How to cut a tile

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Gently trim the tiles allows you to prepare it for gluing in corners, at the joints of walls and floor. You can produce this work in several ways: tile cutters, glass cutters or Bulgarian. The recommendations of experts on the choice of methods and detailed instructions will help to do the job correctly and quickly.

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  1. What is the easiest way to cut a tile?
  2. Cutting tiles with tile cutter
  3. Cutting tiles with a Bulgarian
  4. Cutting tiles with a glass cutter
  5. Video

What is the easiest way to cut a tile?

The method should be selected according to the tools used in the work. If the owner of the house has a Bulgarian, then it is suitable for pruning when installing a diamond disk. Glass cutter requires a lot of effort when working with tiles than with glass. But with the accuracy of performance to achieve a qualitative result is easy. In addition, you need to know how to cut the tile correctly so that there are no chips and unevenness. To do this, you need to properly mark up, perform work on a flat surface, excluding the displacement of the element.

Cutting tiles with tile cutter

The presence of a tile cutter or the ability to get it for a while from friends can quickly and easily trim the tile. The hand tool is easy to use and does not require any special skills of the performer. The following instruction will tell you how to cut a tile with a tile cutter with minimum time expenditure:

  1. The part that needs to be left for further work is measured.
  2. On the special corner of the tile cutter the place of the tile cut is marked.
  3. Exactly and without any deviations to the sides( on the corner) the element is stacked.
  4. The presser foot is placed on the tile( in the place of the cut).
  5. With gentle movement, the performer pulls the foot with the cutting component over the tile, using the handle with the carriage.
  6. If necessary, the tile must be held to prevent uneven cut.

Tile cutting by Bulgarian

No less popular is the method with the use of Bulgarian. It involves the installation of a durable diamond disc, which will allow you to perform work without chipping. True, the resulting slice may have insufficient flatness. The above instructions will help you understand how to cut tiles with a Bulgarian for domestic and semi-professional purposes:

  1. The tile is marked with a ruler, pencil and tape measure;
  2. The product is laid on a level table, the detachable( unnecessary) part should protrude beyond the edge of the countertop;
  3. With the help of the Bulgarian, an incision is made along the marked line with an immersion of approximately 30% relative to the thickness of the element;
  4. A recess is made from the recess, which allows to cut off almost unnecessary part of the tile almost completely;
  5. Prepared tiles neatly broken at the site of the cut.

If you receive significant irregularities, you can grind the scrap. Full pruning with the use of Bulgarian is not recommended: this cut almost always leads to damage to the glaze on the surface and damage to the product.

Cutting tiles with a glass cutter

Any tile can be cut with a conventional glass cutter. A popular method is difficult to name, but in the absence of other tools, it allows you to quickly prepare the product to complete the installation. How to cut the tile with a glass cutter will tell the following instruction:

  1. Mark the area needed for trimming.
  2. On top of the cut tile along the mark lay the guide tile, through which it will be possible to carefully cut.
  3. The glass cutter is placed perpendicular to the lower tile( the wheel must be exactly at the mark), the side of the tool should be pressed against the guide tile closely.
  4. Without haste, the cutting along the guide is carried out, you need to make sure that the tool is pressed tight against it.
  5. A self-tapping screw is placed under the prepared cut line. One hand fixes the left / right side of the tile from the edge, with the second hand the next part of the product is taped to the full break of the element along the line.

For the qualitative work, you should additionally study the attached photos and video reports. They will help to avoid mistakes during pruning. It is equally important to consider how to cut the tiles to obtain a straight line or a semicircle( on the kitchen podium, for the porch).In the first case, all described instructions will do. In the second, it is recommended to stop the selection on a glass cutter or a Bulgarian. When carrying out the sawing, regardless of the method chosen, you should always wear protective goggles and gloves.


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