Fence for reinforced concrete - the weight of reliable protection

Fence of reinforced concrete - we are looking for advantages and disadvantages of

In our hard time, life without a fence is difficult to imagine life. People try to protect their property as much as possible, and therefore they are updated without exception. Make this pleasure out of all that is possible, but the greatest protection can be provided, so it is believed, the reinforced concrete fence. This is a very strong and credible design, plus everything, with its help you can surround any area, from small dachas to huge production sites.

The popularity of the fence of this type provided its with the positive and negative characteristics of the , the balance of which look very tempting. If we talk about the advantages, it is worth noting the excellent mobility of some species. With their help you can create quite intricate shapes, while, as necessary, the fence is easily disassembled and collected.

The second significant advantage is its strength. This, perhaps, is one of the stronge

st and moisture-resistant fences. Do not forget about durability. It is also another huge advantage, as the fence of concrete is absolutely thermo and moisture resistant. He is not afraid of large temperature changes, as a result of which manufacturers give him a pretty long guarantee. Also, simplicity of installation is important, which does not require special knowledge from the installer, everything is clear on an intuitive level.

Speaking of disadvantages, it is worth noting the rather high mass of such a fence, one section can weigh more than two tones, which makes it difficult to install and transport. However, having solved the transportation issue, you get a reliable screen for many years.

Fence for reinforced concrete - we are preparing for the installation of

Before installation, it is only necessary to choose a suitable type of fence. Actually, there are two such kinds: prefabricated and stand-alone .The first are mounted in special glasses( concrete), into which support pillars are installed. The second type is mounted on a special platform, which is the base of each fence plate. In general, there is nothing complicated.

Having decided on the installation of the fence of reinforced concrete, it does not matter what kind, you should draw its outlines. Depending on the surface on which the installation will be performed, we do this with the help of chalk, nail or shovel. Accordingly, we draw with chalk on asphalt, with a nail on rusty iron, and with a shovel on plain ground.

Now it only remains to bring the fence blocks. To do this, you may need a crane, not large, with a carrying capacity of up to 3-4 tons. You will also need a cable of appropriate load capacity, scrap and hammer-sledge hammer. Before starting installation, it is better to arrange the blocks around the perimeter, so that each time you do not return to the original point.

Fence of reinforced concrete - install yourself

Now it's time to install the fence. First of all, we arrange glasses, if any. Further we will use the crane and with the help of cables we will hook the block. Element lift up. The height should be comfortable for workers. We adjust the path of the fence with our hands so that it lies flat on the outlined early line, which will ensure an exact relationship with the boundaries of the site.

We insert the guides into the glass, if the fence is independent, then simply set it straight to the surface. With the help of a hammer and scrap, you can slightly adjust the position of the plate or glass in order to achieve the most even landing of the plate.

Thus, we set the fence along the entire perimeter, there is nothing complicated. Beware of gusty winds. Which is able to unwind the block that hangs on the crane. This is fraught with serious injuries, and in general, do not forget about safety.

For greater stability, the cups and foundations of independent fences can be deepened into the ground at a suitable or possible depth. This will have a positive effect on the strength of the structure, which can already be moved only with the help of a powerful tractor. That's all the secrets of the installation.