20 best ideas for disguising the wires in the apartment

Mask cords that go around the room is quite simple. The main thing is to make a little fantasy, using improvised means and some design tricks. Then we will proceed as follows - we will analyze separately how to hide the wires from the TV, computer and even lamps on the wall!
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  • Lamps

TV and internet

Hide from eyes network cable and TV wires going around the room is not difficult. It is best to use a special electrical skirting board, which will go through the whole house to the bedroom or hall. If you do not want to buy a new plinth, you can gently disguise a bunch of wires using special designer pieces, like a fence, as in the photo below:

Hide unnecessary behind the plinth

In order not to drag the internet cable from the front door to the bedroom, it is recommended to install a Wi-fi router at the entrance to the apartment(in the corridor).In this case, the connection to the network will be wireless and you will not have to pull the cable between the rooms, thro

ugh the doorways and sills.

In addition, you can hide the TV wires in the cable channel, which is quite simply fixed to the wall with screws. To date, there are many types of cable channels that will fit the color not only in a conventional apartment, but also in a wooden house.

Using the cable channel

If the repair is already done, then the best solution will be the use of decor elements - beautiful clips that will decorate the wires from the hinged TV, going along the floor and the wall. An example of this method of solving the problem can also be seen on the photo:

Designer clips for fastening cords

If you want to hide the cords from the TV during the repair, we recommend to make a special niche for them in the drywall or vice versa, to assemble the box:

In order not to shroud the walls, you can hide the TV and Internet cable inplinth, if you make it as shown in this video:

How to carefully remove the cable?
YouTube Trailer

Well, the last way is to grasp the groove behind the plasma in the wall and let the electric wires run through it. However, this is the most time-consuming option, which should be avoided. Imagine that the TV needs to be hung on another wall, you'll have to think again how to hide the antenna cable.

As for the rest of home appliances - air conditioner, music center or even a home theater, with the help of the above ideas you can disguise the hanging wires using the same technique. The cable from the air conditioner is most often hidden in the cable channel, and from the home theater, the wires are allowed over the plinth, fixed with special clips.


Computer wires very much spoil the interior of the room and if a little fantasy, you can hide them pretty beautiful.

Cable decoration with beads

The first idea is to disguise all cords from the monitor, the system unit and the modem under the table top, fixing them with clips using self-tapping screws or double-sided scotch. This idea was clearly demonstrated in the photo sample:

Fastening under the table top

Another simple way to hide all the extra under the table top you can see in this video lesson:

How to remove unnecessary cords from the "company"?

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Do not want to spoil the table? You can hide the wires from computer equipment in the box from under the shoes, originally decorating it under the bedroom interior.

Extension cord in a box

The idea of ​​saving space on the table

How to make such a box with your own hands, you can find out by watching this video:

What can a shoe box be useful for?

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In addition, the original idea is the purchase of a special cover for the extension cord, which is quite simply attached to the cover of the desk.

Carrying case

If you are hampered by a cord from the speakers, it can easily be hidden in a suitable cover that is attached to the back of the table.

Idea for home

All excess cords, including charging, can be beautifully removed from the table, using ordinary clips, as in the picture below:

How can I use paper clips?

Another idea is to pass the whole bunch of wires through the hose. In this case, the chaos under the table will hide in one single shell, which will not spoil the interior of the room or even the office.

Original use of hose

Using all these tips, you can disguise the electrical wires and make the workplace more accurate. Nothing difficult is to just put the cords and cables in a box or fasten under the table! In addition to the fact that you in this way will put things in order on the computer desk, so also camouflage allows you to protect cords from dogs and cats who like to gnaw charging, headphones, etc.

How to hide the cords at the computer desk photo


To date, more and more popular is gaining the installation of spotlights in the house or apartment. As a rule, there are more than 4 spots on the ceiling, therefore there are a lot of wires for connecting them. To hide excess from the eye can be in several ways, depending on what the ceiling is in the room. The easiest way is if the ceiling is tensioned, becausein this case, you can disguise the wires with the most ceiling film. If the ceiling is drywall, you can hide the wiring only under the sheets of GKL, inside the frame.

If all the wiring from the chandelier is hidden in the case of the lamp, then the cord for connecting the sconce is a little more difficult to hide. If the wall is bare, you can decoratively hide the hanging wire by building it and making a picture on the wall. An example of such an idea can be seen on the photo:

Unusual connection of the luminaire

Decorative decoration of the wall

How to decorate a wall?

If you are thinking about how to hide wires from sconces during repair, it is best to make a wall shutter in the wall and connect the lamp from the junction box, and not through the outlet. In this case, all the electrical wiring will hide under the plaster and wallpaper, and the interior will not be spoiled. Do you want to do without strobleniya? Then hide all the extra channels in the cable that go along the wall.

You can hide the power supply from the LED strip in a special box that is mounted under the ceiling and allows you to make a hidden LED lighting in the kitchen or in the hall.

That's all I wanted to tell about this issue. We hope that for yourself you have learned ideas how to hide the wires from the TV, computer and other home appliances, so that it was beautiful.

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