Design of white kitchen

The white kitchen looks always luxurious, in whatever style the interior solution has been made. It is always an impression of purity, aesthetics, freshness and spaciousness. The design of the white kitchen is like a clean sheet for the designer. You can experiment with it as much as you like. You can leave it pure white with chrome details in the techno style, you can scatter bright color accents in the Art Nouveau style. The design of the kitchen in white color leaves room for fantasy flight: it is almost impossible to destroy its uniqueness and originality.


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Design options

Kitchen design in white colors allows using any shades to create a single harmonious composition. Any decor, decorations, furniture will look stylish and superb on this background. This color expands the space, adds depth and lightness to the smallest room. Morning in a light kitchen is a charge of cheerfulness and energy for the whole day. With the help of color, you can create an interior design in any style: from classics to the avant-garde, from the chic chic to high-tech. Glass, chrome and white color - you get the elegance of modernity, wood and textiles - chic classics.

Fully designed white glossy kitchen can look elegant, but a bit boring. You can diversify the interior with a variety of textures - smooth, matte, convex, relief. Tile or apron on the walls may not necessarily be of a monochromatic color: it will look good imitation for wood, leather, stone, etc. Kitchen with parquet or laminate on the floor and decorative or interior elements under the tree will make the kitchen warm and comfortable. You can diversify the color range with the help of bright textiles: blinds, tablecloths, pillows on chairs. You can put beautiful chairs of bright colors, hang a group of colorful lamps, arrange bouquets with field and garden flowers - there are a lot of options.

A beautiful kitchen design with a white suite can be created using IKEA kitchen furniture. Stylish, ergonomic, comfortable furniture is assembled for all shapes and sizes of kitchen facilities. The design of a white classic kitchen does not have to be exclusively monochrome. Weight shades of this color can give liveliness to the interior: ivory, cream, milk, cream, melted. In this kitchen, furniture from wood in classical style looks good, table tops from MDF or marble, glass, decorative ornaments: candlesticks, stucco molding, decorative utensils.

Kitchen design with white furniture can be decorated even with conventional door handles. Chromed and gold, silver or covered with bright plastic - they perfectly dilute the sterility of white. A stylish kitchen set with black doors will add sophistication and elegance. Black and white kitchens are one of the trendy trends of this season.

Look at the photos on this page of the site and make sure that this is the best solution for a modern apartment. If the kitchen stretch or suspended ceilings, then add a romantic mood LED strip in the niches on the perimeter of the ceiling. Built-in ceiling or wall lights can distinguish the working area, and the zone of food intake decorate a beautiful suspended chandelier.

Do not be afraid of white. It requires no more care than other shades. It is interesting even by the fact that on its basis it is possible to vary the interior: add fuchsia and orange - and the kitchen will be positive, olive - soothing, wenge - luxuriously calm.

Photo of the white kitchen design

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