Decoration of flower beds in the country, or as a gardener becomes an artist

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Decoration of flowerbeds at the cottage - several rules for planting

Floral planting is not difficult to do in the form of an intricate pattern, but there are certain schemes that you do not want to violate for the simple reason that, striving for harmony, you can end up with chaotic diversity. The first and main step, from which begins the design of flower beds in the country - a choice of "soloist" for the flower garden. It is usually the tallest plant that stands out with large leaves. However, you can use a slightly different technique, when instead of a single center, several conspicuous cultures are planted at different points.

As key figures, you can use decorative garden lights, among which today there are many such that work on solar panels .Statues are also admissible, but they should not be abused. In between the flowering plants usually planted decorative grasses, which have beautiful leaves, so the design of the flowerbed and flower bed in the cottage will remain aesthetic even between the seasons of flowering. At the same time, do not pursue quantity, too much variety of cultures can create unnecessary heterogeneity in the overall composition.

How to get beautiful flower beds in the country?

Let's start, perhaps, with not quite original, but rather standard schemes, but avoiding them is not desirable for the simple reason that otherwise some plants will be lost in the flowerbed. About the "soloist" you already know, the next row around him should be much lower, emphasizing the beauty of the key flower. The outermost row should be the smallest. To get original and beautiful flower beds in the country, you can take as a basis a hemispherical shape of the flower bed, or cone-shaped. You can arrange the landing so that a stepped pyramid is obtained.

The best way is to combine ornamental plants and flowers, but before you decorate the flower garden in the country, carefully select the plants, depending on where the landing will take place - in the shade or in the sun. All the crops that you combine in the flowerbed must be equally shade-loving or, conversely, more prone to sunny areas of the .Perennials are recommended to be placed closer to the center, and annual ones - along the outer perimeter, since they will have to be changed every year.

Beautiful flower gardens in the country - from simple to complex

Multiple planting of different plants with simultaneous or sequential start of flowering - this is the design of the flower garden in the country, and how it will depend on your design taste. The simplest form is a flower bed, which can have any contour starting from round to arbitrary. Among the round variants, gardeners are familiar with very interesting ways how to decorate a flower bed in the country, for example, such songs as "Central" or "Royal", as well as "Viennese flower".

To keep your eyes from getting tired of a lot of colors, alternate the flowerbeds with plantations, in which besides the different shades of green, there are no more flowers.

If you make a linear landing when viewing it one-sided, so that high crops are placed in the background, and lower ones in front, you will get a wonderful mixboarder. Its distinctive feature is that each kind of plant grows separately, without mixing with others. Another very beautiful flowerbeds in the country house are the cuttings, low curbs from selected plants. Their height can vary from 10 to 50 centimeters, while it is possible to make a landing of a mixed type or in rows.

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