Chicken coop with own hands

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In the countryside you can not only deal with the garden, but, and contain all useful living creatures. Some of these pets are chickens. While engaged in breeding this bird, there will always be meat and eggs in the house. To keep the hens a large capital structure is not necessary. However, the room in which they will be built must be built in accordance with certain conditions:


  1. Drawings
  2. Construction of a coop by yourself
  3. Video construction of a chicken house in the country house
  • no drafts;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • ventilation;
  • adequate lighting.

It's not difficult to build a chicken coop with your own hands quickly and efficiently, having on your hands a plan for future construction. In this article you can see the drawings and schemes of the coop.


Building a coop by yourself

To begin with, you need to decide on the size of the coop. This can be done by counting the number of chickens that will be in it. On average, 1 m 2 should be placed 2-4 chicken( depending on the breed).If you do not plan to breed a whole herd, then a small chicken coop will be ready by one's own hands in one day.

Wood, as a building material, will be the best option for this type of structure. To build a frame, you need a bar. Each of the four walls is assembled separately. In the walls you need to leave openings for windows, doors and drawer, from where you will pick up eggs.

Next, all the walls are knocked together. In order not to have any distortions, it is necessary to measure the diagonal with a tape measure, their length should be the same. Collecting the "box", you can proceed to the roof. For better preservation of heat, the roof must be made gable. The roof frame will consist of rafters and crates.

The next stage will be the shelling of the skeleton and roof of your bird house. To make a warm coop, it is necessary to use materials with low thermal conductivity. OST plate will be a good choice. It is comfortable to work with and it keeps the heat well.

This is, quite, a suitable material for both the external skin and the roof. As you can see in the photo, inside the room is insulated with mineral wool, a vapor barrier film is put on top of it, then it is covered with plywood.

On the outside of the OSB, the slabs are covered with pergamum and then lined with lining. In order to prevent decay of the tree, it is better to protect it with an antiseptic, for example Pinotex.

The floor is made of wood, not thicker than 5 cm from the board. This thickness is enough, because there will still be a litter of straw or sawdust on the floor. In the floor there will also be a rectangular hole through which the birds will enter and exit along the inclined ramp( see the penultimate photo).

Do not forget about the internal device. It's about the perches on which chickens spend a lot of time. This requires a small beam, which is installed at different levels. It is not advisable to put feeding troughs or drinkers under the nests, sincethey will get dirty.

In each of the four openings in the wall there will be:

  • door( as mentioned above, the entrance / exit will be through the hole in the floor, and the door is needed to access the feeder, the water bowl, and also for cleaning inside the coop);
  • two windows( make a shutter, put a grid on the windows);
  • box in which chickens will be carried( divide into sections, the roof should be removable).

In front of the chicken house, under the roof itself, a vent is made.

Here, in practice, and ready-made chicken coop, made by own hands. It remains to cover the roof and polish. Roofing material can be different: slate, corrugated board, ondulin, flexible roof, etc. Walls can be painted, or shrouded. Material for the cladding, also, you can use a different.

The last stage is the installation of a chicken coop. This is done above the ground level, approximately, by 50 cm. The support can be 4 large size timber, fastened together by boards. The territory adjacent to the henhouse should be blocked with a grid. The overtaking, for a walk of the chickens, can be made small.

For a detailed overview of the entire construction process, you can see photos and videos on how to build a winter hen house with your own hands.

Video construction of a chicken house in the country house

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