How to cut porcelain stoneware

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Ceramic granite tile is a popular finishing material suitable for both interior and exterior decoration. When we are going to make repairs on our own, it is important to understand in advance how to cut granite, and also to stock up with the necessary tools for this. Let's figure out how to do it quickly and efficiently.


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  2. Cutting ceramic granite by Bulgarian
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Ceramic granite is a high-strength material, the processing of which requires the presence of certain skills and the corresponding tool. The best device for giving this material the necessary form is a specialized machine. But given that not everyone has such a device, the question of what exactly to cut porcelain in the home is often asked among visitors to construction sites.

Successfully cut ceramic granite panels and tiles on its own, without resorting to the use of special equipment will help such devices as tile cutters or ordinary Bulgarians. Choosing the same among these tools should, given the objectives pursued in the specific case and the characteristics of the material at your disposal.

Cutting porcelain stoneware with

tiles The most compact and inexpensive device, not bad suitable for cutting porcelain stoneware at home is a tile cutter. It is quite easy to perform direct cutting. The main thing is to observe a few simple rules:

  1. Before you start, it's important to make sure the correct tool is installed and working correctly;
  2. The cut material should be marked by drawing clear lines on its back side with a marker or directly with a tile cutter;
  3. The tile cutter must be installed on a firm and stable surface;
  4. Cutting material should be carried out as smoothly as possible, applying force "from yourself";
  5. Pressing on the tool is best evenly throughout the entire length of the cut: so you can avoid unwanted chipping and chipping of the material;
  6. After the cut is fully prepared, the pieces of ceramic granite tiles can be easily separated by making a slight pressure from either side.

This method is relatively simple and will require you to have minimum skills in working with tile cutters. Nevertheless, it will be suitable only if it is necessary to create cuts along a straight line. The same figure will cut the granite of the house with an ordinary Bulgarian.

Cutting ceramic granite by the Bulgarian

Completed with a thin diamond disc, the Bulgarian will allow you to quickly and accurately perform figured cutting of porcelain stoneware at home. The very process of work on giving the building material the necessary form will consist of several stages:

  1. Cut porcelain tiles should be firmly fixed on a stable surface face down;
  2. Before starting work it is important to clearly mark the future cut on the back side of the material;
  3. When making direct cutting, it is necessary to apply the force "from oneself" and act smoothly in order to prevent chipping and crumbling of the material;
  4. In the process of work, use special glasses to protect the eyes from building dust;
  5. The finished slice is best treated with fine sandpaper to give the product proper smoothness and to ensure safety in its subsequent operation.

Get more detailed and visual information on how to properly cut granite, you can by studying the proposed in this article photo and video instructions.


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