Kitchen design with gas column

From the realities of modern life can not escape. Not everyone has a spacious kitchen, in which you can create any interior at will. Many Khrushchev still decorate the gas column. It is impossible to get rid of it and therefore it is necessary to specially design the kitchen with a gas column. Gas pipes and the gas column itself should be moved somewhere arhistically, so it is necessary to proceed from the conditions that already exist during the repair and re-planning.


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Interior options

The simplest and most common kitchen design in Khrushchev with a gas column provides the possibility to hide a column in the locker of the kitchen set. Usually such a locker is made to order. It should not have a back wall, a bottom and a top cover. If you still made a bottom and a cover with slots, you need to ensure the presence of several ventilation holes. And in everything else, this locker perfectly integrates into the kitchen set and does not violate the integrity of any kitchen interior. The cabinet can be angular - in this case it ergonomically fits into the design of even the smallest kitchen with a gas column.

Modern gas units already have little in common with the explosive, dimensional technology of the past. They are aesthetic, stylish looking and very convenient to manage. You can install a gas column made in any color shades. Chromed ergonomic fascinating with its unusual appearance the gas unit perfectly fits into the design of a small kitchen and without any locker. Interiors in the Art Nouveau style, techno, loft, minimalism will only benefit from such a device in the kitchen. In any case, the column can always be colored, decorated, painted in any color to your liking. For fans of the ethnos, it can be painted even in the style of Palekh painting or gzhel.

Of course, to fit into the kitchen design area of ​​6 m the gas column may seem complicated, so the most common option is just a column placed between two lockers. With this arrangement, you need to pay attention to the fire safety of equipment. Just like the gas stove, the walls of adjacent lockers should be glued with a layer of fireproof material, and the gap between the column and the lockers should be at least 3 cm. The column can be simply decorated with decorative elements: stickers, magnets and other joys of the kitchen.

When creating a small kitchen design with a column, as in the photo, it is necessary to take into account that it is necessary to hide not only the column, but also communications leading to it. These are pipes, pipes and hoses. Stroblit wall and vmurovyvat there communications can not, because they must be provided free access. Once a year, gas equipment must be inspected and maintained.

To solve this problem, many manufacturers sell equipment already equipped with protective overhead ducts that are mounted over the wall and look rather aesthetically pleasing. The boxes can be easily removed and reassembled if necessary. In the absence of those in the kit, they can be picked up and bought in construction hypermarkets. If the house has trimmed debris, the box can be made from plasterboard, plywood or plastic. In the photo to this article you can see the most elegant variants of the design solutions for the kitchen of breeches and Khrushchev's with a column.

Photo of kitchen design with gas column

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