What can be done from the old washing machine: from the engine, motor or tank, brazier from the washing machine

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What can I do from an old washing machine
  • What spare parts can I use?
  • Concrete mixer

What is usually done with an obsolete household appliance? There can be many options. Someone simply takes the old unit to the nearest garbage container, someone - to the dacha or to the garage, in the hope that "maybe, it will come in handy."Still it is possible to address in the firm specializing on export of the large-sized equipment - such organizations in any large city of hundred.

However, there is another way to solve the problem, which many for some reason forget. Old, non-repairable household appliances can give a new life. The craftsmen make original and functional things out of idle refrigerators, electric stoves and washing machines. In this article, we will tell you what crafts can be made from an old styralka. Do not rush to get rid of the disabled assistant, let her bring you benefits in her new incarnation.

Sconce from an old washing machine
A table from the tank of an old washing machine
A table from the tank of an old washing machine

What spare parts can I use?

The washing machine is a complex device consisting of a huge number of elements, most of which can be found useful. In the case, you can start almost any part from the sealed case and ending with the drum. Most often, the following parts are on handicrafts: the

  • engine( motor) - if it is functional, it can form the basis of a new device;
  • drum - high-quality metal is always useful in the farm;
  • hatch door - shockproof glass is also useful in everyday life thing;
  • body - this part can come up with some interesting application;
  • various small parts: springs, counterweights, clamps, bearings, electric wires - all this will fit for various household needs, especially in skillful hands.
Crafts from an old washing machine

Concrete mixer

It is possible to make a compact concrete mixer from an old cylindrical washing machine, popularly called "barrel", and use it for domestic use. The device is quite complicated, so to make it it is necessary to have at least elementary knowledge of electrical engineering and plumbing.

First you need to remove the activator from the washing machine. Instead, we will install blades that will mix the concrete. Blades need to be cut and welded from a metal sheet( best if it becomes).The blades must have a U-shape and a thickness of about 0.4-0.5 cm;between them it is necessary to observe a right angle.

Then we weld the blades to the shaft to the place where the activator used to be. After this, it is necessary to decide whether we will leave the old engine or produce a new one. If you plan to mix small portions of the solution, then the engine should not be changed. If the volume of the portion is sufficiently large, it is more expedient to install the engine more powerfully. Also do not forget to put instead of the belt gear reducer, which will reduce the speed and increase the torque.

Concrete mixer from an old washing machine


Another useful in the home appliance, in which you can convert the stylalk - is a juicer. True, it will be very large and take up a lot of space. Only old models of semi-automatic washing machines with activator motors are suitable for converting into a juicer.

The principle of operation will be the same as in the previous case: we take out the activator and put in its place self-made knives that will grind fruits and vegetables. The knives must be sharp, so do not forget to sharpen them before installation.

Next, you need to work on the shaft: we put on it thread, put on the knives, fix them with suitable fasteners. After that, we seal the drain and put a metal grid with small cells inside the centrifuge. First the raw material will be ground in a tank, and then - to wring out in a centrifuge.

Crafts from an old washing machine
Juicer from the tank of an old washing machine

Sterilizer for preservation

An irreplaceable thing in the country is a sterilizer for cans. You will be surprised, but it can also be made from a washing machine. The process of preparation of jam and pickles will become faster, because in such an aggregate you can sterilize several cans at once.

So, to make a sterilizer out of an unnecessary stick, you need:

  • to put a plug in the activator hole;
  • mount on the bottom of the support;
  • on the support to put a metal mesh for jars;
  • drill a hole for the boiler in the tank;
  • connect the boiler to 2 kV.


If the washing machine motor is in good order, you can make a grinding machine for knives and garden tools from it. In addition to the engine itself, we will need a grinding wheel. In addition, prepare the base for the machine - for this purpose a thick wooden dovetail is perfect.

On the shaft you need to put the adapter on which the grinding and cutting wheels will be installed. On the base of the machine will be fixed by means of two pairs of metal brackets. The switch for the device can be borrowed from the same washing machine.

If you plan to use the cutting machine, you can also install an edging wheel on it.

Grinder from an old washing machine
Grinder from an old washing machine

Scissor machine

A scraper is a device that allows you to quickly pinch carcasses of poultry. If you breed chickens, ducks, turkeys or other birds, this device will be very useful for you. However, to make it yourself, you have to spend. The main equipment: rubber finger-pins are quite expensive. In addition, for each bird species, "fingers" of different diameters are needed, since the size of the feather in different breeds can vary significantly.

Order of work:

  • we make a disk made of steel( thickness - 0.3 cm, diameter - minus 1 cm from the diameter of the tank);
  • drill holes in the disk for "fingers"( the distance between them should be approximately 3 cm);
  • drill the same holes on the sides of the tank, retreating from the bottom of 15 cm;
  • install the disk with the "fingers" in it on the shaft;
  • we insert perosemnye fingers into the holes drilled in the tank.
A scraper from an old washing machine

On how the scissor car works, see the next video.

Ideas for giving

Where do unnecessary things usually go? Of course, to the country. Surely most of us are collecting dusty old sticks in the attic or in the barn. Instead of cluttering up their place, the unit can be adapted for any household needs and make, for example, a washbasin.

Washbasin - what to do from an old washing machine

Consider other options.


It is not known who was the first to think of making a brazier from the drum of a washing machine, but this idea was quickly picked up by many summer residents. The idea is really successful - the grill turns out to be durable, comfortable and compact. For the production of drums, high-quality metal is used which tolerates moisture well, changes in temperature, and does not corrode.

The drum must be removed from the tank and installed on the legs. For these purposes, it is possible to adjust metal rods or thin, sturdy pipes - something of this is certain to be found in the suburban area. A suitable piece of metal should be cut into equal parts, and then gently weld them to the bottom of the drum.

Brazier from an old washing machine
Brazier from an old washing machine

The brazier, which can be made from an old washing machine, you can see in the next video.


To taste delicious meat in nature, you can use not only brazier, but also a grill. It can also be made from a washing machine( namely from its tank), but for this you will have to purchase a suitable motor in terms of size and power.

From the bottom of the tank you need to cut a small piece - its dimensions should be ¼ or slightly less from the entire tank value. Then in the side part - where there was a drum bearing - drill a hole into which then install the motor. The grill will heat up the coals, and the spit will rotate with the help of the engine.

Grill from an old washing machine


One can not forget about another incredibly tasty way of cooking meat and fish - hot smoked. The device, which allows smoking on the cottage site, can also be made from spare parts of an unnecessary washing machine.

The basis of our smokehouse is the drum. Preliminary, it is necessary to muffle all the holes in it. You can brew them, but it will be faster to wrap the drum with a thin metal sheet. In the drum, you need to cut the door( if a vertical racket has gone into action, then the door in the right place is already available).

At the top of the tank, cut or drill a hole through which smoke will exit. For meat we install a metal grill inside the tank.

Smokehouse from an old washing machine
Smokehouse from an old washing machine

Furniture from spare parts for

For those who do not need homemade equipment and cooking equipment, you can advise letting parts of the disassembled washing machine to make original furniture or storage space. The body and the drum are best for the embodiment of design ideas. For information on how to refresh the interior with an old washing machine, see below.

Coffee table

You can make an unusual high-tech coffee table from the drum of an old washing machine. Thanks to the features of the source material, it will turn out to be very durable, but easy, and will last for many years.

For the basis of the table we take the drum from the stylalki-automaton;so that the product looks more impressive, give it shine with a special cleaner. As a countertop we take a suitable piece of tempered glass. Fix it on the drum using long fasteners. The table is ready!

What can I do from an old washing machine - a table
What can I do from an old washing machine - a table

The table can be made and using the body of the washing machine.

Table from the body of the washing machine

Puffs from the drum

Another interesting piece of furniture that can be made from a drum of a conventional stylalk is a pouf that can simultaneously serve as a box for things. To make it we need: the drum itself, a dense foam pad in a bright pillowcase, a sheet of chipboard, a construction stapler and a pair of furniture loops.

Cut out the piece from the sheet of the chipboard, which will play the role of the pivot hinged cover. It can be either round or square, depending on the shape of the pillow. Then, using a stapler, fix the pillow on the lid. Then hang the lid on the furniture loops to the top of the drum. To make our ottoman look more aesthetic, you can paint it with acrylic paints.

Crafts from an old washing machine - pouf
Crafts from an old washing machine - an ottoman
Crafts from an old washing machine - an ottoman
Crafts from an old washing machine - an ottoman

Door of the hatch as a window

Another detail of the washing machine, which can be found in unusual applications, is the hatch door. Many use it as a window - but only in non-residential buildings. The fact is that a thick, sturdy glass hatch passes light well, but it's hard to make out anything through it. Therefore, it is often put in baths, street toilets, garages and even in dog shelters. Additional plus - this window does not allow water to pass through and is easily opened for ventilation.

A window from the hatch of an old washing machine

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