Than wash the tile in the bathroom - looking for the best solution

We choose what to wash the tile in the bathroom

In most cases, the answer to the question, than to wash the tile in the bathroom, will be unambiguous - a soft rag. However, instead of it you can use a sponge, the main thing is for you to work comfortably. However, a rag or sponge alone will only help with light soiling of the surface or in cases where soap solutions are still fresh. In such cases it will be enough to have simple warm water to make the tile glisten. However, if the tile is already quite old, it will require something more effective.

For the most part, you can use any cleaning solution, if only it had alkali, you can use a variety of liquid for washing windows, they will also bring the lining to the desired degree of brilliance. In the kitchen, the apron generally needs to be washed more often( preferably every day) and extremely weak solutions of detergents with alkali in the .The more often you wipe the tile, the less effort will be required, and you will no longer have to rack your brains than clean the tiles in the bathroom to remove the stale plaque.

How to clean a tile in the bathroom: what should I know?

Do not use soap solutions for washing tiles. Firstly, it is from the soapy coating that we are facing and washing, and secondly, organic soaps contain organic acids and fats, because of which mold can occur. It is also not advisable to use acids, even if you are careful to protect your hands with gloves before cleaning the tile in the bathroom. The fact is that some types of glaze are quite unstable to the effects of acids( although it is better not to use such a lining).Weak solutions of acid based fluids can be used only in exceptional cases, when it is necessary to remove traces of rust, scale, ink.

You can not use a metal brush to clean the tiles, there will be deep scratches.

It is absolutely unacceptable to use abrasives, including cleaning powders. If even after the first powder scraping the tile gleams, after a few such operations you will notice a lot of microscopic scratches, the amount of which will only increase with time. Often there is a question, than to wash a ceiling tile made on the basis of expanded polystyrene and often covered with vinyl. To do this, enough to dilute 30 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide in 4 liters of water and spray from spray each centimeter of the coating, after protecting the eyes.

Tile washing agent: we clean all without exception

In addition to direct cleaning, it is necessary to give the tile the original gloss, because, even when clean, the matt lining does not look very aesthetic. Therefore, if the state of the tile is extremely neglected, launder, and if not - immediately go to polishing. To do this, take a soft cloth, we put on it such a means for washing the tiles, like vinegar, and begin to rub the glazed surface. Shine will appear almost immediately, in the future it is enough to repeat the procedure every 2-3 days.

However, you need to know not only what to clean the tile in the bathroom, but also options for cleaning the seams, which get dirty very quickly, and in the previous state they can be brought only by gaining patience. Since the grout density is lower than that of the ceramic, dust, soap coating and scum are eaten very deeply. However, with the cleaning of the joints, the above-described tile cleaning agent - hydrogen peroxide - can handle it. Simply, with a soft brush, rub the liquid into the grout and leave without erasing. After a while, the seam will lighten considerably.

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