Design project of the bathroom: small, with a washing machine. Choose a tile

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Any well thought out and quality repair mustinatsya with drawing up a design project. The design project includes the documentation, which includes the drawing of the premises, the estimate of works and building materials, and the terms of reference. Often, the design project includes a set of sketches, detailing the design solution of the interior: style orientation, decoration, furniture arrangement and so on.

Bathroom design project

It is generally believed that the creation of a design project is better entrusted to professionals. Usually, design agencies or firms engaged in construction and repair work come to the rescue. Meanwhile, independently undertaking the development of a design project of your own apartment, you can save not only time, but money. Having spent only a few hours of your time, as a result you will receive a project that fully meets your demand and financial capabilities.

To get a better hand, start with a small room, for example, from the bathroom. Your bathroom probably already needs some alterations for a long time, so why not breathe new life into the old room?

Possible changes in the design of the bathroom

Visualize the project

First, arm yourself with a construction meter, a simple pencil, a sheet of paper and a ruler. Measure the room and transfer the drawing to paper. Remember the school drawing lessons - be sure to mark on the drawing the door and window openings, the location of the water riser. Do not forget to specify the height of the ceilings.

Next, based on the size and shape of the room, experiment with the location of furniture and sanitary ware. It's better to use computer programs to visualize the interior. Many such programs can be found on the network. Among them, there are very simple ones that even a novice user can deal with.

Take note of the current trends in bathroom design from our article. In it you will find many interesting things!

The result of computer visualization of the bathroom

Having achieved the most optimal arrangement of the main elements of the interior, think about conducting electricity, connecting to water supply and ventilation systems. Based on the location of the washing machine and other electrical appliances, note the layout of the outlets in the plan. From the location of the toilet, sink, bath, shower and bidet will depend on the distribution of water and sanitation.

Having dealt with power supply systems, we turn to the most pleasant part of the design project: searching for the style and color solutions of the bathroom.

Style of the bathroom

In order to decide on the future style of the room, get media to help you: look through the magazines, look on the Internet pictures and record television programs on repair and interior.

Choose the most liked ideas and try to attach them to your bathroom: do the technical parameters of the room meet the requirements of this or that style of interior? In other words, do the desired and real coincide? For example, the classic interior, which assumes the presence of high ceilings, all kinds of columns and pedestals is difficult to implement in a standard combined bathroom area of ​​3 m2.

Combined small bathroom

Let's look at some of the most popular style solutions for bathrooms.


Classics suitable for spacious bathrooms with high ceilings. To recreate the classic interior should focus only on natural materials - stone and wood. If the budget is limited, you can use imitation, but only quality. Plumbing must be white, preferably porcelain. The main decoration of the bathroom can be a vintage foot bath. For all metal products, it is better to choose a gold, bronze or brass cover. In the classic bathroom will look great crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, as well as lamps that mimic candlesticks.

Bathroom in classic style

The modernity of

The main requirement of modern interior is ergonomics. The modern bathroom assumes the most comfortable organization of space with the use of all the latest achievements of technology. Here you can place built-in furniture, a shower cabin or a corner bath. There are no special requirements for the size of the room and the use of materials. The modern interior is largely eclectic, it allows the mixing of various style elements.

Modern style


For the basis of this style you can choose any country, whether it be India, Norway, China or any other. The basis for the style is a certain color gamut: for southern countries - more vivid, for the northern - more calm and complemented by appropriate accessories. Here you can use souvenirs brought from travel. In finishing and furniture it is better to use natural materials, but if this is not possible, you can simply supplement the interior with national patterns.

Bathroom in oriental style


It is also called rustic style. If you make a fantasy, then recreating this style will require minimal financial costs. In such a bathroom there should be a maximum amount of things with a rural flavor that you can make yourself or find in the granaries of grandmothers. Plumbing here will need the simplest. The main expense item is finishing materials that imitate natural stone and wood. The color scheme should be natural - all shades of brown, green, yellow.

Bathroom in country style

The color of the bathroom

The color solution of the bathroom will depend, first of all, on the chosen style. For example, for a classic interior, it will be white, black and gray, for Scandinavian - blue, blue and white.

In addition, the choice of color can affect the size of the room. The design of a small bathroom needs light. He visually opens the walls. Dark colors press and visually narrow the room.

Bathroom in light colors
Fuchsia-colored bathroom
Zoning by the color of the bathroom

In large bathrooms it is better to use two or three colors in the decoration of the walls and floor in order for the to divide the room into functional areas. The choice of color for the bathroom must be treated with utmost responsibility, since colors can influence the physical and psychological state of a person. If you are prone to depression and apathy, stop at warm, saturated, sunny colors. In order to find peace of mind and calm nerves, it is better to choose calm pastel shades.

Finally, pay due attention to the compatibility of colors. Get yourself a palette-fan and play with different color combinations, perhaps you will find a completely unexpected and original color solution.

Original plumbing

After defining the style and color of the future bathroom, you can proceed with the selection of plumbing. In addition to the standard white acrylic bathtubs and toilet bowls from sanitary ware, the modern sanitary ware market offers many new and non-standard solutions.


Conventional sinks installed on a pedestal are a thing of the past. In their place come new, more modern designs. For example, a sink-countertop that leaves a lot of space for storing cosmetics and accessories.

Also popular are outdoor washbasins in the form of huge vases.

For a large family, a bowl with two bowls is perfect, which allows you to turn daily washing and brushing your teeth into a fun time together.

Double washbasin for bathroom

Owners of small bathrooms are increasingly choosing the special washbasins for which you can install a washing machine.

Sink on the washing machine

Materials for the manufacture of shells are used very different - faience, porcelain, marble, metal. Especially popular are transparent glass shells. They add extra lightness and play to the interior of the bathroom.

Glass Sinks


For the last decades in the design of bathtubs also appeared some innovations. First, this refers to the form. In addition to the standard oval models, now you can find baths of various shapes in the stores: round, rectangular, square.

Baths with angular arrangement help to save a lot of space. If you have a large room at your disposal, consider installing the wrong bathtub. Modern bathrooms have many options for installation methods. For example, you can put a bath in the center of the bathroom and install it on the legs, podium or decorative frame.


Pay attention to the original bathroom faucets. Now especially popular are the mortise mixers, which are installed directly on the side of the bath. The mixer-stand, which is a metal column, will look great in a modern bathroom. Another interesting solution is the water lighting.

Faucets with illumination

Modern technology allows you to produce baths of a variety of colors. If you make the right effort, you can find even a black one. Thus, no matter what style and color scheme of the premises you choose, you can always choose a suitable bathtub for color.

Beige corner bath with hydromassage

Shower cabins

For those who do not like to take a bath, but prefer to bathe in a quick, excellent solution will be a shower. Shower cabins today are available in a variety of configurations. Almost all of them are equipped with hydromassage, and especially advanced models are able to provide you with sauna, aromatherapy, infrared baths, can entertain you with music and movies.

Modern shower cabins

Toilet bowls

There have also been some changes in the toilet market in recent years. First of all, this concerns the appearance of new structures. For example, there were pendant toilets, in which only the bowl is visible, and the drainage unit is mounted behind a false wall.

Monoblocks are also popular - in these toilet bowls the bowl and sink represent a single whole. Corner toilet bowl suitable for small rooms.

Fantasy designers plumbing products sometimes knows no boundaries. So, you can find a toilet, the barrel of which is an aquarium or a toilet in the form of a royal throne with a backrest and armrests.

Modern toilet bowls for a bathroom and a bathroom

Optimize space in a small bathroom

The question of rational use of space is especially relevant when it comes to a small room, in this case - a bathroom. First, take care of visual expansion of the room - this will help you with light colors, horizontal or vertical stripes on the floor and on the walls. The mirror and glass interior elements of the will also play into your hands.

Next, consider whether you can save space in the bathroom by means of plumbing? Angle models of a bath, toilet bowl and sink will greatly facilitate your task. Perhaps you are ready to give up the bath and give preference to the shower? In this case, you will definitely get an extra square meter of free space.

Light small bathroom

Also do not forget about furniture. In the organization of storage of things you will come to the aid of built-in furniture for the bathroom. Towels, cosmetics, household chemicals - all this must be stored somewhere. In addition to the usual hanging closets and bedside tables, a curbstone is used for this, in which the sink is mounted. All that is needed for cleaning, as well as tools and building materials remains under the bathroom. To do this, it is sufficient to install a special sliding screen.

Design of a small bath

For many families, the most urgent question is: "Where to install a washing machine?".Desperate to find a place for her in the bathroom, some send her to the kitchen. It's a good idea to place the washing machine under the sink in the bathroom. This will require a special washstand model, but it will be very easy to find it in the store.

New solutions with a minimum budget

If your budget is limited, but you still want to change, try to start with small changes that do not require large expenses.

If the renovation requires walls or ceiling, instead of cheap tiles you can use plastic panels. The stores have a huge selection of flower and textures. If necessary, such panels can be quickly dismantled and replaced with something more expensive and permanent.

Wall decoration with plastic panels

A good alternative to buying a new bath is an acrylic bath-insert. It is quite inexpensive, and its installation takes only a couple of hours. Your old bath will again shine with white. Enrich the space under the bathroom will help the sliding screen. The most inexpensive option is made and plastic panels.

Acrylic insert in the bath

Now the turn of accessories has come. They are able to shape the style of the room. Throw out old curtains, rugs, towels, soap dishes and so on. Buy everything new in the same style or color scheme. Your bathroom will immediately play in a new way! In addition to the mandatory, useful accessories, in any bathroom there is a place for completely useless, but beautiful things. Look closely, can you find where to attach a vase, candlestick or statuette.

Variants of decor

If you have a small excess amount of money, you can also change the heated towel rail, mirror or lamps.

What you can do with your own hands

If you approach such an important and interesting business as updating a bathroom with fiction, and do not spare your own time and effort, then repairs will cost you a mere penny.

Here are some useful tips.

Renewal of the old bath

Refresh the old bath with liquid acrylic for a bath. The advantage of this method is not only in cheapness, but also in the fact that you can choose absolutely any color. The work will take you only a few hours, and after a day the bathroom can already be used.


Anyone who knows how to handle at least a little with construction tools can make the bathroom cabinet easier. The easiest option is the shelves made of wood or chipboard. The sawn details can be painted in any color at your discretion( it is better to use a waterproof paint for this).You can make shelves and glass or gypsum board, faced with tiles, though this will require a little more money, building skills, tools and materials.

Homemade wooden shelf

Wall renovation

Not everyone can boast of the skills of decorating walls with tiles. If you already had this experience, then you can save several thousand rubles, if you do not call for help from professionals, and try to cope on their own. If you do not want to take risks, but do not have extra money, then perhaps your option is PVC panels. Even a novice builder will cope with their installation.

Mosaic panel

From the remnants of the tile left after repair, it is possible to make an original ornament for walls - a panel from a mosaic. Look at the material you have: maybe this will make a real picture? For beginners, it's better to focus on simple geometric patterns or abstract images. On the Internet, you can find a lot of instructions and lessons on making mosaic panels.

So, you conducted all the necessary measurements of the premises, decided on the arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware, sketched out the wiring of the electrical network, the water supply and the sewage system. At this stage you can calculate the cost and quantity of finishing materials and equipment needed to connect to power supply systems. To the resulting amount should be added the approximate cost of repairs.

You can save on this by doing some work yourself. After that you decided on the future style and color design of the bathroom, from which you picked up certain models of sanitary ware and furniture. All this, too, needs to be included in the estimate.

As a result, you will have a drawing of the room, sketches of the interior, a list of necessary works and materials, a list of furniture and sanitary equipment, as well as estimates in which all expenses for the forthcoming repairs are calculated.

Design your bathroom project ready!