now the fence is ready. But to postpone the welding machine is far too early. The pillars from above are not covered by anything, so that the water does not ground the ground during the rain, weld the visors. Now, for sure, all the hard work is finished, paint the poles and lags with paint, and enjoy the result.