How to choose a tile for an apartment

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Sooner or later, each of us makes repairs. And, of course, I want not only to create a unique interior design, but also to make it as profitable as possible. So, the requirements for flooring often seem completely incompatible: it should be inexpensive, durable, easy to use, easy to install, environmentally friendly and, of course, aesthetically attractive. But is it possible to fulfill all these requirements simultaneously?

The answer is unambiguous - yes. Vinyl tiles Effecta Swiss company Forbo is really a unique offer in the Russian market, allowing you to implement any design solutions, while saving your money, time and, of course, nerves.

Thanks to the embossing, it perfectly imitates various types of wood, concrete, marble or granite, but with any choice you will be guaranteed heat and the highest wear resistance.

The laying technology is similar in many respects to the elementary gluing of ceramic tiles, but with one important advantage: due to its flexibility, Effecta makes it possible to hide small uneven floors.

Tiles are presented in the form of slats, tiles and left and right rhombuses. At the moment, Forbo is the only manufacturer offering vinyl tiles in this size range. This feature allows you to reduce the number of trims.

The Forbo Effecta tile was created by the Forbo Flooring team and is manufactured in Russia. It is presented in 2 collections:

    • Effecta Standard - 12 items
    • Effecta Professional - 23 articles

Also it is especially worth paying attention to the graphic design of "Linea", which is an abstract wooden picture."Linea" has a clear texture and does not just create a kind of wooden floor, but it makes it possible to make the floor truly unique and to realize the latest design trends.

The tile consists of PU protection with embossing R10, wear layer, printing layer, substrate and is additionally reinforced with fiberglass. All this provides durability, moderate flexibility for laying even on imperfectly flat surfaces, and also makes the coating non-slip.

So, let's summarize the information. Among the main advantages of vinyl tiles can be noted:

  • Stacking can be performed even by a layman. This is a simple process that requires a minimum of tools
  • A huge selection of patterns and textures can satisfy even the most demanding taste and embody any design idea
  • Plasticity allows you to lay on almost any basis with minimal pre-preparation, as well as on uneven and inclined surfaces
  • .additional waterproofing
  • The cost of installation and installation is much lower compared to porcelain stoneware or laminate
  • Convenient size is simplert stacking and minimizing waste, thus significantly saving your time and money
  • No need to handle joints
  • Light weight is convenient for transportation and allows the use of tiles to decorate not only the floor, but walls and even furniture
  • Small thickness is especially important when laying indoorswith low ceilings

Forbo tiles meet all environmental requirements: production waste is used to the maximum to create new products.

This coating has already been successfully used in retail, entertainment, industrial, hotel, sports and other areas. Of course, with the same success they can be enjoyed at home.

Price of tiles is from 1100 rubles.up to 1900 rubles.per m2 depending on the product: when choosing the tiles Effecta Standard, the price will fluctuate between 1100-1200 rub.for m2, Effecta Professional - 1800-1900 rub.per m2

Read the product in more detail you can on the site http: // ru-ru /produkty/ dizaynerskaya-vinilovaya-plitka / effekta-professional / beu9z8

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