Water heated floor by own hands

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Thanks to technology such as warm floor, the overall temperature in the rooms and the comfort of a person rises at times. Warm floors are electric and water. Consider in this article the installation of a water floor.


  1. Advantages of installing the water floor with your own hands
  2. Step-by-step instruction for installing the water floor
  3. Surface preparation
  4. Warming the floor base
  5. Calculating and distributing the pipes
  6. Installing the water floor
  7. Installing the water-heated floor yourself

The most commonly installed water-heated floor is where it ismost is needed. For example, in the children's room or in the bathroom. For the health of the child, warming the floor is one of the most important conditions, since children constantly play on it with their favorite toys and run barefoot until parents see it, and in the bathroom this technology will not catch cold after bath procedures. If you hear about such technology for the first time, then the photo of the device of the water-heated floor can be viewed on our website.

Advantages of installing the water floor with your own hands

The technology of floor heating has many advantages. First, you can install a water-heated floor with your own hands under the tile, parquet, laminate and under any other finishing material. This makes it possible to improve the living conditions for each person.

Secondly, it's easy to mount a water-heated floor with your own hands, because everything you need to know can be found in this article. The main thing is to follow the instructions clearly and use good materials.

Step-by-step instruction for installing the water floor

Before proceeding to reading this part of the article, carefully familiarize yourself with the video installation of the water-heated floor with your own hands on our website. It will help you to more clearly navigate the information and will make the work much faster.

If you decide to install a water-heated floor in a private house or apartment, then you need, first of all, to purchase the necessary materials:

  • Mortar for screeding and leveling the floor;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Damper belt;
  • Foamed polyethylene;
  • Insulation materials;
  • The very system of a warm floor.

Surface preparation

At this stage, you need to dismantle the old screed, and then carefully level the surface horizontally. Next, we lay a layer of waterproofing and fix the damper belt, which will compensate for the thermal expansion during heating.

Thermal insulation of the floor of the

So that the heat that will go from the heating system does not go down, it is necessary to warm the floor base well. If you plan to use a warm floor as a supplement to the main heating system of a private house, foam polyethylene can be used to insulate the surface. If you install the system in an apartment, you can use sheets of expanded polystyrene from 20 to 100 mm in thickness. On the heater is installed reinforcing mesh, on which it will be possible to attach the pipes of the warm floor themselves.

Calculation and distribution of pipes

At this stage it is important to create a plan for placing pipes in the room. To do this, you need a good scheme of water-heated floor, which can be found in the article or calculated on its own. To calculate the number of pipes and their distribution, it is important to know: the power of the boiler of the underfloor heating system, the size of the room, the diameter of the pipes, the type of floor covering, and the type of insulation of the room.

The pipes of the underfloor heating system are usually installed with a "snake", as in the photo, which achieves the maximum result. The most common step during the laying of pipes is from 10 to 30 cm. Also at this stage a collector is installed, which is placed in a special cabinet. The collection cabinet can be mounted in a wall or hidden in furniture.

Installation of the water floor

Normally installation and laying of a water-heated floor with your own hands begins with fastening of installation profiles that have special socket for pipes. It is very important not to squeeze the pipes during laying, because the system simply will not work and will lead to damage to your property.

The ends of the pipes must be brought to the collector and connected with the Eurocone system. When pipe laying is completed, it is necessary to diagnose and start the system for testing. If all goes well, you can pour concrete screed and mount the floor covering. Of course, you first need to wait for the screed to dry completely.

Thus, to install a water-heated floor in the bathroom, in the nursery, in the bath or in the bedroom can be very quickly and at minimal cost. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions and follow the recommendations of specialists! We sincerely hope that we were able to answer your question, how to make a warm water floor with your own hands.

Video mounting of water-heated floor with own hands

Video installation of water-heated floor in a private house:

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