Bas-relief on the wall with your own hands

Listening to the magazines and watching television programs concerning the repair and design of the premises, you notice that the masters of their business are increasingly using wallpaper and paints to decorate the walls of living quarters. This is understandable: any finishing material or item purchased in the store, you run the risk of meeting with your friends or relatives. A man-made miracle is not reproducible in principle and can serve as a guarantee of complete originality. But what if the services of high-class and creative decoration decorators can not afford? In this case, always, armed with enthusiasm and patience, you can try to do the work yourself.


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    1. Creating a relief
    2. Creating a relief
    3. Completing the bas-relief
    4. Photo bas-relief on the wall with your hands
    5. Creating a bas-relief with your hands

How to make a bas-relief on the wall with your hands ?Materials that are needed for this, do not belong to the category of cheap: very high-quality primers are needed, putty( Vetonit LR + is a good fit), and wallpaper glue. First of all, these costs prevent the rapid loss of the hard work results that lie ahead.


The wall, designed for bas-relief application, is thoroughly cleaned from all old coatings, ground and dried. Pre-selected image, which will be placed in the room, you must sketch on the wall in a pencil. It is not necessary from the first attempt to depict a complex bas-relief on the wall with your own hands. Flowers, stylized birds of paradise, tropical vegetation are more suitable for skills training. If the artistic ability, not so good as it is, the familiar technique of increasing the figure with the help of cells is quite appropriate. The drawing and the section of the wall are delineated into squares, in which all the lines from the image on the paper are transferred in turn. Redrawing small details, it is necessary to remember the chosen scale.

Creating the relief

The wall is peeled off using metal and rubber spatulas, the surface of the pattern is covered with a polymer filler. To work for you, besides tools, you will need patience and a sense of proportion. Fill the necessary areas with a plastic mass is not so difficult, it is much more difficult to give the material the necessary convexity and relief. After the rough application of the putty and giving it the desired shape, it is necessary to dry the future bas-relief. The attached intermediate stages of the work on making a bas-relief on the wall with your own hands( see the video) will help to form an idea of ​​how rounds and valleys are formed. After the putty mass has dried, the molds are corrected and smoothed with the same material.

After the final hardening, the bas-relief must be carefully treated with sandpaper. For this purpose, the middle fraction( # 200) and the smallest one are suitable. It is clear that a large nazhdachka is used to improve the shape of the applied bas-relief on the wall with your own hands, and fine for grinding and giving the bas-relief a smoothness and gloss.

Completing the bas-relief

After you have reached the required image, the bas-relief is thoroughly cleaned of dust and treated with a primer with the help of a suitable brush. Next is the coloring. If you do not expect the use of several colors, it is desirable to take a white water-emulsion paint of two shades and more light to cover the protruding elements that require isolation and bearing the main stylistic load. Coloring is better not with a brush, but with a regular sponge to avoid the appearance of unwanted bands that change the dynamics of the image.

That's all, the bas-relief on the wall with your own hands is finished, and you can lead the guests to demonstrate the embodiment of their work and creativity. Below, see the photo!

Photo bas-relief on the wall with your own hands

Author of the bas-relief with a gold fireplace: http: // olefirn

Video of creating a bas-relief with your own hands

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