Construction of a house made of foam blocks

Building a house with your own hands is a process that will help to create housing according to your own plan, from the material that is most like. At the same time, the cost of funds will be minimal. If there is a possibility of using construction equipment, this will reduce the time of erection of the building. For a person who does not have a professional experience of building a house, the optimal choice for construction will be a house made of foam blocks. This material has a convenient size for its laying by a beginner, it is relatively light and cheap.


  1. Foundation
  2. Construction of walls
  3. Roof
  4. Video of building a house of foam blocks with your own hands

Let's take a step-by-step instruction for building a house with your own hands.


The construction of any house begins with a foundation. The classical version is a house with a basement below. For the construction of a basement, the first thing to do is excavation.

We start with excavation, in which the basement will be equipped. It is important to ensure a good waterproofing for the entire room, both vertical and horizontal. If the waterproofing is weak, the room will be damp, mold will start to appear, which will make it dangerous for the health of the residents.

Two-storey house made of foam blocks must have a solid foundation, for this you should make a full calculation of the loads for the selection of the scheme and materials for the construction of the basement. For a small house of foam blocks, you can use the classic solution - the floor and ceiling of the cellar are cast in place, the walls are built of pre-cast concrete blocks, the peresters are formed by iron supports.

The pit is ready, the next step is the installation of a drainage pipe, which will allow you to get rid of water. The pipe cuts into the drainage well.

At the bottom of the excavation, a formwork is constructed from wood for pouring the floor of the basement. The bottom inside the formwork is covered with special mats, which allow increasing the waterproofing and strength of the floor. Over the mats, reinforcing mesh is installed on the metal supports( grid cell 10x10 cm).Without installing the grid, the floor will be fragile and will not last long.

The construction of the house from the foam blocks continues with pouring concrete of the prepared floor of the basement. For this purpose it is desirable to use a concrete mixer with a feeding sleeve. Then concreting is a simple process, where one man drives a sleeve and pours concrete onto the net, and the second spreads the result.

The received floor is covered with a film( anticipation from flooding with rains) and is left for an exposure( about 2 weeks).On the contour of the floor is inserted a metal strip, on it will be installed a wall panel made of foam concrete. This option of obtaining walls in the basement is the most economical. Wall blocks are installed by means of a crane on the floor, they are connected with each other by steel reinforced connectors.

The next step in the construction of a house of foam blocks is the installation of supports for partitions that will hold the distributed weight of the ceiling of the basement. For supports, steel corners( sleepers) are suitable, which must be firmly integrated with the basement floor. The ceiling of the basement is filled in the same way as the floor.

The last stage of the arrangement of the basement is the external finishing with waterproofing( euroruberoid on an adhesive basis, joints are smeared with resin), heat insulation, installation of air ducts, providing light, graining the structure on the sides.

Construction of walls

The further technology of building a house from foam blocks involves the erection of direct walls from the foam block on the constructed structure( on the ceiling of the basement we spread the waterproofing).

Foam blocks are easy to lay down, you only need to monitor the level, prepare jumpers for openings and correctly put the corners of the building. The foam blocks are the load-bearing part of the wall. After their laying on top of them an insulating film is applied, and the whole house is covered with a facing brick.

The ceiling is built using a technology similar to the ceiling of the basement. Then everything is covered with a film and is kept for about 2 weeks.


The next step in the direction of how to build a house of foam blocks is the arrangement of the roof. The simplest option, which is easy to implement on its own is a classic gable roof.

Supports for the truss system can be purchased already ready-made and put on the building with a crane. Next, the beams are bundled together, the supports are installed. For waterproofing, the roofing system is covered with a hydraulic barrier( film) and the crate is packed. The budget option for a house of foam blocks with their own hands is a roof made of metal tile or another type of flexible tile.

For correct fixing of the shingles, the lathing should be stuffed taking into account the wavelength of the roofing material.

These recommendations how to make a house of foam blocks contain a photoreport.

Photo and video of the construction process will help to better represent the full scope of work.

Video of building a house of foam blocks with your own hands

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