Ways to quickly wash whitewash from the ceiling

Ways to quickly wash whitewash from the ceiling

Doing repair in the apartment, I do not want it to drag out, so all the preparatory work is trying to do as quickly as possible, and then the question arises: how can you quickly wash off the whitewash from the ceiling?

How to clean the ceiling from whitewash and what for? Carrying out such work is necessary in cases where the decorative coating of the ceiling in the future will be a ceiling tile, wallpaper, painting or applying a new layer of whitewash.


  • What tools are required?
  • Preparatory stage
  • Flushing with whitewashed water with ordinary water
  • The fastest method for removing whitewash
  • Using paste
  • Applying solutions
  • Removing whitewash from walls

What tools will be required?

To perform the work required a set of specific tools and devices:

  • Dense polyethylene for storing furniture from dirt;
  • Respirator for protection of lungs. If it is not, then you can use a gauze dressing, folded in several layers;
  • Glasses, headscarf, rubber gloves;
  • Pulverizer for ceiling humidification;
  • Spatula;
  • Stepladders;
  • Soft sponges and rags.

It should also be noted that it is better to wash the ceiling in work clothes( it is easier to wash) or in the old one, which will not be pitiful.

Preparatory stage

Prepare a room for cleaning the ceiling from the old whitewash is just necessary. Performing such work is always accompanied by the cultivation of mud.

Therefore, all furniture, carpets, curtains, curtains and other items should be taken out of the room.


You can leave large and heavy cabinets, the transportation of which is complex, but they must be covered with a thick film so that it completely covers the object.

You can grab it by the edges on the edges.

Further it is necessary to protect the decorative floor covering. You can do this with the same polyethylene film or with newspapers.

In the second case, newspapers are stacked around the entire perimeter lapped.

The chandelier must be switched off. It is advisable to turn off all electricity.

At the entrance to the room, a damp rag is spreading so that the dust does not spread throughout the apartment.

Using this approach to business, after repairing the ceiling, you can quickly and easily put the room in order.

How to wash the whitewash with plain water

How to wash the whitewash from the ceiling using ordinary water? It should be noted that washing off whitewash with plain water is the most effective and simple way.

This method works quite fast.

The technology of this method is as follows:

  • For convenience, collect two small buckets of water, one - with a warm, the other - with a cold. You can do without buckets, but then you have to constantly run to the bathroom - draw water into the bottle. Take a plastic small bottle( 0.5 liters) with an atomizer, fill it with warm water;
  • The next step is to moisten the surface of the ceiling with a spray gun. Do not immediately handle the entire surface, the work is done carefully on a small area, after processing which immediately go to the untreated section;
  • Moisten until the water in the bottle runs out. In this case, chalk, which is in the composition of lime, begins to swell;
  • After a short time( 10 minutes), the surface is treated again;
  • After wetting the surface, a spatula is taken to remove the old whitewash. If the resulting solution drains on it, it is necessary to wait a while for drying( but not to the end);
  • If dust is formed during removal, then the ceiling should be again moistened with water;
  • If cracks appear on the ceiling, then with the same spatula they expand, clean, to further make the surface perfectly smooth;
  • To work quickly and continuously, during removal by the spatula of the old coating in one area, the second must be moistened;
  • The final stage is flushing and drying the ceiling.

After completing all the works, if you hold your finger on the ceiling, there will be a trace of chalk, then the old cover is not washed off to the end, if not - the work is done qualitatively.

For clarity, you can see the video.


The fastest way to remove whitewash

How to remove whitewash from the ceiling, if you want to do this is not just quick, but easy? For these purposes, you can use a grinder.

However, this method has one significant drawback - a lot of dust and dirt. Do the work you need, be sure to wear glasses and a respirator. In this case, the gauze bandage will have to be changed very often.

To avoid the spread of building dust around the house, the doorway must be covered with a film or a wet blanket.

After finishing the work, you will have to remove all the dirt from the floor, walls and left pieces of furniture.

Instead of a grinding machine, you can use a wide spatula and sandpaper to smooth all the irregularities.

But this method can not be called effective for two reasons: first, it takes a lot of time;secondly, it takes a lot of effort, both in the process of work, and after - during harvesting.


Use of

paste How to clean the ceiling from whitewash with adhesive? Use glue for such purposes have become relatively recent, but quite often.

One of the main advantages of using glue is the absence of dirt, as with the first methods considered.

There are two ways:

  1. The usual wallpaper glue is used. It must be diluted and allowed to stand for a while. After that, using a conventional brush or roller, the adhesive solution is applied to the ceiling with thick layers. It is necessary to wait some time to dry. Using a thin scraper, you can remove whitewash. Due to the fact that it will be removed along with the glue, the dust will be formed in a much smaller amount;
  2. At home, you can weld a paste. To do this, it is necessary to heat the water, add starch( can be replaced by flour).Stir. Weight should be the consistency of sour cream. Water at the same time is brought to a boil. In the resulting mass, dip the brush and work the surface of the ceiling. The principle of removing whitewash is the same as when using wallpaper paste, but it will be more convenient to clean it with a stiff brush. The work is quite easy.

Application of solutions

If the previous options for removing whitewash are not suitable, then the question arises: how to wash whitewash from the ceiling in other ways?

The answer is: you can use several types of solutions:

  • Soap solution. The technology of application is similar to the technology of using the most common method - ordinary water. Only in this case it will be required: laundry soap and soda ash. For 10 liters of warm water, take 5 tablespoons of soda and 2 tablespoons of soap, pre-rubbed on a grater. Instead of a spray, a foam sponge can be used to wet the ceiling;
  • How to rinse whitewash with a solution of acetic acid: for 5 liters of water, add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of acetic acid and 2-3 caps of foam for the bath( you can use any).The resulting solution for greater efficiency is heated to 40 degrees and applied to the ceiling, aged for 15 minutes and begins to remove whitewash;
  • You can use a solution of copper sulfate and hydrochloric acid( the acid content should not exceed two percent);
  • Specialty products( washings) can be purchased in stores to remove the old ceiling cover.

It is important to remember that chalk whitewash is removed easily with aqueous solutions, and calcareous requires more "attention".After all the work done whitewash must be washed with water.

Removing whitewash from the walls

In old apartments and many grandmothers you can often find whitewashed walls.

To fix the situation and modernize the interior of the apartment, the existing wall covering must be removed. And yet, how to remove whitewash from the walls?

In order to remove the old coating from the walls, dry and wet processing methods are used, as in the case with the ceiling.

All the preparatory work must also be done: remove the furniture, close the remaining objects with the film.


As for the floor, it should be covered with more care, because the surface area of ​​the surface increases( in comparison with the ceiling), the crumbling material can damage the floor covering.

The classical method of removal is the use of an atomizer, spatula and water. All other methods are also applicable here.

It is important that before removing the entire old whitewash, it is necessary to protect the respiratory tract, eyes and hands from dust and dirt.

If you neglect the preparatory work and do not properly plan the floor, then to restore the purity will have to try.

To clean the remaining white spots and stains from the old whitewash from the floor, it is often necessary to change the water and a rag when cleaning.

If you add a little vinegar to the water, this will help speed up the cleaning process.