Hook for binding reinforcement

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Hook for binding reinforcement - a device that allows to reduce the laboriousness of work on joining reinforcing bars into a single two- or three-dimensional structure. Metal reinforcing cage is used for pouring monolithic concrete structures: foundation, walls, ceilings, formwork. The mating is done with a soft annealed wire having high plasticity and tensile strength.

Conventional hook design

The simplest hook for binding reinforcement is a metal rod bent at the end in the form of a hook for convenient gripping of the wire loop. The core itself has a curved shape that, in combination with the bearing built into the handle, makes it possible to rotate it quickly, whereby the wire loop wrapped around the joint is tightened, fastening the reinforcing bars.

Hook for binding reinforcement

Hook for binding reinforcement

Design of screw hook

Screw hook for binding reinforcement - a mechanized version of a conventional hook. The principle of operation is similar: due to the rotation of the hook-tip, the loop is tightened. The difference is that the rotation on the tip is transmitted through the worm gear while moving the handle of the device up and down. The speed of binding with the use of a mechanized hook is larger, its price is somewhat higher, therefore, with a large amount of work, its acquisition is expedient and will save time for binding the reinforcement.

Crochet hook

Hook for binding a screw hook

Pistol for knitting reinforcement

When building a large object made of solid concrete, the binding volumes are so large that it makes sense to purchase a gun for binding. He completely mechanizes this operation: the coil of wire is pre-filled into the gun, when the joint is tied, the gun winds the wire, tightens and twists the loop, and then cuts off the excess. The consumption of wire with this method of knitting is somewhat higher, but the tension of the wire is uniform. The speed of work is much higher than when knitting with a simple hook. Pistol for knitting is an expensive tool, so its purchase and application are suitable only for large amounts of work.

Pistol for mating reinforcement

Pistol for mating armature

Hook for tying the armature with your own hands

To build a foundation of a small house or formwork, you do not have to spend money on buying a tool, you can make a hook yourself. You can take a handle from the paint roller and bend it at the desired angle, the end is slightly sharpened and shaped like a hook. To mechanize the process, it is possible to produce a rod of the necessary shape from a rod, a welding electrode or a long nail and fix an improvised nozzle in a screwdriver.

Assembling technology

The wire is cut to lengths of about 40 cm, folded in half in the form of a loop. Prepared wire forward loop is wound at the intersection of the reinforcement and lifted up, loose ends are thrown over and hooked over the loop. Under the resulting strapping hook a hook and rotate it so that the wire forms a twist and pulls the reinforcing bars.

For particularly important joints, the wire can be loosely wrapped around the intersection of the reinforcement several times, and then twist the resulting loop in the same way.

A sample of connected reinforcement with a hook

A sample of associated reinforcement with the


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