Design of the hall in the apartment

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The central place of any housing is the hall. This room is the business card of the owners of the house. Here all the members of the family spend a lot of time, and they also receive their guests. Therefore, developing the design of the hall with your own hands, you need to consider the multifunctionality of the hall.


  1. Zoning
  2. Furniture in the hall
  3. Lighting
  4. Design of the hall walls
  5. Photo of the hall design in the apartment

We must carefully think over all the nuances of the interior and take into account some of the features of this room in the apartment.

  1. The color scheme.
  2. Assignment of functional areas.
  3. Lighting the hall.
  4. The configuration of the room.
  5. Selection and arrangement of furniture.
  6. Decorative elements and curtains.


The division of the hall into zones is possible with sufficient space in the apartment. A large living room is more often divided into a recreation area and a dining room. It is divided into zones with furniture and lighting. If the area of ​​the room is small, then it is not worth it to divide it into zones. Furniture for such a room is chosen convenient and functional.

Sometimes the kitchen and the hall are combined into one room and divided into zones using a bar counter or in another way. Taking into account the functional purpose of each part of the hall, furniture is chosen, as well as lighting for each zone and color.

Furniture in the hall

The main element of interior design of the hall is furniture. A sofa, armchairs, shelves, a closet, a technique is placed in a recreation area. Arrange pieces of furniture approximately, as in the photo, so that they do not interfere with free movement around the room so that you can freely approach the window and the balcony. The TV is located in a place where everyone can see it. Add and decorate the modern design of the hall in the apartment can be by installing an aquarium or a fireplace. A dining table, chairs are placed in the dining area and the lighting here should be bright. When arranging furniture, the main thing is to observe the norm: the room should not be overloaded with an abundance of pieces of furniture, but it should not suppress its unfilledness.


The lighting in the hall is equipped with the following parameters:

  • light directivity;
  • brightness of lighting;
  • intensity;
  • color transmission;
  • daylight;
  • glare.

Designing a hall design in an apartment, all of the above should be skillfully combined. In the living room, the general and local lighting device performs zoning, and also creates more comfortable conditions for recreation. Individuality of the interior can be emphasized, as in the photo, by combining scattered and reflected light. The most popular now is the creation of multi-level lighting. When installing luminaires, you must exclude direct light from the TV screen and computer monitor. The organization of the hall lighting depends on the general style in the interior of the room. If the design of the room is made in the style of minimalism, modern or hi-tech, then the best way to fit such a room is spotlights. With Baroque, Empire, Provence or classical style, great importance is given to the shape and materials of the luminaires, as well as to the method of installation.

Design of the walls of the hall

In any interior, the design of the walls of the hall is important. Skillful application of colors and their combinations will not only add to the beauty of the living room, but will also correct some of the disadvantages of the room.

  1. The light tone of the walls and the dark ceiling visually expand the room.
  2. The light color of the walls and the darker floor visually increase the area of ​​the room.
  3. The dark color of one wall and the lighter one increase the depth of the hall.
  4. The uniform light colors of the floor, ceiling and wall surfaces give the room volume.
  5. Cold tone enliven the interior. Cold colors are called blue, violet, blue and their shades.

Adjust the living room space with the help of wall decoration and window decoration. The height of the ceiling is visually reduced by gluing the walls with wallpaper, having a horizontal pattern, and gluing a curb under the ceiling. Wallpapers with a vertical pattern make the ceiling higher. When creating an interior in the hall, you need to pay attention to curtains, furniture upholstery and other details made of fabric. They should fit organically into the overall design of the hall in the apartment.

Photo of the hall design in the apartment

In our photo gallery you will find a lot of beautiful photo ideas and stylistic solutions that can design you a unique design of the hall in the apartment.

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