Corrugated and straight PVC pipes for electrical wiring

Qualitative advantages of using PVC pipes for the installation of electrical wiring


Pipes made of PVC, when used in wiring installation, can eliminate the above problems. Specific characteristics of these pipe systems are the features of the pvc material. This material is obtained under laboratory conditions with additional chlorination of vinyl chloride, which gives it additional properties. This substance, in the first place, is distinguished by high fire safety. In the absence of direct contact with an open fire, the material does not burn, does not melt or drip. In addition, corrugated and straight PVC pipes for wiring are characterized by high ductility and, at the same time, high strength.

The use of PVC piping in the installation of the electrical network in the room gives a number of positive moments:

  • Pvc pipes are much cheaper than steel pipes.
  • The weight of this type of tubular product is very small, which eliminates the additional load on their fixation points, as well as on the fasteners themselves.
  • One of the most important characteristics of a PVC pipe is its durability. If you follow all the technical recommendations for installation, as well as with proper maintenance, it can last about fifty years.
  • Condensation is not collected on the outer surface of the PVC pipe sheathing. This is one of the factors greatly increasing fire safety.
  • The surface of the pipe is visually aesthetically attractive. This allows you not to spend additional efforts on its decorative processing or masking.
  • When working with PVC pipes, no toxic substances are released. This highlights the high environmental friendliness of this material.

Corrugated and straight PVC pipes for wiring: mounting features of

The main feature of mounting this type of pipe is its ease. When working with this material, in the process of building electrical communications inside or outside the premises, it takes a minimum of time and effort. This material is easily divided into the necessary components, and is also easily connected by means of existing connecting devices. Replacement of damaged parts also takes minimal amount of manual labor. With the help of these pipes, the wiring can be laid under plaster or inside concrete blocks. Also, electric wires can be carried out in a street environment to supply power to lighting and other appliances located outside the premises.


Some recommendations for the operation of PVC pipes for the installation of electrical wiring

  • It is not necessary to lay several lines of electrical wires in one pipe in order to avoid increasing fire hazard( a spark in a short circuit easily spills from one wire to another in a confined space).
  • Contact of pipe lines and sharp corners should be avoided for the same reason - even a small layer of air, or better - non-combustible building materials is capable of securing communications.
  • Increasing the length of communication is better by using specialized transit boxes that are made of the same material and have similar properties.

Thus, the article showed that corrugated and straight PVC pipes for electrical wiring are an indispensable material for the installation and adjustment of electrical networks inside or outside the premises. They not only help maintain order in the electricity supply network, but also enhance the security of communications.