Finishing the base of the house with siding

Careful finish of the socle allows you to emphasize the style of the house, in addition to protect the base from moisture, atmospheric influences. Carrying out works with the use of siding is the optimal solution of the problem. The panels have a stylish appearance, easy to assemble and connect. Such finishing of the socle with their own hands is carried out with minimal effort and time.


  1. Preparing the plinth for installing the siding
  2. Step-by-step instruction for finishing the plinth of the siding
  3. Video trimming of the plinth of the siding with your own hands

When choosing the right kind of materials, it is important to take into account its characteristics. Special socle siding has increased strength, provides a reliable protection of the base. Panels have a design under a stone or a brick, which allows to improve the exterior of the building and make it unique. There are models with different textures and shades. But the specifics of fastening, the connection of the elements they have is absolutely the same.

Preparing the plinth for installing the siding

Correctly mounting the panels allows the correct preparation of the base. It should have absolutely flat surface. Otherwise, neatly finishing the basement of the siding will be performed with certain difficulties. To fix the panels you need to prepare a frame. In the case of critical unevenness of the foundation, it will be impossible to establish the supports exactly. Therefore, any projections should be carefully removed.

Next, you can start building a frame. For this task it is recommended to use a metal profile. The beam as a support is not so good: it has a shorter service life, it can deform with time. Profile will last longer. It is fixed to the plinth with the help of dowels and self-tapping screws. It is recommended to use products with a length of about 10 cm. The profiles should be placed in three rows: top, bottom and middle. This method of fastening is suitable for finishing the base of the house in one panel( about 46 cm high).

Step-by-step instruction for finishing the socle siding

For reliable fixing of panels it is necessary to prepare additional elements: starting bar, corners, ebb. The purchase of supplements should be carried out according to the size and form of the siding to be installed. After acquiring the elements, studying the photo and video lessons, you can proceed with the installation of the finish according to the following scheme:

1. Mount the starting bar on the lower profile. The distance of the top edge of the strip to the bottom of the trim should be about 4 cm.

2. External and internal corners are mounted. They will allow you to accurately perform the transition between different slats, without disturbing the aesthetics of the design.

3. The first sheet of siding is attached. It is installed in the starting bar, the upper edge is attached to the previously prepared crate.

4. The second strap is installed. You can not fasten it "back to back" to the first element: the expansion of the material can lead to its deformation at the joints.

5. The siding of the remaining sides of the plinth is then executed. When installing the panels on the corners, you may need to trim them.

6. After complete finishing of the base, the installation of the tide is carried out: the element is attached over the siding, closing it and the gap between the panels and the wall.

The described lining of the basement with a socle siding after the last final element has been installed will be completed. But experts additionally recommend taking care of proper venting of the cap. It should be cut in advance in several panels round holes. After mounting the siding, the holes are covered with metal grids.

The use of siding for plinth lining is justified by the practicality and cheapness of the material. It is resistant to moisture, does not fade, does not lend itself to deformation. It allows to reliably protect the base of a private house and prevent its destruction. Therefore, the use of socle siding - an advantageous and practical solution for finishing any area and shape of the house.

Video trim of the socle siding with your own hands

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