Carport for the car

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To build a canopy for your car is a good modern economical solution, thanks to which it is possible to save the vehicle from the effects of precipitation, ultraviolet rays and mechanical influences, and on the other hand - to save on building a garage. When building a carport by yourself, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances: for example, the base must withstand the weight of the car, and the supporting poles should be placed in such a way that it does not impede the car from entering the site and not interfere with the entrance / exit of the driver's and passengers' car.


  1. Schematic

  2. Assembly
  3. wood frame assembly
  4. roof device
  5. roof construction construction

construction video Construction

schematic At the beginning of the canopy construction, it is necessary to prepare drawings, mark the proposed parking lot in the suburban area, align it, remove the top layer of the ground for 30-45 cm. The most common is a concrete foundation on a gravel cushion, which can be reinforced with one or two contours of reinforcing mesh. You can use ordinary compacted gravel. Also, the parking lot of the car is laid out with pavers or tiles. When pouring the foundation, it immediately installs the embedded parts, to which the supporting pillars will be fastened. How to make a canopy for a car with your own hands, you can see the following photos.

Assembling the frame from wood

To create the simplest, lightest, lasting canopy, it is most convenient to use a wooden frame. What details will be needed for the construction of a canopy will be shown by the design drawing.

For this, you need to purchase boards from hard, solid wood. Of course, the strongest and weatherproof material is larch, which only increases its strength characteristics from the effects of moisture.

But larch is an expensive material, so for a more economical solution you can use pine or spruce boards that need more careful treatment with protective impregnations and antiseptics.

In our case, we install a canopy attached to the wall of the building. Such a structure is easier to do by yourself, because a part of the construction relies on the house. For the structure of the carcass, places for the installation of supports are marked, or they are mounted in already installed fittings. On the supports must be prepared for the grooves for mounting horizontal beams. Supports located near the wall, additionally with the help of a screwdriver are fixed to it. Supports are mounted opposite each other first on one side, then on the opposite side. The number of supports and the distance between them depends on the length of the car.

After you have verified the vertical and the alignment of the heights of the supports, you can begin laying a horizontal beam on them. Preliminary to both beams fixing parts are mounted to fix the crate at the same distance from each other.

The first beam is laid on supports in the grooves on the side of the wall and checked by level to the horizontal.

Then it is fixed to the wall and supports with anchor bolts. On the opposite side, the beam will additionally be supported by spacers( see photo), which are fixed to the supports at one end and to the beam to the other. For these works the best assistant will be a screwdriver.

The joists are laid on horizontal beams. To the beams they are fixed by fasteners.

The crossbars from the outside should extend outwards beyond the beams by 10-15 cm.

For additional strength the pairs of outer beams are joined by additional spacers.

The result should be a strong stable frame. At the end, the protruding ends of the crossbars are covered with boards.

Thoroughness and attention to detail help you build a beautiful and comfortable carport at the dacha with your own hands.

Roof device

Canopy can be covered with any roofing material: metal, polycarbonate, ondulin, profiled sheet. In our case, we stopped on the proflist.

The sheets are laid on the beams and fastened to them with screws.

To seal the joint with a wall, an aluminum strip is attached to it, and the gap between it and the wall is filled with sealant.

To prevent moisture from getting inside, the sheets are laid with an overlap and are sealed.

Construction video of the car roofing

Polycarbonate Car Canopy:

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