Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the most "sweet" and cozy room in the whole house. Here everything has to be to calmly, sitting on your favorite chair, relax and dream about a serene vacation. It is from the kitchen begins everyday family council - who has any plans for today, what is the mistress to cook something for a dinner.


  1. Layout
  2. Style direction
  3. Color solution
  4. Photo design kitchen

Many believe that the kitchen is the place of a woman, the mistress of the house. But the rest of the family is happy to sit here and enjoy a slice of sweet cake. It will not be loudly said that the kitchen is a favorite place for all members of the family and that is why it is necessary to carefully analyze the design of the kitchen so that all residents can feel at peace.

If in brief to explain the process of creating a beautiful kitchen design, then we can say that it keeps on "three whales":

  • room layout;
  • color choice;
  • style definition.

Having dealt with these basic moments, you can talk about the possibility of self-design kitchen without recourse to specialists, and then the result of your efforts will look like the photo.


The design of the kitchen at the first stage provides the right, and most importantly, competent distribution of all the basic elements of the kitchen set and refrigerator. It is important to take into account a number of points, for example, a table in no time can not be installed close to the kitchen set or to the refrigerating chamber, which will prevent the doors from opening. When planning the design of the kitchen in the apartment, it is necessary to take into account the smallness of the room and be able to find the advantages of the zone in order to maximize the benefits from them.

For example, the hostess should not stand with her back to the window during cooking. It is necessary to predict all possible options, so that you can start ordering a kitchen set. If you can not cope with this task on your own, you can turn to professionals who offer ready-made photo kitchen designs, from which you can choose the most suitable option.

Finally, when the layout of the future kitchen set has been realized, you must again imagine the exact location of each element, how you will cook, treat guests. This is the stage when you need to measure a hundred times, until you decide on the final choice.

Style direction

You can not say that any style of the interior is somehow inferior to another direction. Here everything depends on the inner vision of the future kitchen of the owners themselves. For some, beauty is paramount, for others convenience and practicality. Style hi-tech is more suitable for those who do not like to spend much time cleaning and cleaning the kitchen. Modern is a more "gentle" direction and provides for constant care. The main judge in choosing the style of the best design of the kitchen is the owner of the house herself, under which all the elements of the headset are made. It is she who must choose whether to adhere to a particular style, or try to combine two styles.

Color solution

Even if you can not guess with style, it's possible to compensate for the mistake made by the color solution. Today, no framework is set up in this area. The photo gallery of the kitchen design is shaken with bold colors and shades, which allows the hostess not to restrain her imagination, but to choose the most unexpected option. However, it is worth considering the "convenience" of the chosen color. For example, black color in the kitchen is not very practical, puts out all the spots and stains outward.

Kitchen is a place in a house where you just need to feel great. Take care of the competent solution of all three aspects of designing the kitchen with your own hands, then you can be proud of the amazing work and amazing taste.

Photo of kitchen design

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