Zoning the living room

"Dreams must be realized!" - this is the motto of modern designers. That's why they put a lot of effort to ensure that an ordinary person can equip his house in the way he pleases. To follow this rule, you need to know all the tricks and novelties of the modern organization of each room. After all, if you own information, you can create an ideal space around yourself.


  1. How to zoning the living room?
  2. Rest zone and pleasant pastime
  3. Area for work
  4. TV zone
  5. Nuances of zoning
  6. Photo of living room zoning

An example, if you are considering the question of arranging a living room - then the most recent ideas for zoning this room will be very valuable information for you.

How do I zoning a living room?

The key moment of all transformations in the room is a tandem of functionality and comfort. You can achieve it when you correctly place the landmarks in the zoning of the living room. The first thing that is important is to divide the territory in such a way that the room has three main zones. Let's talk about each in detail.

Rest area and pleasant pastime

It is here that you should have a comfortable, soft and modern sofa and a table for games. The table can also be used for joint dinners with friends or a pleasant tea party. But, at the head of everything should be a sofa. Look at how she looks at the photos of the examples of zoning the living room. It is important to make the main accent: it must necessarily be combined with the overall style of the room, its dimensions should not be too large, the color is best chosen in dark, non-marred colors( bypass the side with light shades, as they quickly lose their general appearance and are subject to various deformations).

It is absolutely forbidden to use pillows and bedspreads, they always cast an already outdated Soviet style, which does not correspond to modernity. The sofa is best placed near the window in the brightest part of the room.

Working area for

Quite often you can find zoning options for the living room, where the workplace is located right here. If you need a permanent and convenient place to work, then one of the corners of the room can be your favorite zone for you. It can be separated as a beautiful decorative curtain, or a unique partition.

Such a septum may well be like an aquarium built into the wall and covering you from other thematic areas of the room, as well as a drywall or wooden wall-partition. On it you can arrange curly flowers, books, photo frames. But it is important to say that at the time of receiving guests, you are unlikely to be able to work, so a full cabinet can not be considered this area. Take into account this specificity.

TV zone

No living room can be full without modern technology. It is here that they will find a place for their application. Nothing could be better than a home theater set up for a general view of your favorite shows, movies, TV shows. A good sound, high image quality will always accompany a pleasant rest.

There is nothing better than sitting in the living room, watching football matches and world tournaments, so it's important to properly place this element. Most often have this technique in the center of the living room. In doing so, it must be installed so that while viewing both in the rest zone and in the workplace, viewing is available. It is not easy to do this, but it is possible. In the article you will find several photo examples of how this variant of living room zoning is implemented.

Nuances of zoning

Remember, dear readers, the zoning of the living room is a very difficult task, which you should think about very well. You must not allow something to be done wrong. Therefore it is important initially to properly calculate everything, take into account the scale of the room, measure the space in advance, and make no mistakes. In the living room, you can not use more than two partitions, it is extremely undesirable to combine two types of separation( curtains and partitions) in one room, it is not recommended to mix styles. It is inadmissible to turn a room into a storage place for unnecessary, unnecessary and unused things.

Photo of living room zoning