Fences made of concrete - the steadfastness and attractiveness of modern fences

Modern concrete fences - the personification of reliability and peace of mind

The history of human development clearly demonstrates the desire of people not only to designate the boundaries of their home and territory, but also to actively protect their rights to the rest. Today, for these purposes, concrete fences are the best suited, because this material has long been associated with us with strength and durability. For these qualities, the concrete fencing structures are not inferior to analogues made of stone or brick, what can we say about the products made from corrugated board.

The fence made of concrete can have quite a significant height and width. Unlike forged products, which can be overcome by a detective in two counts, concrete analogues reliably protect not only from the intrusion of unauthorized persons into the territory of the site, but also from other people's views. For maximum strength of the structure, metal reinforcement can be performed.

The simplicity of inst

alling the fence is also a pleasant moment. Modern prefabricated structures allow to save not only time, but also money resources, as installation of such a fence is carried out in shorter terms than other capital construction - metal or forged, stone or brick.

Operational properties are at the highest level. Concrete is resistant to atmospheric phenomena, temperature extremes, is not afraid of severe frosts, and appropriate polymer additives will provide it with a high degree of moisture resistance.

Decorative concrete fences - the unexpected charm of

It would seem, what kind of decorativeness can there be when the installation of a concrete fence is carried out in order to protect a residential house from outside interference? It turns out that even as it can, because modern production makes it possible to produce protective structures of a very attractive appearance. They are isolated in a separate form - decorative fences of concrete, characterized by texture, colors, the presence of decorative elements.

The fence of colored concrete does not require periodic staining, which saves you time and money!

Today, manufacturers offer a variety of sections for house fencing, imitating brick, stone and even wood. They can be smooth or embossed. The possibility of staining also allows you to get an original and attractive finished product.

The fence can be deaf or open, imitating a stone ridge. In a wide range of available concrete poles for fencing. They also include sections made of metal, which gives the fence a more urban and modern look.

Such designs can be made to order. This allows you to pick up a fence that best meets your own wishes, security requirements and the general style of an apartment building. You can buy a product that will become an integral element of landscape design.

Concrete mark for fence as a guarantee of its durability

It is a mistake to assume that the concrete fence consists of only sections. For its installation, support pillars are used, the foundation is poured. That is why every element is carefully selected one or another brand of concrete for the fence, which provides the necessary degree of strength of the product. So, the foundation for the concrete enclosure can be ribbon or pile.

The choice of this or that option depends on the severity of the finished product. For relatively light fences, a pile foundation is used, which requires M100-M200 concrete for the device. For the implementation of the strip foundation, on which not only the supporting elements, but the entire structure of the fence, will require concrete M150-M250 .

Monolithic slabs, which have not yet been displaced by more convenient prefabricated analogues, require the use of concrete of the highest quality, because they have to withstand the entire onset of rain, snow and other atmospheric phenomena. In addition, when they are manufactured, often the use of additional reinforcing elements. In this case, the optimal option will be the concrete grade M250-M350.

Thus, a concrete fence will become a reliable protector for you, at home and garden. No one will dare without your knowledge to break such a desired peace and solitude.