Toilet room design

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Arrangement of a small toilet room

The design of a toilet room should be chosen by women, and men have to realize their wonderful ideas. To find a compromise between the flight of female fantasy and the skills of a potential builder of this corner of dreams and inspiration is possible. It is important not to forget anything at the planning stage and reorganization of the combined bathroom.
Combined bathroom
Yes, our standard apartments are equipped with tiny sanitary zones, but they can almost always be combined. Even in the Khrushchevs( houses with a fifty-year history and enviable longevity), it is possible to create a single toilet room, the design of which you can design and even realize with your own hands. You just need to consider three important circumstances.

  • Dismantling the wall between the bathroom and toilet in the houses built 60-80 years.of the last century is permissible under the current SNIPs. Most of the partitions between the two sanitary zones of your apartment are not carriers, so
    simple agreement with PIB gives you a huge space for creativity, planning the design of a small but cozy, with and correct, reasonable placement of plumbing equipment.
  • The distribution of supply pipelines and sewer systems may need to be changed, but this does not affect the beauty of your sanitary zone. Do not try to do these works yourself, find and invite professionals. They will hold the pipes, and then you will calmly create the interior.
  • The integrated toilet in any house becomes a place of constant pilgrimage for all family members. Therefore, the correct placement of the bathtub, shower and toilet bowl is already a problem of consumption and generation. The design of the toilet room in the apartment recedes into the background.
    Toilet room design

Important design elements of the toilet room

Every person has intimate places where he just tries to think and dream, even if something is not very important. What it will be - a dacha bench on the river bank, shelves in a village bath or an ordinary toilet room in Khrushchev, we do not know. But for the last case of relaxation we can offer our recommendations. According to statistics, every inhabitant of the Earth spends 1.5 years in the toilet, especially clean in the bathroom for about 5 years. Now just think about the picture that you see in front of you for six and a half years of your precious life and try to change it sometimes.

Unusual toilet room design

First, let's discuss some of the materials that will surely fit into any interior:

  • Ceramic, tile .Alas, the alternatives to these customary finishing materials have not yet been invented. Obvious advantages: reasonable price, simplicity of installation( most of the work can be done by oneself), immense wealth of choice. Manufacturers of tiles tidied up and provided you with the opportunity to create in the sanitary zone not only dull white monotony, but also to bring to the interior a joyful variety: color transitions, borders, thematic pictures.
  • Plastic panels .Economical and fast version of the arrangement of the toilet room with the correct installation of the coating. The main disadvantage of plastic is the rapid abrasion of the surface with intensive use of the toilet room in the apartment, the design of which is likely to please you no more than 5 years.
  • Natural Materials .Do not use all the citizens in the interior of your toilet rooms natural stone or wooden panels made of solid wood with a high moisture resistance( teak, larch, ormosia).Beautiful, stylish, but the design of a small toilet room in Khrushchev such excesses are unlikely to improve.

Plumbing and furniture

Plumbing equipment: faucets, shower, bath, fan pipes to it you with great pleasure advertize the invited masters. In the network of this good, too, in abundance. We will not deal with this abundance of proposals in detail, just make a small remark: not everything that is expensive, serves a long time and not all imported plumbing systems are able to work with our water.
We hope that a good "home" plumber will teach you and will not allow you to make mistakes in the technical embodiment of your dreams. But the furnishings and design of the "oasis of meditation" will lie entirely on your shoulders.
Actually, there is no furniture at all: a drawer under the sink, a cabinet on the wall, a basket for dirty laundry, a mirror in a frame frame, and what a space for imagination. The layout of communications, the installation of sanitary ware, even the interior decoration of the floor, walls and ceiling - this is not yet the design of the toilet room;the interior creates pleasant little things, and not a common canvas.

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