A hedge - how to make it with your own hands?

The concept and functions of a hedge

A hedge is a continuous series of shrubs or trees( sometimes lianas), which creates a kind of natural fence. A high hedge not only saves hosts from the passers-by, but will also be an excellent barrier to strong winds, and also protects against extraneous noise.

Plus, the living decorative fence is able to divide the various zones of the site and disguise unsightly places. This makes the general layout of the garden area more harmonious and more attractive.

Types of hedges

The choice of this or that kind of fence depends on what requirements will be made and the plants used. For example, the hedge can be from both coniferous and deciduous plants. Coniferous - look more majestic and unapproachable, but need more care. Deciduous - quickly grow and unpretentious to the conditions of planting. It is believed that the best hedge is the one that is grown from hawthorn, barberry, cob, spiraea, thuja, yew, fir.

The hedge is also subdivided

according to the method of cultivation. You can plant it yourself or buy ready. Usually they are grown in special nurseries. Of course, with the fence ready for the transplant, there will be much less trouble. You do not have to think about constant feeding, pruning during growth. But the hedge is much more expensive.

If you are a fan of designer delights, you can do: single row, double row and multi-tier fence. They can consist of different kinds of plants and have all kinds of height and sinuous shapes. However, it is worthwhile for them to choose the right trees and shrubs and it is better to consult with a specialist.

Which form should I choose?

Fence is a free growing or formed by .The second shear, as a rule, at least 3 times a year, so that its forms are not violated. Do this with the help of special tools: electric shears, pruners, chainsaws, trimmer. In order to have a uniform hedge height, at the very top of the green fence stick pegs, through which a rope or cord is stretched. Cutting is carried out evenly over this cord.

The shape of the fence can be in the form of arches, walls, geometric figures or fantasy( in the form of all kinds of animals).However, making them yourself is quite difficult. Often, professional gardeners from England are invited to create exquisite and expensive landscaping designs. But this is only for expensive projects.

The process of making unusual landscape figures on special videos is shown best. The hedge, video of which has been shown on many portals, has a wonderful and unusual design.

How to make a hedge by hand?

As already mentioned, you can buy a hedge and transplant it to your own garden or plant your own. We will describe a detailed instruction:

  • The first thing you need to do is mark the plot, and stretch the string around the perimeter. At 1.5 meters from her dig out a trench. The depth of the trench directly depends on the type of seedlings.
  • Manure, peat or humus is poured into the trench. It is important first to pour a few fertilizers, then pour them with water.
  • Plant seedlings taken early in the spring or fall. The gap between the seedlings leaves from 20 to 40 centimeters, on which you can plant berry plants.
  • At the last stage it is important to carry out proper care - to feed plants, cut, water.