How to get rid of mold in the apartment?

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Mold in the apartment does not appear by itself. Usually this is an indicator of high humidity in the room, violations of waterproofing walls or the presence of oozing leakage in the floors. At once there is a question: how to get rid of mold in the apartment? Just remove the mold is not difficult: you need to clean the surface, which in principle is not difficult. However, if not completely eliminated the reasons it caused, it will appear again. Therefore, if the walls or ceiling, the bathroom or room appeared mold first you need to establish the cause of its appearance.


  1. Reason for waterproofing
  2. Ventilation needed
  3. Reduce heat loss
  4. How to remove a fungus in an apartment?

The reason for the waterproofing

If the mold appeared on the wall bordering the street, it is likely that the waterproofing will have to be improved. For this, it is possible to treat the surface with various hydrophobic primers. If the house is paneled, then moisture comes from poorly sealed joints. If the mold appeared in the room on the first floor on the walls or the floor from the bottom, then the dampness rises from below from the basement and the waterproofing needs to be done from this side. In some cases, especially if the panel seams are broken, you need to write an appropriate application to the management company, it is she who must carry out the work to restore the seams.

It is necessary to establish ventilation

After finding out the reasons for the appearance of the fungus in the apartment and the elimination of possible leaks and other factors that cause it, you can check the ventilation in the room. Perhaps, if the house is old, you will have to clear the ventilation, for which you can also turn to the workers of the housing office. Installation of plastic double-glazed windows disrupts the air circulation. To improve it you can simply ventilate the room more often, install a climate control system on the window or simply calculate and install the air-conditioning system. If the mold is found on the wall behind the furniture, after its destruction, the furniture will need to be placed at this place away from the wall in order to ensure better air circulation.

Reduce heat loss

Insufficient heating can cause mold on the walls in the apartment. Moisture not only comes from the outside into the house, but can condense from within from the vapors, the breath of a person, etc. If the batteries are cold, you need to rinse them, replace old cast iron. Carefully check that the sill does not block the flow of warm air upwards. The front door must be fully insulated, the window joints should not be blown, the slopes should also be insulated.

In some cases, if the affected wall is much colder than the air temperature in the room, it may be necessary to warm the facade. In the apartment located on the 1st floor the facade can be insulated with its own strength. If the apartment is located in a multi-storey building on higher floors, you will have to turn to the services of repair companies, in which there is an industrial company.mountaineers who qualitatively insulate the facade from the outside. If the budget is limited, it is possible to warm the wall from the inside with polystyrene slabs. The event is not particularly expensive and its only drawback is a small reduction in the area of ​​the room.

How to remove a fungus in an apartment?

After carrying out such preparatory work, it is possible to proceed with the direct removal of the fungus on the walls in the apartment. First you need to remove and discard the affected wallpaper and gently trowel the top layer of the affected coating with a spatula. Then the site should be carefully dried with a construction hair dryer. After completely drying on the wall with a brush, a special antiseptic antiseptic primer is applied. The stores offer a large selection of a variety of means of mold in the apartment. Chemistry completely destroys the remains of mold fungi. The label will indicate how many layers should be applied to the wall for better efficiency. After complete drying, you can restore the finish.

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