Electric underfloor heating: installation and installation, installation of cable electric floor, technology of the device and how to mount

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Electric floor heating has a long service life and good functionality Electrical floor heating has a long service life and good functionality Electrical floor is installed in rooms where it is impossible to use a more efficient heating option. Installation of a warm floor is considered quite simple, so you can do the work yourself, giving up workers. The electrical floor is a reliable cable system that can perform the function of both heating the floor and the entire room. The heating sections consist of shielded cables, isolated and securely fixed. The part that helps to heat the entire system is hidden. This allows you to get rid of unnecessary elements in interior design and increase the area. Covering the electric warm floor can be varied: from marble to carpet. This kind of floor does not dry the air, and can be laid in any room, with absolutely any moisture. This number of advantages makes such a floor the most popular on the market than any other heating system. How to install an electric floor, the features of installation and laying further in the article.

            • Underfloor heating options
    • Underfloor heating and surface preparation
    • Underfloor heating: basic errors
    • Cable floor heating: main installation instructions
    • Electric underfloor heating system: structure and composition
    • What is an electrical floor heating( video)

Underfloor heating options

Installation begins with selecting the method by which the floor can be mounted and correspondingX this occupation of tools. The main thing to remember is that it is necessary to strictly follow the instruction consisting of useful advice, which should not be neglected, and before you lay the floor, it is worth familiarizing with it.

Before installing the floor heating, the base must be leveled and the debris removed Before installing the floor heating, the base must be leveled and the debris cleared.

Mounting options:

  1. Mounted in a screed, and then laid on the floor. This option will be acceptable for bathroom, kitchen or living room. The basis of the whole system consists of waterproofing and insulation.
  2. Insulated floors are laid over the screed. This option is acceptable in cases where there is a floor below where there is a warm room. Before similar packing, it is necessary to read the instruction.
  3. Laying under the floor. For this type of installation, infrared is recommended. On the laid insulation are installed electroelements and then cover it all with a floor covering. Option, when there is no desire to long tinker with the floor, I want to quickly connect everything, mount and continue to live.

The device of an electric floor is similar to a water one, so preparation for installation and installation itself are not very different. The only difference is in the availability of the cable, the need for its installation and adjustment.

Underfloor heating and surface preparation

Before installation, it is necessary to prepare the surface on which the electric floor is laid. Remove old screed, vacuum and primed loose surface. After it is installed a waterproofing layer, which hits the wall by about 5 cm and is fixed with a damper belt.

Underfloor heating:

  • If the floor itself is warm, you can limit yourself to foamed polyethylene and a reflective foil coating;
  • If the apartment is not heavily heated, then sheets of durable insulation are used;
  • Unheated rooms are insulated with a thick and solid insulating sheet in 100 mm or mineral wool, a similar layer.

To properly lay the warm floor, it is worthwhile to preview the training video To correctly lay the warm floor, it is worthwhile to preview the training video

To keep the heat, the floor base is trying to isolate from external influences. This isolation depends on the size of the room, its purpose and for what purpose the room is insulated. It compensates for the expansion of the floor when heated. Later, the waterproofing layer is cut, and the tape itself.

A reinforcing mesh element is always placed on top of the heater, which can then be attached to the cables during installation.

This type of work is done only after plastering the walls and is a "clean" construction work. The floor is prepared using a spatula and a solvent. It is moistened with water and cleaned with a brush from all construction debris.

Installing a floor heating: basic errors

One of the most likely errors that are allowed when installing a warm electric floor is the installation error. They are due to poor worker qualifications, poor cable quality or failure to comply with the instructions.

The most common mistakes when installing a warm floor:

  1. Counting is not just a floor space, namely the surface area not occupied by furniture. Why lay the cable, heating the floor, under the sofa?Extra expense of electricity and money.
  2. Most cables can not be cut. Accordingly, when buying a cable, you need to know exactly the required length.
  3. Switch on the cable, before pouring and drying the floor screed, absolutely prohibited!It can spoil it.
  4. Wash the floor. Before laying the cable, it is necessary to remove the surface on which heated floors are installed. It is best vacuumed.

Do not block the temperature sensor. In the event of any part failing, it can not be pulled out later and set up. These are more likely installation errors, which are best known in advance.

On the warm floor does not need to apply too thick a layer of solution Do not apply a too thick layer of mortar to the warm floor

For the future, it is necessary to save the scheme according to which the floor is laid. This can be useful, for example, for drilling.

If you follow all the instructions and cautions, you can greatly simplify the work with the floor using electric heating. And this means you do not have to spend money on repairs or purchasing new tools and protect your health.

Cable floor heating: the main installation rules

Regardless of the type of flooring, the installation options are very similar to each other. For example, laying using a heating cable will not be much different from stacking another type. But their nuances and features are present.

Basic installation rules:

  1. Determines the location for the temperature control device. At a certain point, make a hole for the thermoregulation device and the wires and tools it needs. There is also installed a conductor, which helps to connect the sensors.
  2. A surface is being prepared for installation of a thermal floor. It is necessary to level the surface, clean the debris and lay the material for thermal insulation. The sections that are responsible for the heating are laid on top and fixed.
  3. Electro-cable warm floor has the ability to select a certain distance between its elements in order to independently choose the degree of heating. By the way, near the cold wall, you can increase this step, for its greatest warming.
  4. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to connect all the wires and the circuit must be edited with real dimensions. Install the sensor. In order to protect it from heat, it is necessary to install a tube of corrugation, it will reliably protect both the sensor and the wire.
  5. The heating cable allows the proximity of the sensors in the tube and the wiring, which is carried out before testing the operation of the electro-floor.

Cable floor heating can be installed both throughout the room and in a certain area Cable floor heating can be installed both throughout the room and in a specific area

To each floor, a passport is attached when purchasing, specifying its characteristics, for example, the thickness or impedance data of all circuits and sensors. Once the data obtained by trial and error, coincide with the data of the passport, then proceed to pour the floor. After the required amount of time is established, the finish coat.

The floor itself is not connected before the primer dries.

The technology of installing a warm electric floor with cables is very simple and you can do it yourself. The main thing is to know how the structure is constructed, and then the electric power will rejoice for many years.

Electric floor heating device: structure and composition

The room must be insulated from drafts, otherwise this work will only bring losses when paying for electricity. Heating elements must be installed only if there is thermal insulation. This is the standard of safety, and it depends not only on health, but also on the lives of people in the room. Also, thermal insulation helps to reduce the consumption of thermal energy and its escape into the atmosphere.

How is the cable electrical floor:

  1. The cable itself is located on the thermal insulation layer and is attached to it with a mounting tape.
  2. Between the cable snakes the sensors are packed, packed in corrugated tubes. They allow you to record the temperature change.
  3. The sensor tube is sealed. If the sensor breaks, it is the integrity of the seal that helps to restore or remove it.

Before buying a warm electric floor it is worth reading reviews about the selected manufacturer Before buying a warm electric floor, it is worth reading the reviews of the selected manufacturer

All the elements listed above are poured with a screed made of cement and sand. The formation of voids is unacceptable. On top of the floor covering. All this device is controlled by means of a thermostat mounted in a wall with wires connected to the power cable of the electrical panel, heating elements and temperature sensors.

To hide all wiring, it is built into a wall or covered by any available methods.

The floor, heated by electricity, also has drawbacks, for example, increasing the consumed electricity, which will accordingly increase the monthly payment. There is a possibility of getting an electric shock, so it's worth puzzling about the possibility of grounding, you will have to abandon the wooden flooring, because the tree is cracked when exposed to heat.

What is an electric floor heating( video)

Very weighty arguments towards disadvantages, but each chooses which sacrifices to go for. Moreover, if you take care of eliminating shortcomings in time, these shortcomings will not at all affect the enjoyment that the warm floor will bring to the whole family.

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