How to build a laminate with your own hands

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Recently, laminate floors are very popular. Their advantages are obvious: aesthetic appearance, relatively low cost of material, high speed of installation. We bring to your attention an extensive guide with photos and videos about how how to build a laminate with their own hands .Observing all the recommendations and adhering to the described technology, you can easily perform the laying of the laminate no worse than an experienced master.


  1. Preparing for laying
  2. Preparing the base
  3. Materials and tools
  4. Video how to build a laminate with your own hands

Preparing for laying

To ensure that your floor remains flat for a long time, we strongly recommend the following installation conditions:

  1. Before laying a laminate,leave it indoors for 36-48 hours. This time is needed to adapt the material to the microclimate of the room, to its humidity and temperature regime. Thus, after laying the boards do not deform and do not change the dimensions.
  2. Check the flatness of the floor surface with a level or meter rule. If the base is too crooked, perform the primary leveling of the floor.
  3. Pay special attention to the rigidity of the floor. Before laying the laminate on a wooden floor with creak and bends, perform an additional leveling of the surface.
  4. When buying laminate, pay attention to the safety of the factory packaging - it must be tightly sealed and without any damage or chips at the corners.
  5. Laminate, like other building materials made of wood, does not withstand excessive exposure to moisture. So, in a bathroom or a sauna it can not be used. Today, manufacturers offer several moisture-resistant models of this floor covering that can be used in the kitchen or in the hallway. To prevent moisture from entering the joints and locks, they are treated with a special hermetic.

Substrate preparation

It has already been mentioned above that laminate installation requires special preparation of the surface. You can lay it on:

  1. concrete screed;
  2. the floor is made of wood;
  3. linoleum;
  4. ceramic tiles;

Detailed information on how to lay a laminate on concrete you will find by clicking on the link. This kind of laying is considered one of the easiest. At the time, how to lay a laminate on linoleum is problematic enough. Choose which base preparation is required in your case, and read the detailed description of all the processes in the relevant articles.

Materials and tools

For correct and high-quality laying of the laminate, you need to have at hand such tool kit :

  • Tools for marking: square, tape measure, pencil;
  • Hammer. It is used for the density of docking panels. Strikes are applied only through a special gasket, which protects the material from damage.
  • Special set - you can buy it in any construction shop. It includes spacer wedges, staples, patterns, designed for the correct laying of the laminate.
  • Electric jigsaw. It is used for sawing laminate. If you can not buy such a tool for you - replace it with a little nail file.
  • Before you properly lay the laminate yourself, buy all the necessary components - plinths, corners for them, piping, nails, flexible profile.

The preparatory stage is almost finished. You have to agree a few more nuances. For example, in which direction to lay a laminate. Practice three types of laying: in the direction of the window, along the diagonal of the room and even perpendicularly.

A detailed description of the installation process itself can be found in video just below in this article.

Video how to build a laminate with your own hands

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