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Reduction of heat loss is the main task of every landlord, both private and legal entities. Only the right choice of heat, hydro and sound insulation is able to guarantee the presence of a comfortable microclimate inside the building. In this article, let's consider the reflective isolation by Aluf.

Characteristics Alufoma

  • Scope of application
  • Technical data Alufom
  • Varieties of material
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  • Features Alufom

    Since the main share of heat loss is due to infrared radiation( about 65%), massive insulation materials can not completely protect the house. The main material that can return the rays back to the source is a foil containing a high proportion of aluminum. The walls of the building, having such protection, in the summer heat will reflect the thermal radiation outside, and in winter - heat inside.

    Alufom - innovative hydro, sound and heat insulation, which has a high coefficient of heat reflection. Its functionality is based on the properties of a polished foil with a high aluminum content and air bubbles inside the polyethylene microfiber. This feature of the structure of the material is clearly visible in the photo. Insulation Alufom can reflect about 97% of the radiation of heat, preventing the heating of the room in the summer and cooling in the winter.

    Scope of Application

    Today the application of Alufom does not know the boundaries. It is used in construction, transport, greenhouses( awnings, blinds), in thermal insulation packages, sleeping bags, thermal blankets, in decking under tents. The most widespread this material received in the construction. It is used in the following cases:

    • roof;
    • under underfloor heating;
    • wall( inside, outside);
    • air conditioning equipment;
    • ventilation;
    • pipelines;
    • heating appliances, boilers;
    • metal structures;
    • country houses;
    • agricultural buildings;
    • of the sauna.

    In the transport industry, the insulation with Aluf is indispensable in vans, containers, it is excellent for protecting motors and bodies.

    Technical data Alufom

    Variety of material

    Depending on the technical characteristics, Alufom is divided into several varieties. Aluf A A is a polyethylene foam that has a one-side foil coating. Can be used as a vapor barrier or as an additional layer of thermal insulation. This insulation is sometimes put in 2 layers. Then it is able to provide waterproofing and full heat protection. Aluf In - foamed polyethylene, covered with foil on 2 sides. Aluf With is a material based on polyethylene foam, which is coated on one side with foil, and on the other with glue and special coating material. This variety is mainly used on air outlets.

    Advantages of isolation by Aluf

    There are a lot of advantages over analogues in this material. According to feedback, with the help of Alufom it is possible to provide the most reliable thermal protection. In addition, it creates sound insulation, steam and waterproofing, provides protection from the rodon. It is able to function reliably with high humidity. There are no essential shortcomings. Using Alufoam gives us a saving of useful space, because the material has a small thickness. In addition, it does not rot, does not wear out, is environmentally safe. It is mounted quite simply, no special clothes are needed. This is a lightweight material that is available for transportation and installation.


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