Wall decoration by own hands

Repair in an apartment is not always difficult, unpleasant and painfully long. There are also positive aspects in this. At the end of the repair, you will get a fresh and cozy apartment, which will please for a long time. The most pleasant and easy stage in repair is the opportunity to independently impart an individuality, uniqueness and beauty to the interior. This can be achieved at the expense of the idea - wall decoration by own hands .


  1. Wall decoration technology
  2. Decor ideas
  3. Photo wall decor
  4. Video wall decoration by our own hands

To decorate the walls of any corner of the apartment you do not need special skills and art, just use the ready-made examples. You just need to see the photos and videos of the decor of the walls with your own hands in our article. During the work you will necessarily have your own creative ideas, you just need to start.

Wall decoration technology

You can decorate yourself with your hands on any surface of the walls. To do this, you will need to prepare the wall surface in advance, finish all construction work. Before you start, you need to decide what style the decor should be made with, you need to choose a pattern or ornament. To begin with, it is worth making a stencil for quick, easy and accurate decoration on the wall. A stencil can be made from almost all available materials, for example, from dense cardboard, plastic or film. The selected pattern is transferred to the sheet using a thin marker and cut out with a sharp clerical knife. The stencil can be made from a sheet of plain paper, pasting it with an adhesive tape after drawing a pattern, so the stencil will last longer. Then the stencil is fastened to the selected area of ​​the wall with the help of adhesive tape or aerosol glue.

You can also decorate with your own hands from a ready-made stencil purchased in the store, in which case it is absolutely necessary to use an aerosol adhesive for fixation. Apply a picture better acrylic paint, which dries quickly and leaves no streaks. It is most convenient to apply the paint with a foam roller, then the ink consumption is small, and the pattern is evenly painted over.

Decor ideas

As a wall decor, you can use shapes of butterflies or flowers that can be made from colored paper. The forms are cut out, bent in half and glued to the wall with one side, creating a lively effect of butterflies clinging to flowers, like in a summer garden.

It is interesting to diversify the interior can be by applying a volumetric decor on the walls, made by own hands. With it, you can decorate the wall with frames, and inward attach photos or make a ceiling frieze, visually divide the space in the room. To apply a three-dimensional drawing, you will need acrylic putty, which is applied to the stencil with a special spatula. The pattern is laid in layers up to 3 mm thick. After setting the pattern, the stencil is removed and it can be painted with paint.

Beautiful wall decoration can be achieved through the use of different materials. With the help of foam rubber or rubber rollers, on which it is possible to cut out a picture. On a normal roller wound a woolen thread and get a three-dimensional image. The wall can be decorated with a beautiful panel, which is made from scraps of wallpaper and painted with colorful patterns using a stencil. Here the main thing is to connect the creative approach and then you will be able to realize the most daring ideas for decorating the walls of your apartment.

Photo wall decor

Video wall decoration by own hands

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